The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 3 Chapter 609

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Volume 3 Chapter 609 Suspicions Abound 1

Ji Fengyan had never met her own parents and did not know what it was like to have parents. However, even a normal person would find it hard to suppress their anger at this scene.

This was a murder that was filled with irony.

The children had been transformed into straw. Even the woman who had been their mother, had her abdomen split open and withered straw stuffed under her flesh and skin.

The citizens of Ping City surrounded them and whispered among themselves. Eyes full of suspicion and enmity fell on Ji Fengyan's figure. Their expressions seemed to say they had already decided that Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing were the murderers.

Lu Shaoqing's expression was incredibly unpleasant. He had never thought that his good intentions would bring such trouble upon himself.

Faced with the Ping City citizens' accusations, his expression clouded over.

"General, there is something amiss. Based on what these citizens said, something happened to this woman not longer after she left us. However, no one saw her leave us and no one knows how she died." Lu Shaoqing frowned as he walked over to Ji Fengyan. His tone was grave when he spoke.

Their investigation in Ping City had only just begun and now this had happened.

"Looks like someone couldn't keep his cool." Ji Fengyan's eyes narrowed slightly. The woman had been in Ping City for a long time with nothing happening to her. However, after she had come into contact with them, she had died a mysterious and tragic death. This was clearly directed at them.

"What should we do now? The citizens are certain that we two have a hand in this. Right now, the streets have been blocked." Lu Shaoqing said.

Ji Fengyan looked at the crowd of Ping City citizens in front of her. These people had grouped together to block the two ends of the streets. They were ordinary citizens and had done nothing excessive. Ji Fengyan and the others were afraid that they could do nothing to disperse them.

At that moment, a commotion was heard from among the crowd. The closely packed citizens moved aside to create a path and they saw Song Yuan enter the street, leading a group of Ping City guards.

The soldiers from the Wolf Smoke Regiment let out a sigh of relief when they saw Song Yuan. Only Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing's expressions did not improve at all.

"What's the commotion about?" Song Yuan led his people over. When he saw that several hundred people had surrounded Ji Fengyan and the others, his expression involuntarily became grave.

When the citizens of Ping City saw that the City Lord had appeared, they rushed over to him as if they had found their pillar of strength.

"Master City Lord! Hurry and look! A murder has been committed!" A man hurried over to Song Yuan and pointed at the corpse lying on the ground.

When Song Yuan's gaze fell on the female corpse and saw that she had died tragically, his expression showed some surprise.

"What exactly has happened?"

The surrounding citizens all spoke at the same time.

"Master City Lord, this woman was perfectly fine. However, this afternoon, those two people took her away, and she was found dead by the river." The citizens all talked at once, but their words accused Ji Fengyan and Lu Shaoqing.

A trace of shock involuntarily appeared on Song Yuan's face. He lifted his head to look at Ji Fengyan. "General Ji, what exactly happened?"

Ji Fengyan looked at Song Yuan and calmly told him about her interactions with the woman that afternoon.

When Song Yuan had finished listening to her, he did not speak immediately. However, the citizens who had heard Ji Fengyan's words were frantic.

"What do you mean you don't know what happened? She was perfectly fine, she only died tragically after you left. If you didn't harm her, who did?!"

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