The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530 – Battle Between Life and Death (5)

Jiang Wan struggled for a long time and then discussed with the other three commanders.
In fact, no one among Shi Heng and the other two wanted to continue fighting anymore.
They had already lost. Now it was only a matter of survival, and it was also due to the words of the Broken Star
Palace that they had been left in a state of dread.
However, the words of Prince Long Yue let their chaotic minds find some rationality.
They decided to retreat!
The army of the four-nation alliance began a rapid retreat, and Shen Yanxiao did not order the people under her
command to continue their pursuit.
The commanders of the four countries felt pity toward their soldiers, and even more for Shen Yanxiao.
“Finally, its over.” Shen Yanxiao sat on the back of Vermillion Bird, and it was as if the bones all over her body fell

This battle was the most intense she had ever experienced since she came to this world.
Looking at the numerous corpses on the battlefield, Shen Yanxiaos heart was in pain.
These people, these demons, all of them sacrificed themselves for the sake of The Rising Sun City.
Without them, The Rising Sun City would have been defeated in this war!
Seeing the retreat of the army of the four-nation alliance, sounds of cheering arose in the camp of The Rising Sun
Everyones strength seemed to have escaped their bodies all of a sudden. The moment before, they were still
courageously killing their enemy. Now, they collapsed softly on the ground. Each and every one of them were ironblooded men, but watching the corpses on the ground, they could not help but burst into tears.
Those who had fallen here were their relatives and friends. Yesterday, they were still drinking together, but today
they had to say goodbye forever.
War was always cruel; it could take many lives in an instant.
“Finally, we finally won…” Du Lang looked up at the gray sky. From the day he had joined The Rising Sun City,
this was the first time he felt that this sky was so beautiful.
“Bring the wounded back to the city for treatment immediately!” Shen Yanxiao came to the battlefield. There was
no time to be melancholic, and so she issued an order at once.

There were some people that had been seriously injured. If they were not treated in time, it was feared that there
would be a large number of deaths.
The war was over and she did not want another person to die.
The closed gate of The Rising Sun City finally opened. Yin Jiuchen and others, who were waiting inside while
praying, spread warm tears upon seeing the scene in front of them.
Ye Qing and Yun Qi raised their spirits and led the non-combatants to start treating the wounded.
The people who were still energetic also lent a hand to their injured comrades.
They dared not calculate the casualties of this war.
A batch of wounded people were carried back to The Rising Sun City. Although the men who fought in the war
were exhausted, they still dragged their tired bodies to support their comrades and silently used their magical beasts
as a mean of transportation.
Those who were injured and those who had died, Shen Yanxiao did not leave a single one of them on the cold land.
Even if they were dead, they were also the heroes of The Rising Sun City. They still had to return to the city that
they had defended with all their lives.
The women who were in the city were all crying. They endured their grief and treated the wounded. But looking at
their friends lying on the ground covered in blood and almost dying, their hearts were like being pierced by a knife.
If it were possible, they hoped that such a war would never happen again.
The Rising Sun City began the post-war treatment, but the alliance of the four countries did not have such good
They did not have a fixed camp in the Barren Land. Retreating all the way back, a large number of wounded people
died in the middle of the road.
The hearts of the four commanders sank to the bottom of the cliff. They came with a great deal of momentum, but
now they were like stray dogs running away with their tails between their legs.
The Barren Land had completely become a nightmare in their hearts. If they could, they didnt want to set foot in
this place ever again.

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