The Great Thief Chapter 1658

1658 Abundant Gift Of Skill Points

"What do you want?" Jarod asked, giving the choice to Lu Li.

"Skill points," Lu Li said.

If he could choose, it would undoubtedly be skill points. At least, in this version of the game, there wasn't anything more precious than skill points.

Items could be obtained. Fame could be grinded for. Gold was irrelevant in the eyes of the top players.

The levels of skills decided the damage and effect outcomes. Only skill points could allow players to have abnormal strength. Naturally, skill points were extremely hard to obtain. Normal players might not even obtain one extra skill point outside of levelling in one or two years. They could only upgrade their skills using the skill points given every two levels.

Lu Li had a few extra skill points, but not one of them had been easily obtained. Each one was earned through sweat and toil.

"Skill points, huh?" Jarod Shadowsong hesitated.

However, he nodded his head after a while, indicating that he was willing to give such a reward for this quest.

The System notified Lu Li that he had received a skill point.

Something was not quite right!

Why was it only one skill point and why was it directly rewarded to himself?


Lu Li quickly sent messages to his teammates and asked, "Did you all receive the reward?"

"The system just notified me that I received a skill point," Azure Sea Breeze replied.

"Me too'

"Me too"

Everyone replied quickly, while Lu Li was completely stunned.

After a short while, he realised that the world channel was flooded with the phrase 'skill point'.

It seemed that every player who joined the battle had received this reward. This included players who weren't in Ruling Sword, as well as players who didn't join in for the whole ten hours of battle. From what he saw, Lu Li deduced that players who joined for five hours and fought until the end received a skill point, while later updates would make this time limit two hours.

When did skill points become so easily given out?

Lu Li thought that rewarding ten skill points to the players he named would have been more than enough. This was completely unexpected.

He recalled that in his previous life, the players who joined the battle also received rewards. The commander at that time, Sorrowless, chose items and Reputation as his rewards. The players who joined the battle for a longer time received Epic items, while the next batch received Dark Gold, and the next received Gold items. On top of the distribution of Reputation, these rewards were already extremely generous.

Items were irrelevant and incomparable to skill points. Furthermore, only a few people were rewarded with Dark Gold items.

The System wasn't going to allow the market to be flooded with Epic items, since that would completely crash it. If the market crashed, then the game would come to an end.

However, skill points were different. Skill points didn't affect the market that much and did not tilt the balance of power that greatly. Although adding skill points would increase a player's strength, it wouldn't be enough to close the gap between the top and middle-tiered players.

For example, a single skill point wouldn't cause a shift in the rankings of the clubs who joined the battle and the clubs who didn't join.

However, generally speaking, this reward was equally unheard of as it was abundant. It was likely that there wasn't going to be another quest that would reward this many skill points at once.

Jarod Shadowsong was clearly an incredible existence in Dawn.

He was once the highest-ranked Dark Elf commander. Although he was now half-retired, he was still on the level of figures like Tyrande. His power surpassed even that of Shandris Feathermoon.

He was a Hero-level figure and had the power to decide the rewards.

Lu Li was extremely fortunate in choosing skill points as his reward. Just from looking at the world channel alone, it was clear that this was the right decision.

Players from Ruling Sword, Peerless City and Drizzle Court who had joined the battle all received skill points. This was much better than a selected few players.

Besides the players from the three allied clubs, other miscellaneous players also reaped the rewards.

The individual players who stuck it out until the end were extremely grateful that they had stayed and to Ruling Sword for hosting this battle. For some players, it was their first time receiving an extra skill point.

This greatly increased Ruling Sword's reputation.

However, the clubs who joined the battle had mixed feelings about this.

While, they joined the battle, only a few of their top-tier players were sent. Their aim was to farm some Reputation, but they also didn't want to make things easier for Ruling Sword.

If only they knew that skill points would be rewarded. They would have brought along the whole guild.

Some cried while others celebrated. However, this event was definitely engraved in Azeroth's history and into the hearts of the players.

The Dark Elf sentinels stationed themselves on the Wall, quickly forming a line of archers. There was a supply station, a command station and a small village. Even a group of griffons and wyverns were deployed here for transport purposes.

Both Allied and Horde players could quickly travel to the battlefield.

The insects remained docile for a thousand years, so it seemed that they had reproduced a lot of cannon fodder in this time. After the Dark Elf sentinels finished constructing their defensive line, the insects constantly flooded out. It was just that they were not as threatening as before.

The Elven sentinels easily cleared the incoming attackers. At the very least, the possibility of these normal monsters breaking the defensive line was erased completely.

This made it harder for the people who were grinding for Reputation.

Before, the players could just clear the monsters without moving. However, this time, they needed to compete with the NPCs for the kills.

However, this was a much simpler process. For those players who had low Reputation, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

During this time, the Wall was undoubtedly one of the most popular places for the players.

Ruling Sword's players didn't bother competing for these monsters. Most of them decided to log out and rest, since they had been in battle for the entire time.

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