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The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 2 Chapter 276

"What authority?" Lei Qin gave a low laugh and lifted her chin at Ji Fengyan.

"Ji Fengyan, you may be the Terminator, but don't forget you are still a member of the Ji family. Your Oldest Uncle Ji Qiu is the head of the family. What difference is there between your belongings and those of the Ji family? You say that the Ji family had no authority to make that decision? Such words are complete bullshit."

Lei Kai had kept silent all this while. He remained seated while staring at Ji Fengyan with sharp and worldly eyes. His piercing gaze looked as if it would penetrate Ji Fengyan's skin and flesh.

At this moment, Lei Kai finally spoke up.

"Foolish little girl, Yuanxu had his arm cut because of you, but we chose not to pursue this matter. We never expected that the moment you knew Yuanxu needed the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed you'd use such underhanded means to snatch it from Qin during the auction. You have really gone too far! Your Ji family has already handed the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed over to us, and we have also agreed to the terms. For you to barge in like that demanding its return—you are way too brazen. Or perhaps I should say…"

Lei Kai narrowed his eyes as a shrewd glint flashed across his pupils.

"Did you really think we have no one left in the Lei family?"

Lei Kai's words caused Ji Fengyan to nearly laugh out loud from anger.

"Chose not to pursue this matter" - when did the Lei family become so magnanimous?

Lei Yuanxu had publicly called for Ji Fengyan to pay with her life—this meant the Lei family had been at fault in the first place. Lei Qin had been present then and did nothing to stop him. Only… it was Lei Yuanxu's own bad luck the Grand Tutor overheard that, who then proceeded to sever off Lei Yuanxu's arm as per the rules.

Having no guts to confront the Grand Tutor over this, the Lei family placed all the blame on Ji Fengyan.

Did they really think she was such an easy target?

Ji Fengyan was in no hurry to speak. She wanted to see just how much more the Lei family could muddle the truth.

Seeing that Ji Fengyan had no response, Lei Kai lifted his head with an air of satisfaction. In a haughty manner, he said, "I will not quibble with you in view of your young age. The Lei family cannot and will not hand over the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed to you. To be honest, I have already used the tree…"

At Lei Kai's words, Lei Yuanxu walked out from the back of the grand hall.

Having lost one arm that day, a perfectly healthy limb now grew in its place. Lei Yuanxu's face was pale, but as he entered the hall, his hatred-filled eyes were locked upon Ji Fengyan. He looked like he wished for nothing better than to tear her apart.

"Ji Fengyan! You want the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed? Stop dreaming! Look carefully here, I have already used the tree, leaving not even a single leaf. Just give up now!" Lei Yuanxu stood before Ji Fengyan with eyes narrowed in spite. He reached out his newly grown arm and waved it in front of Ji Fengyan's face.

"This matter between you and me will not be so easily resolved. I will avenge this grudge sooner or later!" Lei Yuanxu continued staring malevolently at Ji Fengyan.

No one noticed the complete shift in Ji Fengyan's expression the moment Lei Yuanxu stepped out.

Looking at Lei Yuanxu gesturing his arm before her eyes, Ji Fengyan's mind exploded!


With no warning at all, Ji Fengyan suddenly raised her hand and gripped Lei Yuanxu's waving arm!

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