The Immortal's Wine Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Chaotic Ice Flame Formula

Lu Sulan was now looking at Jiu Shen with perplexity and incredulity. 'Did he just say that he wants me to take him as my master?'

With the same expressionless face, Jiu Shen glanced at Lu Sulan with a hint of expectation in his heart. After all, it was the first time he had asked someone to take him as their master.

Lu Sulan thought deeply with a hesitating look on her face. Their sect only accepted female disciples since its creation and all of the sect mistresses of their sect had never accepted an outsider as their master, but there were no rules that stated the prohibition of such a thing.

Jiu Shen saw that Lu Sulan was still contemplating things, so he remained silent. He then grabbed a bottle of wine from his storage earring and gulped down a few mouthfuls.

Lu Sulan knew that Jiu Shen had a mysteriously strong background, especially after she had seen all the things he can do. Furthermore, he revealed many things that an 8th-rank Divine realm expert like her did not know about. 'He already did so much for me when I only gave him a block of Frozen Cloud Glacier. He is even willing to impart a skill for me, so what's wrong in taking him as my master?'

She then looked at Jiu Shen's ever so calm countenance and saw no ripple in his emotions. She removed the hesitation in her heart and knelt down towards Jiu Shen.

"I'm willing to take you as my master. Master, please accept this disciple's kowtow." Lu Sulan kowtowed three times at Jiu Shen.

The latter did not stop her from kowtowing as it was already a tradition since time immemorial for disciples to kowtow to their master as a form of greeting and respect.

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly and gestured for her to stand up. "Wise choice, my dear disciple. Since it was quite unexpected, your master wasn't able to prepare a suitable gift for you, but I'll get you one sometime in the future... And uh, give me the paper and brush..."

Lu Sulan nodded her head absent-mindedly as she handed the piece of paper and brush to her newly accepted master.

Jiu Shen held the brush with one hand as he controlled the paper to float in front of him. His expression calm as he moved his right hand to write a few words on the paper.

His aura turned sharp like an unsheathed war blade when he began to write. Each of his strokes contained immense power and profundity that seemingly contained the true essence of martial arts.

Lu Sulan was looking at her master with respect and shock as she watched him write a few strokes on the paper.

Jiu Shen drew the final stroke with his eyes shut tight. His lips curved up a bit for a brief second before his face turned expressionless once again. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He then handed the piece of paper to his dumbfounded disciple. "The name of the technique is the Chaotic Ice Flame Formula."

Lu Sulan glanced at the words written on the paper. The characters appeared to be ancient and alien, but strangely, she was able to understand it so easily.

"Ice within fire. Fire within ice..." There were only a few words written on the paper, but she felt like she was staring at a world within. It was a strange sensation that shook Lu Sulan down to her core.

The Chaotic Ice Flame Formula was something that Jiu Shen made at that moment. It was a technique that encompasses both ice and fire. Of course, he used all of his experience to write a suitable technique for his first disciple.

If he could not even write one after all of his billions of years of living, then he might as well commit suicide by choking himself with a hundred pieces of tofu.

Cultivation techniques are divided into six levels according to their rarity and power: Common, Refined, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Supreme.

The Chaotic Ice Flame Formula that Jiu Shen gave to Lu Sulan was at the Mythical level. Don't look down on it as it had not reached the Supreme level. Mythical level cultivation techniques were very rare even in the Primordial God Realm. In fact, only a few super sects and holy lands had access to such level of cultivation techniques.

"Master, the level of this cultivation technique... Is it..." Lu Sulan glanced at Jiu Shen with immense shock in her face. 'Is this a Rare level cultivation technique? Considering master's background, he should be able to make one of such level...'

"It is a Mythical level cultivation technique. Although it hasn't reached the Supreme level, you should have no problem in achieving the Heavenly God Realm with it..." Jiu Shen muttered silently.

"What?! What did you say!? This is a Mythical level technique?!" Lu Sulan's eyes widened and she felt her heart tightening. What was a Mythical level technique? It was something that has never appeared in the history of Nuar! In fact, she wouldn't have known anything about it if she had not seen the ancient relic owned by the Alchemy Hall's supreme elder. It was such a pity that the relic was broken and a large part of it was lost and must have eroded along with the passing time.

The best cultivation techniques that they had were at most at the Rare level, so her shock was not an exaggeration at all.

"Yeah, it should be more than enough for you at this moment. Don't worry, I will provide you with a much better one someday. For now, study it well and tell me all the things that you will comprehend after a few days..."

"Master, you also said something about the Heavenly God Realm. What is it?" Lu Sulan nodded her head and inquired curiously. 'Is it possible that the 10th-rank God realm isn't the end of the cultivation road?'

Jiu Shen glanced at her blankly and said with a distant look. "It's still too early for you to learn more about this. I will tell you everything about it once you reached the 9th-rank Saint realm..."

Lu Sulan nodded her head slightly while pouting her lips.

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