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  • The Inheritor

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The Inheritor summary:

Alistair strolled through darkness shunning himself from light, he was plunged into the depths of hell by the greed of his own family. He crawled from those depths leaving trails of blood, craving for vengeance and toiling like a crazy wounded wolf. After years of struggle he stands at the peak, a peak no one could touch, a peak where he could disdain anyone. Alistair had long got his r...

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The Inheritor Chapters

Time uploaded
65 Announcemen8 months ago
64 Time Paradox8 months ago
63 Kallis Awakens8 months ago
62 Boris Narrates8 months ago
57 Quest Part 68 months ago
56 Quest Part 58 months ago
55 Quest Part 48 months ago
54 Quest Part 38 months ago
53 Quest Part 28 months ago
52 Quest Part 18 months ago
47 5 Months Later8 months ago
45 Grandma Oyia8 months ago
43 Depressed Fran8 months ago
42 Binding The Ar8 months ago
41 Dome Library8 months ago
38 Bens Pas8 months ago
36 Arts Selection8 months ago
35 Puzzled Quinn8 months ago
28 Elgar Returns8 months ago
26 A Mini Tes8 months ago
24 Cultivation8 months ago
21 Roommates8 months ago
18 Teleportation8 months ago
14 Longevity Soup8 months ago
12 Qi Transfusion8 months ago
11 Soul Spiri8 months ago
10 Stats Part 28 months ago
9 Stats Part 18 months ago
7 Old Man Blake8 months ago
5 Quinn Moore8 months ago
4 The Inheritor8 months ago
3 The White Room8 months ago
2 Farewell8 months ago
1 Alistair Jones8 months ago
1 Announcemen8 months ago
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