The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 – Beast Tide (1)

Jiang Wan walked at the forefront of the team with his heart gloomy, and looking at this strange land, he felt how
ridiculous they were.
“Ey? That… are those our reinforcements?” Qu Xun saw a group of people in the distance, not too far ahead. In the
midst of that group, he could vaguely see the towering siege weapons.
“They are the reinforcements! The reinforcements! We are saved now! Damn Shen Yanxiao, Damn The Rising Sun
City, our reinforcements have arrived, we can now fight back!” Qu Xun eagerly shouted. Seeing the reinforcements
made him finally find hope. The fear in his heart was swept away, and he even began to think about taking revenge
on Shen Yanxiao and The Rising Sun City.
Shi Heng and Jiang Wan frowned unhappily. Even if the reinforcements arrived, they no longer wanted to go back
there and continue fighting. They had completely learned the ferocity of The Rising Sun City.
However, it was always good to meet the reinforcements. At least they could get some help and also treat the
Jiang Wan was just preparing to hasten the army, but Shi Heng suddenly stopped him.
“Wait! Something is wrong, whats behind them?” Shi Heng looked at that black dense mass of something. The
distance was a little far, so he could not see clearly.
“Soldiers, of course! What else can it be! Go! Let’s go!” Qu Xun impatiently answered in a loud voice.
“No… Jiang Wan, dont you think their actions are a little chaotic?” Shi Heng knitted his brows into a frown.
Although it was somewhat far away, he could still notice the abnormality in the reinforcements.
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the reinforcements, but in the next second, they saw a huge black shadow destroying
the numerous siege weapons!
“What just happened…” Shi Hengs eyes widened.
“Could it be that The Rising Sun City really wants to kill us this time? They sent people to intercept us halfway?”
Elder Wen grew nervous.
Jiang Wan shook his head. He looked at the reinforcements carefully. Finally, he saw the true face of that black
It wasnt a group of reinforcing soldiers that had come to provide support to them, but a horde of monstrous demon
The demon beasts ran over the reinforcements, and thousands of men were instantly trampled into meat paste.
The soldiers who had fled could not escape the crushing of the demon beasts. They were trampled by the group of
beasts in front of the four-nation alliance until the whole army was wiped out.
Tens of thousands of troops could not even survive one minute under those demon beasts!

“The beast tide… its the beast tide…” Jiang Wan’s face turned deathly pale.
The once-in-a-lifetime beast tide of the Barren Land actually broke out at this time!
“Are… are you kidding me!” Qu Xun sat softly on the ground and broke out into a cold sweat.
Whenever a beast tide occurred, millions of demon beasts came out of their nest. This was the most terrible
nightmare of the Barren Land!
There was no city nor army who dared to contend with these wild demon beasts!
In the face of the beast tide, everything would just turn to dust!
“They are coming toward us!” Looking at the quickly approaching beast tide, Shi Heng sucked in a breath of cold
air, and his eyes flickered with incomparable fear.
Not to mention that they had only just over 800,000 people now, even if they still had the three million people of
before, in the face of such a terrible beast tide, it was feared that the end for their army would still be annihilation.
“Escape… Escape! Let the whole army retreat backwards!” Jiang Wan trembled as he shouted. Once they were
approached by the beast tide, there would only be a road to ruin for them!

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