The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Soul Containment

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To arrive at the Divine Imperial Universe from the Prison of Wind, Lu Li had to go down the Prison of Ice and then to the Prison of Gold, from he would hurry to the Divine Imperial Universe and the Region of Flowers. Then, he could come to the Divine Imperial Universe.

If Lu Li did not have the Wicked Bead or that it could not be times faster than the Immortal’s body, Lu Li, when flying on his own, would not arrive in probably over a year.

Lu Li arrived at the Divine Imperial Universe in half a month since the Wicked Bead had been flying at top speed. Upon entering the Divine Imperial Universe, Lu Li realized that the spiritual connection had become quite weak. When he was arriving at the Divine Imperial City, the spiritual connection to the Immortal’s body was faint.

Lu Li’s return caught the attention of many people. When he left, he mentioned that he was searching for some critical material and he would be able to bring down the Divine Imperial City afterward.

It had been four months since Lu Li left. He must have located the materials he required.

The warriors here had been attacking for four months. Due to the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo’s supervision, no other warrior dared to leave. However, since they had been making efforts for a long time, the warriors were exhausted, physically and psychologically. Some would take a rest every now and then.

Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist did not execute anyone randomly. Lu Li told them that they could do as they saw fit, not that they could kill at will. Execution could scare the warriors away, which would only be worse.


Lu Li dashed out from the Wicked Bead. He ignored the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo and only stared at the Immortal’s body.

The Immortal’s body was still striking the Divine Imperial City. It had been a long time and yet the Divine Imperial City did not change at all. Lu Li threw a glance at the Divine Imperial City and then focused his mind on the Immortal’s body, staring at the Bloodvine tattoo on his neck.

The tattoo was glowing in red faintly. Though Lu Li was very close to the Immortal’s body, the former felt the spiritual connection with the Immortal’s body was barely there and could be gone any second now!

Lu Li brought the Bloodvine into control at the Waters Region. As a matter of fact, it was not really controlled. The Bloodvine was brought to rein by the Immortal’s body. In the end, the Bloodvine became a shadow and entered the Immortal’s body and thereafter, the Immortal’s body’s neck had a tattoo in the shape of the Bloodvine.

Back then, Lu Li was worried that the Bloodvine would reverse the situation and occupy the Immortal’s body. Later, nothing happened and the matter slipped Lu Li’s mind. At that time, Lu Li heard that the Bloodvine was highly intelligent and it was a plant with a soul. Now, something was happening…

“What to do?”

Many ideas spread to Lu Li’s mind. He could not lose the Immortal’s body, which belonged to the Zi Emperor. If an intelligent plant were to seize the Immortal’s body, Lu Li would feel indebted to Emperor Zi. In addition, that could incur hidden danger for the nine universes. In the future, if the Bloodvine put on a killing spree by controlling the Immortal’s body, countless civilians would die an unnatural death, and Lu Li would be the one to be blamed

“I will have to put the Immortal’s body into the Wicked Bead now!”

Lu Li thought about it and flew over in the Wicked Bead. He gave a mental command for the Immortal’s body to stop and not to resist the pull of the Wicked Bead.

The Wicked Bead glowed. It was true that the spiritual connection with the Immortal’s body, he would still listen to Lu Li at the moment. The Immortal’s body stopped and did not fight back when he was taken into the inner hall of the Wicked Bead.

“Keep going!”

Lu Li looked around. He then said to Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist, “Come with me.”

With that said, Lu Li paid no heed to the question from Lu Renhuang and the others. Together with Blazing Huo and the Deaf Taoist, Lu Li went to the outer hall of the Wicked Bead. Those two had been living for long years. They were well-informed. Maybe, they could think of a solution.

Lu Li had been thinking but failed to arrive at any solution. The Immortal’s body was too strong and could not be destroyed. Since the Bloodvine was inside the Immortal’s body, Lu Li did not know what to do.

“What is going on? Lord!”

The Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo asked Lu Li in confusion after they were taken in.

Pointing at the Immortal’s body, Lu Li said, “This Immortal’s body is my puppet. I encountered a Bloodvine in the Waters Region. When I was trying to attack at the Bloodvine, it became a shadow and merged into the Immortal’s body. Look at the tattoo. That is the Bloodvine. Now, the spiritual connection between me and the Immortal’s body is weakening and can be gone at any minute now. The Bloodvine may be reversing the situation and trying to take over the Immortal’s body. Think of a way to stop the Bloodvine. If the Bloodvine took control of the Immortal’s body, things could go horribly wrong.”


Blazing Huo blinked. He had never heard of anything like this before. He asked after a moment of thought, “Can’t the Immortal’s body be destroyed or sealed?”

Lu Li darted a glance at Blazing Huo. “What do you think? Burn the Immortal’s body with the Corpse Candle and see if you can destroy the Immortal’s body. The Immortal’s body is strong. It once was at least a super mighty warrior in the Divinity.”


Blazing Huo was shocked. He frowned as he kept thinking. The Deaf Taoist had been quiet as he checked the Immortal’s body with psychic power. After a while, he said, “There can be only two options. Either we try to destroy or seal off the Immortal’s body or we bring the Bloodvine under control.”

Lu Li was somewhat satisfied with the Deaf Taoist’s answer. The former asked, “How do we do that? Do you have any ideas?”

If there were no other way, Lu Li would have to destroy the Immortal’s body. Otherwise, when the Bloodvine took control of the Immortal’s body and blasted around the Wicked Bead, the Wicked Bead’s energy could run out and by then, Lu Li would have to let out the Immortal’s body.

Once that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable. Maybe civilians of the Divine Imperial Universe would be torn into pieces by the Immortal’s body.

Because… the Bloodvine was violent and loathed human beings. When Lu Li first encountered the Bloodvine in the Waters Region, the Bloodvine was fighting against human beings.

After a moment, the Deaf Taoist said, “Find someone that has skills of soul controlling or such Inhibition Formation and take control of the soul of the Bloodvine directly. I think the Bloodvine is without a body and only has a soul. The Bloodvine is trying to have a body which is why the Bloodvine is taking control of the Immortal’s body.”

“Formations to bring souls under control?”

Blazing Huo thought of something. “Isn’t Brother Three of the Chen Family skilled in this? He can bring spectres under control!”

“Is he out there?” Lu Li felt cheered up. Blazing Huo nodded yes. The two went out together. Blazing Huo shouted to an old warrior in the distance, “Brother Three of the Chen Family, come here for a bit.”

Brother Three of the Chen Family was Chen Tianxian’s cousin. Hearing he was called, he hurried over and said with a fawning smile, “Lord Lu, Lord Huo, what do you need?”

“I will tell you in a moment!”

Lu Li sent Brother Three of the Chen Family into the Wicked Bead. Pointing at the Immortal’s body, Lu Li said, “There is a Bloodvine inside the Immortal’s body. Now, the Bloodvine is trying to possess the Immortal’s body. Find a way to bring the shadow under control.”

“A shadow? Okay!”

Brother Three of the Chen Family did not waste any time. He took out some formation stones at once while the others waited on the side.

Brother Three of the Chen Family moved fast. In an hour, a formation had come into being. From the formation rose a white shield that enveloped the Immortal’s body. There was even some white flames as well.

“Well, that is something!”

Lu Li nodded. Those white flames seemed horrifying and yet those here did not feel any rise in temperature. Those must be special flames designed to deal with phantoms and shadows.


Not long afterward, the Bloodvine on the neck of the Immortal’s body began to glow and was twitching. Lu Li’s eyes were glowing. Was Brother Three of the Chen Family’s method working?

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