The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 3 Chapter 608

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Volume 3 Chapter 608 Straw 3

It was already evening. The street on which the hundred men from the Wolf Smoke Regiment were temporarily staying was filled with citizens of Ping City. The men from the Wolf Smoke Regiment emerged from their rooms.

Ji Fengyan and Linghe walked to the street together. When they had just walked out of the main gate, Ji Fengyan saw a corpse stretched out outside her main gate.

It was the body of a woman who had been split open. Her entire abdomen had been torn apart, but the organs in her abdomen had already vanished without a trace. One could faintly see traces of ferocious claw marks could be faintly against the exposed bones.

When Ji Fengyan's glance fell on the corpse's face, her expression became chilly.

It was the crazy woman.

Not long ago, this unfortunate woman had been telling her woes to Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing. Now, she was lying at Ji Fengyan's doorstep, completely drenched, as if she had been dragged out of the water. The dirt on her face had been washed off, revealing pretty but haggard features. However, there was not a drop of blood in that face.

Her dry lips were slightly parted and her eyes were open, even in death.

"It's her!"

Ji Fengyan's appearance immediately attracted the citizens' attention.

A man pointed to Ji Fengyan and said to the others, "That's her. She brought the crazy woman away this afternoon."

At the man's words, the citizens around Ji Fengyan looked at her with eyes filled with agitation and wariness.

"What's the matter?" Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes, and asked Linghe who was next to her.

Linghe frowned and said, "I'm not too sure either. Just now as I was preparing to go out, I saw these people stream over, carrying this corpse. They even threw the corpse at your front door. They say you caused this"

Many people had witnessed the scene the woman had created at the inn that afternoon. As the woman was arguing with the waiter at the inn, Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing had suddenly appeared and later, left with the woman.

But, who would have guessed.

Not long after the woman had left Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing, she was discovered to have died tragically by the river. Half her body had been submerged in the river, and when someone had made the discovery and dragged her out, they realized she had died a terrible death.

Her entire abdomen had been split open by someone, and all her organs removed. It had also cut her tongue off.

Such a bloody incident had never occurred in Ping City before and all the citizens were frightened.

People quickly remembered that a man and a young lady had brought the woman away that afternoon. After a round of inquiries, they had determined that these two people belonged to a troop of soldiers that had just arrived in Ping City that day. Hence, they had brought the woman's corpse along to denounce them for their crimes.

Linghe felt that these citizens were all crazy. What did this have to do with their Mistress?

Ji Fengyan frowned slightly as her gaze fell on the woman's corpse. The corpse's internal organs had all been removed and the skin and flesh that had been split open were badly mutilated. The most peculiar thing was a bloodstained, yellow object that faintly protruded from the corpse's lower abdomen.

Ji Fengyan took a closer look and her expression immediately became colder.

Someone had stuffed a bundle of straw into the woman's lower abdomen. The straw was already stained red with blood and was easy to miss unless one looked carefully.

Ji Fengyan thought of the woman's two children

The pair of children were still in swaddling clothes had been turned into straw as if the place which had once been pregnant with life had been stuffed full of straw

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