The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 2 Chapter 308

Volume 2 Chapter 308 Burial 1

In the early morning a few days after, Ji Fengyan arrived at the doorsteps of Ji residence since the day she left. Linghe and the rest also followed her there, only because they had wanted to send off the man that they had the utmost respect for.

When the door of Ji residence opened, Ji Qiu and the others had a straight face as they walked on. One of the servants was carrying the funerary casket and following them. Upon seeing Ji Fengyan, the people of Ji family did not seem pleased.

Only Ji Linglong nodded slightly at her.

"Based on our usual rules, we should bury Fifth Brother in Ji family's ancestral graveyard. The ancestral graveyard is outside of the city. While it is still daytime, we should hurry there and return." Ji Qiu did not even glance at Ji Fengyan and hopped onto the horse carriage after he finished his sentence.

Linghe and the rest had their eyes only on Ji Yun's funerary casket after they saw it. Without any words, their eyes had already reddened. Even though they were all burly men, it was still difficult for them to hold in the sadness within them.

Not until the servant carrying the funerary casket had boarded the horse carriage, did they change their line of sight unwillingly.

All of them—a bunch of mature and tough men—had tears welling up in their eyes.

"Miss, we should also head off soon." Linghe tried to pick up their spirits and said.

But Ji Fengyan's expression was not right.

When the funerary casket had appeared, Ji Fengyan had already noticed it. Even though Ji Yun was only the father of the body's original owner, but as someone who had become the original owner Ji Fengyan, Ji Yun was still considered partially her father. By right, Ji Fengyan should also replace the original owner in being filial.


She felt that something was amiss.

"Miss?" Seeing Ji Fengyan not move after a long time, Linghe called out to her softly.

Ji Fengyan suddenly looked back and nodded before getting onto the horse carriage.

In the horse carriage, Liu Huo was sitting calmly. Seeing Ji Fengyan walk in with deep thoughts, his gaze stuck to her uncontrollably.

"What's wrong?" Liu Huo asked.

Ji Fengyan shook her head and looked out of the window.

To other people, what the human eye could see was limited. But to an immortal cultivator, they could see much more than an ordinary person.

Ji Yun had already died for a period of time and his corpse had been incinerated to ashes. Even the closest person to him would not be able to tell it apart.


Even though the human body was destroyed, the spirits surrounding the corpse would not dissipate so quickly.

A soul would leave a dead person, but there would still be some remaining souls. Those souls would gradually dissipate over time and only after around one year, then would it completely disappear. In her previous life, Ji Fengyan had seen with her own eyes how her Master had prayed to the corpse of her Grandmaster. She could still remember that her Grandmaster's body were already charred and there was no sign of life. However, when her Master prayed, she could faintly see a soul above her Grandmaster's body.

That soul was the last memory for a dead person because they could not completely let go of the live being alive.

She could vaguely remember that her Grandmaster's soul was floating in midair and had smiled at her Master and her before she disappeared when her final worry was taken care of.

But just now, Ji Fengyan had not felt any soul from Ji Yun's ashes.

By right, since Ji Yun had died on the battlefield, and had a daughter at home, his worry would not dispel so quickly after he was dead.

"Could it be because it had happened too long that I could only see the soul after praying?" Ji Fengyan rubbed her chins and thought hard.

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