The Immortal's Wine Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Green Mountain Lake (1)

"Lu Sulan, my job here is done. The next acupuncture session will be next week, so you have to go to my store by then. You can also search for one piece of Earth Origin Dragon Fruit, and once you get one, bring it with you in my store so that I can concoct the Crimson Astral Blaze Pill for you." Jiu Shen said while looking at her calmly.

Lu Sulan nodded her head obediently as she looked at her master with a dazed look on her face. "I understand, master."

Everything that happened has been too surprising and she still could not believe that she had accepted the man in front of her as her master. She didn't know if it was a good idea, but it was what her heart told her to do.

"As to where you could find my store, it is just within the capital city. Just ask around and you will find out..." Jiu Shen said with an expressionless look.

"Master, can I bring a few disciples with me when I will visit your store?" Lu Sulan asked nervously with a pleading look in her face.

Her innocently blinking eyes made Jiu Shen sigh in his heart. Now that she was his disciple, he could not make her disappointed, right?

With a nod of his head, Jiu Shen replied. "You can, but don't bring too many people with you. My store isn't as big as you imagine it to be."

Lu Sulan's eyes brightened when she heard his agreement. She smiled at him brightly and unconsciously hugged him tightly. She had always been the strongest in the sect after she became the sect mistress, but it also made her feel lonely.

She had no one to tell her grievances to, and she had no one to lean on when she felt sad.

When she accepted Jiu Shen as her master, she felt as if a huge load has been lifted off her shoulders.

She was excited about the fact that her Ice Cloud Sword Sect finally had a 9th-rank Saint realm expert backing them. Furthermore, he was also an Alchemy Saint!

With him around, the overall strength of their sect would surely rise by many times!

When she realized that she hugged him out of impulse, Lu Sulan did not dare lift her head up. She leaned her head on his chest, making her feel secured and relaxed. 'So this is how it feels to have someone to rely on...'

Jiu Shen was also surprised, but he did not push her away. He gently rubbed the back of her head and said in a mild tone. "I have to go now, Sulan. I still have to search for an Origin Spring Water in the Green Mountain Lake. It's outside the capital city, but I won't take long to get it."

Lu Sulan felt sad when she heard that her master would now leave. She dispelled her embarrassment and lifted her head to look at him. "Master, what will you use the Origin Spring Water for?"

"It's for making wine..." Jiu Shen replied calmly while looking at her adorable golden eyes that could make any other man's heart melt.

"Can I please go with you, master?" Lu Sulan bit her lower lip and glanced at Jiu Shen while putting on a sad look on her face.

"No. You still have to study the Chaotic Ice Flame Formula. You need a peaceful place to study it, and Green Mountain Lake is not peaceful..." Jiu Shen shook his head.

Lu Sulan was still in his embrace, and they looked like a pair of young husband and wife.

"Master, I can still study it while we're on our way. Besides, you're there to protect me..." Lu Sulan smiled cheekily while acting like a spoiled little girl. Lu Sulan was surprised by her own actions. She could not believe that she would act like this to a man that she had just met for two days.

"No..." Jiu Shen turned her down expressionlessly.

Lu Sulan pouted and released him from her embrace. She then looked at him sharply as if he owed her a piece of candy.

'Ayy, this little girl is so troublesome.' Jiu Shen muttered in his heart.

"Fine. But don't do anything else without my permission." Jiu Shen finally acceded after seeing her pouting expression.

Lu Sulan smiled sweetly at him and said. "Master, you're so good to me."

Jiu Shen gently flicked his fingers on her forehead, making her rub her forehead as she glared at him. "Ow! Master, what was that for?"

"Nothing. Let's go." Jiu Shen ignored her and he went out of Lu Sulan's room. The latter followed behind him, not willing to be left alone. She was still rubbing her forehead while glaring at Jiu Shen's back. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The two people went out of the Ice Cloud Sword Sect's ice castle amidst the doubtful glances of the female disciples.

'Why was their sect mistress always together with that man? Just who was he and what was their relationship?' There were many questions in their minds, but they did not dare ask. They could only speculate about what might be their relationship...

"Master, just what kind of wine are you making for it to need a rare ingredient like the Origin Spring Water?" Lu Sulan asked curiously.

"It is called Frozen Origin. Once I gather the necessary ingredients, I will brew one and then sell it in my store." Jiu Shen answered patiently.

Lu Sulan asked more questions as the both of them flew straight towards the Green Mountain Lake. Although it was outside of Beltran City, it would only take them a little more than two hours of travel with their speed. In fact, it would only take Jiu Shen a little more than an hour to arrive there. But with Lu Sulan in tow, he had to reduce his speed for her to not be left behind.

The sun's light was glaringly hot but it had no visible effects on both Lu Sulan and Jiu Shen.

Along the way, Lu Sulan also studied the Chaotic Ice Flame Formula, but she realized that it was not as easy as she thought.

A Mythical level cultivation technique was so profound that even genius cultivators would find it hard to comprehend. Lu Sulan might have a Saint physique, but she still needed a bit more time in order to understand the intricacies of the Chaotic Ice Flame Formula.

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