The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Something Wrong With The Immortals Body

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Lu Li left via the Region of Flowers and headed toward the Central Imperial Universe. He left the Prison of Gold and hurried off to the Prison of Ice. It took him over a dozen days to arrive at the Prison of Wind.

At the Prison of Wind, Lu Li dashed toward that special place he discovered the last time he was here. The wind blowing some mountains was strange. Lu Li would have stopped there to cultivate last time if it were not for the fact that he had to save Lu Renhuang.

After over a day, Lu Li found himself amongst some mountains. The mountains were placed in a peculiar way. When the fierce gale first sprang up here, its speed would change every now and then. There were the occasional tornadoes as well. Lu Li could hear some sharp noises ringing from some places.

Lu Li remembered clearly that not far from here, there was a valley. The wind there was blowing at a terrifying speed. He noticed he could be inspired in some locations. Quite accurately, he found some traces and marks of Profound Meanings in several places.


First, he flew around the mountains with his eyes closed so he could feel with his mind the change of wind and the traces of Profound Meaning.

While he walked around the mountains, he let the Relic armor retract back into his body while the wind whipped his robes. His white-hair was dancing in the sky.

The wind here was so fierce that even his face hurt. He felt that the wind left scratches on him. Lu Li’s physical body was strong. Usually, not a single strike could leave a wound on his skin. One could imagine how sharp the wind was here.

While he wandered around, the Map of Fundamental Principle appeared in his mind and also the 12 wind-related Profound Meanings. He went through the Map of Fundamental Principle quickly in his mind to further his comprehension.

“Woo, woo~”

He had come to the place where the noise was extremely strong. He felt his ears were bleeding yet he paid no attention. He stood in this place for one day and one night.

Then, he headed toward that valley. Against the fierce wind, Lu Li stood in the valley for several days.

He kept his eyes closed. He had a clear sense that some natural marks existed here. Since he had mastered 12 wind-related Profound Meanings, he had a sense of affinity to those natural marks.

Flowers bloomed and faded. Clouds swirled in a violent haze.

It had been three months since Lu Li started to wander around in the mountains. He would feel enlightened every now and then but when he tried to trace that something, he couldn’t find anything or grab anything.

Just like this gale. He had a clear sense of the wind because his face was hurting. However, he could not see or grab the wind…

Lu Li was getting impatient. Anyone would feel agitated or a swing of moods when one could not achieve anything from repeated actions.

Lu Li did the resolute thing of stopping his cultivation. He rests for half a day and eats something. Later, he wandered in the mountains. This time, he did not deliberately try to find anything. He just walked around. Maybe, he would stumble into something unexpected.

One day, two days, five days…

Lu Li’s eyes were growing milky. Once again, he was having self-doubts. The 12 Maps of Fundamental Principle represented 12 Profound Meanings. They stemmed from the same origin and were connected with each other. That being said, to integrate them completely together would be more than difficult.

This was not kneading a dough. Mixing the flour together would be enough.

Since his mind was preoccupied, when he stepped into that valley again, he did not notice what was happening around him. The wind blew fast here. Lu Li was picked up by the wind and was carried to the other side of the valley.

The speed of the wind was accelerating. Lu Li was flowing faster and faster. He had lost himself in the sand and dirt. His body was covered in sand. It seemed that he was more like a huge grain of sand…


At that moment, something inspired Lu Li. When the wind picked him up, at the fast speed, he had become fused with the sand and wind? He had become a part of them?

“Can it be…?”

Lu Li was enlightened. He was trembling. He felt there was a point and if he could dig deeper, he might be able to integrate the Maps of Fundamental Principle!


He was carried outside the valley by the wind and fell into a deserted land outside. He sat down on the spot, paying attention to his state, and started cultivation in the Transcendence State.

“Woo, woo~”

Since he was sitting at the mouth of the valley, the wind was fierce and the storm kept on twisting. The wind whipped his hair and robe which was torn apart in many places. His white-hair was disheveled and dirty. His face was covered by dust and sand. He looked just like a homeless man…

One day, two days, five days!

Lu Li, who had been cultivating, opened his eyes all of a sudden in rage. He waved his hand and smashed at a hill not far from here.


That hill split into pieces. Sand and rocks flew around and dust raised up due to the wind.

Lu Li had every reason to be angry. He was at a critical moment. Without any surprises, cultivating for a few months, it was likely that he could finish integrating the Map of Fundamental Principle!

But something happened. His soul was disturbed. He realized something shocking—his spiritual link with the Immortal’s body was weakening.

The Immortal’s body was controlled by the silver dragon and had become Lu Li’s puppet. He had a strong spiritual connection with the Immortal’s body. He could monitor every move of the Immortal’s body via the spiritual connection.

Now, the spiritual connection was weakening? How could Lu Li remain calm? If the spiritual connection was gone, then Lu Li would lose control of the Immortal’s body.

He did not know what was wrong but he did know that he could not allow this to go on.

He had to return to the Divine Imperial Universe. The Immortal’s body might be out of control. He might kill without discrimination and… Lu Renhuang was still there.

Of course, Lu Li could ask He Yue to alert Lu Renhuang to stay away from the Immortal’s body. However, the fact that the Immortal’s body could be out of control shocked Lu Li. He would not be able to focus on cultivation until he sorted the matter out.

What was more, Emperor Zi mentioned that he had the strongest physical body under the Third Plane of the Divinity and that his body contained a skill relevant to body refining. Lu Li was planning to study it after he ascended to the Divinity.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Li only hesitated for a short while before he dashed toward the entrance of Prison of Ice in the Wicked Bead. The spiritual connection between him and the Immortal’s body was still growing weak. However, for it to vanish, it would take some time. He still had the chance to get back to the Divine Imperial Universe before the Immortal’s body got out of control.

“He Yue!”

In the Wicked Bead, Lu Li ordered He Yue, “Get a sense of the Immortal’s body and see if anything is wrong with it. Ask my father if there is anything going on with the Immortal’s body lately.”

He Yue sat down with her eyes closed as she began to see the situation over there. While flying, Lu Li waited in agitation.

After an hour, He Yue finally opened her eyes. She had some doubts as she reported, “The Immortal’s body has been striking the Divine Imperial City and never left. Nobody came near to him, either. Lord Lu Renhuang said nothing was unusual. However… my subsidiary body checked and saw that the red tattoo on the back of his neck is glowing, faintly.”

“That red tattoo? Bloodvine!”

Lu Li’s eyes grew cold. The blood-red tattoo appeared after the Bloodvine entered the Immortal’s body.

The tattoo was glowing. That meant that it was the Bloodvine that was playing tricks. Was the Bloodvine trying to take control of the Immortal’s body?

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