The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 – Beast Tide (2)

All the wounded had finally been placed inside the city. Because Shen Yanxiao had prepared in advance, the potions
and medicines for treating injuries in the city were very sufficient.
Shen Yanxiao was currently sitting in the City Lord Residence. Standing at her side was Yin Jiuchen who was
applying medicine on the wound on her shoulders with red eyes. Vermillion Bird had also been injured on the body,
so he kept his animal form and was being treated by Ye Qing personally.
At the side of Taotie, a red-haired wild-looking man was staring at the tiny thing in front of him with his arms on his
“Second brother…” Taotie shrunk his shoulders and looked at the human form of Yazi in front of him.
Yazi raised his eyebrow and beat Taoties head with his fist.
“You really, the more you live, the more you go backwards. How come youve become like this?” Yazi and Taotie
were both sons of the Dragon God. Yazi ranked second while Taotie ranked fifth, but they were all first-class
ancient vicious beasts.
Taotie tearfully covered his head as he stared at Yazi. Although Taotie was a savage magical beast in the eyes of
others, in front of his brothers, his temper was actually the mildest

Compared with the cruel Yazi, the foodie Taotie was simply a little angel.
“Wu Wu… stop hitting me, Ill become stupid if you keep hitting me.” Taotie really wanted to cry. Their group of
brothers hadnt seen each other for a very long time. Each of them had their own roaming area. The last time Taotie
and Yazi saw each other was about 1,500 years ago.
“Youre already stupid enough anyway, it doesn’t matter if you become more stupid.” Yazi said, then harrumphed.
He couldn’t understand how his younger brother could mix with others with this kind of appearance. He actually
appeared in the form of a child, really a loss of face for his other brothers.
“I became stupid all because you hit me.” Taotie pitifully opened his mouth.
Shen Yanxiao looked at the pair of magical beast brothers, and her eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. She couldn’t
help but look at Lan Fengli guarding by her side.
In the past year, Lan Fenglis body had begun to grow towards adulthood. His head that was originally almost as
high as Shen Yanxiao had now grown to be a lot higher. He was already almost as tall as Qi Xia. But his eyes still
looked at her the same way they had always looked at her.
“Little Feng, you signed a contract with Yazi?” When she saw Lan Fengli sweeping the enemys army with Yazi,
Shen Yanxiao was extremely astonished.
Vicious beasts never signed a contract with others. Taotie, this foodie, was just completely fooled by her, but Yazi
he didnt seem like someone who could easily be fooled.
Lan Fengli nodded his head.

“I could have come back early, but I met Yazi on the way. The two Phoenixes and I joined hands and fought him for
several months before I could subdue him.” The reason why he came back late was because he had been fighting
with Yazi all this time.
Shen Yanxiao had always known that Lan Fengli was very strong, but to think that he could actually fight with
Yazi… and had also tamed this ancient vicious beast? Her younger brother was really amazing.
However, this was also good. She had been worried that she could not find a suitable magical beast for Lan Fengli.
She was supposed to give Taotie to Lan Fengli, but there had been a mistake and Taotie signed a contract with her
instead. Now that he got Yazi, it was the best for both sides.
“Is he a Holy Beast?” Shen Yanxiao remembered that in the battle, the destructive power of Yazi was stronger than
that of Taotie. Right now, Taotie was not really a genuine Holy Beast; nevertheless, he was also only a little bit
worse than a Holy Beast.
Lan Fengli answered, “Yes.”
Shen Yanxiao smiled; this was the best for Lan Fengli.
While the brother and sister was conversing, Vicious Wolf rushed in.
“Lord! No good! The four-nation alliance came back!”

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