The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Relic Tripod

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“Swish, swish~”

The white flames were blazing inside the white shield. The skin of the Immortal’s body was not burnt at all. Those flames seemed to be virtually existent. They could go through the Immortal’s body’s skin and into his body.


The Bloodvine tattoo was glowing brighter and brighter. It was twisting on the Immortal’s body’s neck. A spark rose in Lu Li’s eyes. Brother Three of the Chen Family’s way was working. The Bloodvine seemed to be hurting.

“Take control of the Bloodvine. Or, burn it off if.”

Lu Li coldly ordered. Brother Three of the Chen Family nodded. He sat down on the spot and poured out Xuan Energy to increase the power of the formation.

As Brother Three of the Chen Family took action, the white flames had filled the entire space inside the white shield. The entire Immortal’s body was enveloped by the white flames. The blood-red ray of light coming off from the Bloodvine tattoo was gaining radiance. The spiritual connection between Lu Li and the Immortal’s body was strengthening.

It implied that the formation set by Brother Three of the Chen Family could hurt the Bloodvine. Since it was hurting, its control over the Immortal’s body was weakening.

“Wait a minute…”

After a moment, Lu Li felt frightened. The Bloodvine tattoo suddenly shone in all radiance and then dimmed down until it vanished.

“What is going on?”

Lu Li cast a surprised glance to Brother Three of the Chen Family. The latter opened his frustration-filled eyes and shook his head. “Lord, there is a problem. There is a special formation inside the Immortal’s body. The spectre of the Bloodvine is hiding inside the formation. My flames cannot reach the Bloodvine.”

“Are there any other ways?”

Lu Li felt troubled. The inside of the Immortal’s body was ingenious. Not only were there formations, but there were also some special patterns. Lu Li once checked himself. He noticed that the intricate formations inside formed a maze that he could not understand completely.

Now, the Bloodvine spectre had entered the formation. If the flames could not reach the Bloodvine, then the Immortal’s body would get out of Lu Li’s control sooner or later.

“Lord, please give me a minute.”

Brother Three of the Chen Family closed his eyes to check and then released more flames. After a while, he opened his eyes. “This is hard, more than difficult to be honest. My flames cannot go into the formations inside the Immortal’s body. Lord, there is nothing… I can do.”


Lu Li pressed his lips. “Do not rush into any conclusions. Think about it. Are there other options?”

Turning to the Deaf Taoist and Blazing Huo, Lu Li continued, “You two, try to find a way as well. If the Immortal’s body is controlled by the Bloodvine, then that will be a disaster for the nine universes. The Immortal’s body is incredibly strong. No one can destroy him.”

“How about…”

Blazing Huo proposed, “How about we put together a group of warriors and build a formation to close the Immortal’s body inside?”

Blazing Huo once used the flames from his stove to strap the Immortal’s body. Therefore, Blazing Huo did not worry much about the Immortal’s body. He thought some random formation would be enough to close the Immortal’s body in.

“That is the worst thing to do!”

Lu Li waved his hand. “The Immortal’s body has more potential to be tapped. If he is controlled by the Bloodvine and has intelligence, his destructive powers will grow by times.”


Right at that moment, some red lines emerged on the Immortal’s body’s legs. Soon, some vines grew out from his legs and the vines were reaching out toward the formation stones.


Before Lu Li and Brother Three of the Chen Family understood what had happened, the vines had reached into the formations stones which fell into pieces. Then, the shield and the flames inside were all gone.


Lu Li, Blazing Huo, and the Deaf Taoist were alerted. The Bloodvine had taken the initiative and had destroyed the formation with such ease. This shocked and frightened those here, including Lu Li.

The Bloodvine could crack formations? Would it be able to crack any formations that were designed to trap it and then escape with the Immortal’s body?

Lu Li was thinking further ahead. If the Bloodvine could reach its vines into the Wicked Bead, would the Bloodvine cripple the spiritual connection between Lu Li and the Wicked Bead as well? Would the Bloodvine take away the Wicked Bead?

“We have to exhaust our ways to kill or take control of the Bloodvine!”

Lu Li shuddered in fear. He had made up his mind. The Bloodvine was peculiar and could not be controlled at all. This was not good.

When the Bloodvine opened the formation, it retracted its tentacles. The lines on the Immortal’s body’s legs vanished as well. The Bloodvine must have retreated back to the formation inside the Immortal’s body.

At the moment, Lu Li clearly feel that the spiritual link with the Immortal’s body was weakening again. The Bloodvine must be fighting for the right of control.

Taking a look at the Immortal’s body, the Deaf Taoist said, “The Bloodvine is smart and knows how to deal with formations. If the Bloodvine is not killed or brought into control, things could go horribly wrong. I don’t know much about spectres and spirits and such things from where I come from, nor formations. Lord… I don’t know what to do, either.”

The Deaf Taoist was from the Region of Doom. Even he had no solution. The matter had become quite tricky.

Blazing Huo did not dare to voice any opinions. He just mentioned that a formation could be built to trap by the Bloodvine. However, the Bloodvine could crack formations. Blazing Huo’s solution was ineffective. For a moment, everyone was at a loss of what to do with the Bloodvine.

One side of the problem was that the Immortal’s body was too strong to be destroyed. Since the Bloodvine was hiding inside the formations in the Immortal’s body, nothing could reach the Bloodvine.

Looking at Brother Three of the Chen Family, Lu Li asked, “What do you usually do when you are dealing with spectres and phantoms?”

Brother Three of the Chen Family thought for a moment. “We have three ways. The first is to build formations, the second is to rely on skills, and the third is to leverage some artifacts.”


Brother Three of the Chen Family forced a smile before he went on, “As you have seen, formations are ineffective. That spirit is hiding inside the Immortal’s body. I don’t even have to try my skills. I have a tripod but… that shouldn’t be of much use. The Immortal’s body is just too strong!”

“A tripod?”

Something sprang to Lu Li’s mind. He thought of the Ding of Barbarian God which could generate thunderbolts inside. Thunderbolts carried disruptive powers. Maybe the Ding of Barbarian God could be used to break down that spirit.

However, Little White had the Ding of Barbarian God and Little White was in the Prison of Thunder. It would take Lu Li at least a month to go there. In that time, the Immortal’s body would have changed hands. With the Immortal’s body in control, the Bloodvine would have its might doubled, which could only worsen the situation.


Lu Li had an idea. He remembered that the hall in the Wicked Bead that housed books on Inhibition Formations had three rooms. One of the rooms, as he recalled, had a tripod. A tripod to cast Relics!

“Come with me.”

Lu Li brought Brother Three of the Chen Family into that hall. Lu Li pushed open one of the doors and took Brother Three of the Chen Family in.


Brother Three of the Chen Family saw a large tripod placed in the middle of the room with small tripods laying around it. The glow in Brother Three of the Chen Family’s eyes was rising rapidly. He said nothing and walked to that tripod. He stroked the lines on the tripod carefully and even used Xuan Energy to have a closer look.

He exclaimed, “This tripod has such ingenious structure and such complicated patterns. The materials are special. Lord… those tripods, are Relics, right?”

“That is not your concern!”

Lu Li waved his hand. “Can you use this tripod to take control of the spirit of Bloodvine?”

“I don’t know!”

Brother Three of the Chen Family answered with a glint of excitement emerging in his eyes, “I can have a try, though. If this tripod is a Relic, then it will probably work.”

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