The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Revisit The Prison Of Wind

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Time zipped on. Three months passed by in a blink.

Lu Li never came out again after he went back into the Wicked Bead and he did not send out any messages. It was as if he had vanished.

If it were not for the fact that the Wicked Bead was still floating in the air, many might have forgotten about him.

During the three months, nearly one hundred Semi-God Realm warriors kept on attacking day and night without rest. Many had been exerting full strength. That being said, the outcome of the three months’ work was frustrating. The Divine Imperial City was not harmed at all. Everything was the same as when the strike first started.

Even the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo were agitated. Nevertheless, they could not disobey Lu Li. The two did not physically punish anyone slacking, either, and would just send a warning glance.

Even Lu Renhuang, not to mention others, were having doubts. Could this city be broken by humans? Would they, a group of Semi-God Realm warriors, open up the city when not even immortals could do it?

Like many others, Lu Renhuang put his hope on Lu Li. After all, Lu Li was the one that killed Yan Zhen and took away the Relic armor. Maybe, after a period of cultivation, Lu Li’s strength could develop rapidly. Maybe… after some time of study, Lu Li could find a way to crack the city.

Because Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist were still here, the other Semi-God Realm warriors did not have the courage to leave. Every now and then, they would attack but in low spirits. But they did not loaf on the job constantly.

Lu Li was still inside the hall in the Wicked Bead. He was obsessed with the study of Inhibition Formations. He had forgotten the passage of time and everything else.

Previously, he loathed such matters as Inhibition Formation or else he would have studied a long time ago. Lately, he realized that he had grown fond of it. The more he studied the Inhibition Formation, the more unfathomable they seemed to be and the more addicted he became.

He had finished the accumulation of the simplest fundamental knowledge. He did not start to read the three books on breaking formations immediately. Instead, he took baby steps and began a systematic study.

He even had the urge to cast some basic tools. He could not make Relics but it would be nice to make some general Xuan Artifacts.

But he did know that he had not the luxury of time. In the future, when time permitted, he could explore that field. If he could make a Relic and leave it for the Lu Family, then the Lu Family would have something to rely on.

Lu Li chose not to read the three books because he understood that he could not comprehend the three books, yet given the level of knowledge he acquired at the present day. Inhibition Formations were too complicated. Asking for the moon was impossible.

Currently, he was still staying with the basic knowledge. When he mastered the fundamentals, he would move on to the information about formations from the Divinity. Only with such information could he know how to crack one.

How could one dismantle something when one did not know about it?

Lu Li planned to continue for three months to see if he could master the basics and then spent a few months to find out how to crack a formation from the Divinity.

He Yue had been monitoring the situation outside. Her subsidiary bodies were found everywhere in the Prison of Gold, Prison of Water, Prison of Earth, Prison of Wood, and Waters Region. Nothing could escape her supervision.

Since He Yue did not make any warnings, Lu Li chose to ignore what was happening outside and focused his mind on the intricate study that was the Inhibition Formations.

At first, Lu Li thought taking three months, he should be able to have a general understanding of Inhibition Formations.

Three months passed and he realized that he was wrong, very wrong.

He went through at least one hundred books in the first three months and the same amount in another three months, only to realize that what he knew was still limited.

The study of Inhibition Formations was extensive and profound. The further he progressed, the more abstruse he found it.

He had a feeling that he had to read at least one third of the tens of thousands of books just to have a basic understanding of Inhibition Formation.

He read the three books on dismantling formations from the Divinity for several days and his conviction was proven. In three days, he had to give up. He was right. Those formations were too complicated. Given his knowledge, Lu Li could not even read through the three books.

In six months, he merely went through less than three hundred books. In total, there were twenty or thirty thousand books here. Lu Li would have to read at least ten thousand of them!

By that account…

It would take Lu Li at least twenty years to read through ten thousand books. After all, he could not just browse the books. He had to understand the contents of the books. At a later stage, the books would only be more difficult.

The Semi-God Realm warriors would have all run away after 20 years. Who would stay and strike the Divine Imperial City for 20 years?

Lu Li stopped. He decided to go to the Prison of Wind and cultivate to see if he could become an immortal. Twenty years were too long. Not even he could afford to wait that long.

Lu Li came out from the Wicked Bead. He took a glance. Many were striking weaky. Less than half of the nearly one hundred Semi-God Realm warriors were really making an effort while the other half were phoning it in. The attack force was weak.

Lu Li took another look at the Divine Imperial City. As the first day, the Divine Imperial City still stood intact as if it could never be broken.

The system displayed, “I didn’t mention the quantity of snacks to be rewarded.”

Lu Li’s appearance caught the attention from many people. Some people’s eyes glowed. They wondered if Lu Li had progressed after studying for half a year or had he found a way to crack the Divine Imperial City.

“Blazing Huo, Deaf Taoist, come here!”

Lu Li shouted and nodded to Lu Renhuang. The three of them came over. Lu Li flew back for two miles before he said, “I need to go to the Prison of Wind and find out if I can become an immortal.”

Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist did not dare to pose any doubts. Lu Renhuang asked, “Lu Li, you cannot find a way to crack the Divine Imperial City now?”


Lu Li did not withhold any information. He nodded. “Those formations from the Divinity are too intricate. It will take me at least over a dozen years to find a way to dismantle such formations. I need to see if I can become an immortal.”

Lu Renhuang’s eyes sparkled as he posed another question, “Are you confident to become an immortal?”


Lu Li said with certainty. “I am actually quite confident. It will only be a matter of time before I become an immortal.”

“Okay. Off you go. We will take care of things here!”

Lu Renhuang was overjoyed. He would be more pleased to see Lu Li become an immortal than the Divine Imperial City be cracked.

Lu Li was confident to become an immortal. The study of Inhibition Formations had inspired him. This study might seem to be useless at the moment but it might come in handy at critical times and help him become an immortal in one go.


Lu Li and the three of them discussed for a while. Then, Lu Li flew back. Glancing over others, Lu Li shouted, “Thank you very much for your hard work. I know that you have exerted effort. I am confident that we can break down the Divine Imperial City. Now, I lack some critical formation materials. Please keep going. When I come back, I will join you and we will breach into the Divine Imperial City and divide up the wealth of the Yan Family among ourselves.”

With that said, Lu Li threw another serious glance and added, “While I am away, do not slack. Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist are short-tempered. Do not displease them.”

It was a measure of carrot and stick. After Lu Li demonstrated deterrence, he left in the Wicked Bead by himself.

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