The Highest Bounty Chapter 118

Chapter 118 What Are You Trying To Do

"The mechanical civilization was originally from the Middle Ages, and it was wiped out during the same time due to war. However, as Robert said previously, a few of their tribesmen survived and emigrated to other places. As a result, a new generation was created.

"During the Modern Age, a small tribe caught the attention of the person in power at that time. The tribe had the same appearance externally as the Mechanical Tribe from the Middle Ages, as well the Mechanical Tribes ability of creation. What was even more unbelievable was that they had a special ability similar to that of humans. The special ability they possessed was the same as some of the special abilities humans possessed; they were able to undergo evolution.

"Later on, the small tribes secret was finally discovered. They were a group of survivors from the Mechanical Tribe of the Middle Ages. Their tribe was able to continue thriving due to them accidentally discovering an alternative energy source. The name of that type of energy source wasEnergy Prism Crystals. Different colors of Energy Prism Crystals had different elements and they each gave the members of the Mechanical Tribe different abilities. In addition to that, every ability obtained from the Energy Prism Crystals were capable of evolution. There was even a rumor that said Energy Prism Crystals of different attributes had a certain level of influence on the users personality. For example, the users of the flame-element Energy Prism Crystals were known to be more bad-tempered."

"So what you mean is that the blue rock is also an Energy Prism Crystal?" Gu Ding continued to type out his questions on his wristwatch.

"Thats right. That thing looks exactly like whats found in my database. Its a water-element Energy Prism Crystal," Neptune said with full confidence.

"So that means Robert can use that thing as a substitute energy source?" Uncertain, Gu Ding continued to ask.

"Theres a huge possibility, but its not a hundred percent. Since such information was not recorded, we dont know how similar the energy systems of the Mechanical Tribe survivors from the Modern Age and the Mechanical Tribe survivors from the Middle Ages are. Not to mention, we dont know if any of them underwent changes in terms of Energy Compatibility," Neptune gave an answer that was not very confirmatory. He did not have any relevant data in his database to support his theory, so he did not dare give an assertion.

"But its worth a try, isnt it?" The corner of Gu Dings lips split into a grin.

It did not take much time before the ambulance arrived at the hospital. Nick, whose entire body was covered in blood, was quickly pushed into the Intensive Care Emergency Room.

Gu Ding sat on a long bench outside the ICER and waited patiently for Nick to wake up. After finding out what that blue rock was, he knew that he definitely had to obtain the loot this time around.

A little over an hour later, Gu Dings communicator sounded. The caller was Liliath.

"Gu Ding, weve bought all the stuff. When are you coming back?"

"I dont know either. That guys in the Emergency Room surrounded by a team of doctors thats performing surgery. I dont know when hell wake up." Gu Ding felt that he had gone overboard with his strength when he struck Nick. In fact, his third move was completely unnecessary. The other party had already lost their combat effectiveness after being hit by his elbow strike.

"Is there anything special about that rock?" In Liliaths eyes, Gu Ding was an indifferent person. To wait over an hour for one piece of loot did not seem like something within Gu Dings personality. Hence, she guessed that that rock had something special about it.

"Neptune said that the rock is called an Energy Prism Crystal, and theres a high possibility that Robert can use it as a substitute energy source."

Upon hearing Gu Dings words, Liliath finally understood why the former would wait so patiently for it. "Want us to go over?"

"Theres no need. You guys go ahead with your own business. Its enough with me over here, Ill leave once I get that Energy Prism Crystal." Gu Ding shook his head, he felt that there was no need for such a thing.

"Alright then, but with his injuries, its probably very unlike that hell regain consciousness in such a short while." The position at which Liliath and Biggie had observed the battle earlier was very close to Nick. With Liliaths eyesight, she was able to determine the seriousness of the other partys injuries with just a glance.

"Theres nothing we can do about that. If it ends up being impossible, Ill just let Neptune sneakily transfer that object out of his Inventory." Gu Ding was actually unwilling to do that as such an action would easily expose Neptunes secret. After all, nobody was capable of doing something like taking an object out of someone elses Inventory.

After Gu Ding hung up the communicator, he saw a doctor walking out of the Intensive Care Emergency Room.

Gu Ding frantically called out to him as he asked, "Doctor, around what time will the person inside wake up?"

"Its hard to say. Although his constitution is very strong, and the surgery can be considered relatively successful, the injuries he suffered were really serious. Even we dont know when hell be able to wake up." The doctor shook his head and followed up with a question, "Are you a family member of the patient?"

"No, Im the guy who beat him up," Gu Ding gave the doctor an extremely frank answer.

The doctor sized him up as he looked up and down, clearly doubtful of his answer. The doctor then said, "The patient needs rest now, so itd be best if you come back tomorrow or the day after." Then he turned and left.

With the surgery complete, Nick was pushed out very quickly. Gu Ding followed Nick to his ward as the latter remained in a comatose state.

"Do you want my help?" Neptune asked. Neptune was aware that nobody knew how long it would take for Nick to wake up.

"Lets wait a little longer and see," Gu Ding insisted. If Nick found out that something was missing from his Inventory, he would definitely know that it was Gu Ding who had done something to him. When that time came, the Federal Government might find out about it as well. Then, once Neptunes secret was exposed, Gu Ding knew he would be in deep shit.

What Gu Ding did not know was that the video of his fight with Nick on Bostan had already been uploaded by someone to Skynet. In the video, Gu Ding was seen finishing Nick off in three moves with his eyes closed, appearing extremely formidable. The video even had a narrator who explained the details of the whole incident.

With the persons narration, viewers of the video were able to notice all the details of the incident including Gu Ding calling an ambulance for his opponent, as well as force-feeding his opponent some cell repair agent. Not to forget the epitome of it, Gu Ding lastly followed his opponent along to the hospital. The narrator had a very firm opinion that Gu Ding did all of it on purpose as a way to ridicule his opponent and mock him for overestimating his own capabilities.

As a result, some new catchphrases appeared on Skynet.

"I can finish you off even with my eyes closed!"

"Are you trying to make me call you an ambulance?"

"Would you believe me if I said Ill feed you some cell repair agent?"

In one single night, Gu Ding had a new impression in the eyes of many peoplehe was arrogant!

At the same time, the other Interstellar Pirates who were on Bostan began speeding up their work progress in hopes of leaving the planet earlier and avoiding Gu Ding who was a dangerous person.

Nevertheless, Gu Dings exposure during this period of time also attracted the attention of a few true powerhouses. Some of them had started becoming eager to try him with their own hands.

Although Neptune knew about all these matters, he did not tell Gu Ding as he thought that the news was just superfluous and full of useless information. Hence, there was no need for him to let Gu Ding waste his time by looking at such messy news.

At that moment, in the ward, Nick, who had great recovery strength, began to slowly open his eyes. Upon noticing Gu Ding grinning at him, he had a shock. "What What are you trying to do?"



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