The King's Avatar Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127: Guan Rongfeis Experiment

Chapter 1127: Guan Rongfeis Experiment
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The news about the two All Stars meant that this day was fated to be no ordinary day. However, for many, business had to continue as usual. Today was the seventh and last day of the Ghost Parade.

Since luck was crucial in the Ghost Parade, everyone's ranking fluctuated. However, due to the immense difference in the skill level between pro players and normal players, the effects of luck between the two were eliminated. The daily and overall rankings were dominated by pro players.

The last day.

On the overall rankings, Deception still held the first place. Those who managed to rank at the top of the overall rankings had great luck over all six days of the event. Out of over a hundred pro players, the only two who had continuous good luck was Mo Fan at first place and Zhang Jiale at second. As for the pro accounts after them, they had two or three days of bad luck, resulting in a large gap between their scores.

It seemed that the first place overall would be one of these two. However, the current situation had Zhang Jiale almost crying.

Second! Second again! He was second even in an online event; what kind of fate was this? Zhang Jiale was close to vomiting. Why did this world taunt him like this?

Zhang Jiale clenched his fist, sat in front of his computer and waiting for the last day of the event to start. But, something like luck couldn't be changed just by being diligent!

At exactly seven PM, the event began. On the last day, the number of ghosts had reached an unprecedented peak, and the players were immediately thrown into anxious hurrying.

Zhang Jiale wanted to get first place, so Tyrannical Ambition would naturally provide him with support. For example, from the very beginning, they had arranged for helpers around Dazzling Hundred Blossoms who would help him find ghosts.

With help, Zhang Jiale had gotten off to a good start. However, after that wave, the effects of his helpers had weakened, because they also relied on luck to find ghosts. Having more people didn't mean having better luck. Though spreading out would increase their chances, as they spread out further and further, it became impossible for Dazzling Hundred Blossoms to run between them.

In the end, he still had to rely on himself. Zhang Jiale had Dazzling Hundred Blossoms dart about before slowly coming to a realization that he had been overtaken with bad luck.

His search for ghosts was extremely unsuccessful. Zhang Jiale could only hope that Deception was having an equally difficult time, but when he took a look at the ranking, Deception was still above him and had gained an even larger lead.

Apart from raising a monster, there was no other way to turn the tides.

Tyranny had a monster-feeding team, carefully and quietly preparing to raise one. They didn't need it to be anything amazing, just enough to send Dazzling Hundred Blossoms to first place. However, the guilds all knew to be aware of this sort of thing, so it was very hard to hide one. In the end, Zhang Jiale received a message saying that their monster had been found and they had been forced to kill it. It was better than feeding it to their opponents.

There was nothing more he could do.

Looking at the rankings, Zhang Jiale sighed. His luck was really quite abysmal today. In the daily rankings, he hadn't even managed to squeeze into the top five. On the other hand, Deception was sitting comfortably at third place, fortune still in his favor.

There was really no helping with something like luck.

The number of ghosts was continuously decreasing. After the easter egg had been triggered yesterday, the guilds all hoped they would get another chance. Thus, the competition for ghosts was even more intense. What mattered first and foremost wasn't if they could find all the ghosts, but maintaining a spot in the top five, or else they wouldn't even have a chance.

At ten that night, the number of ghosts fell to a two digit number and by then, the top five positions were stable already. Deception was still third, and everyone could tell that this was a guy whose luck had persisted for all seven days, much to their envy. Apart from him, the first, second, fourth and fifth were Blossoming Chaos, Angelica, Firebird Messenger, and Combat Form respectively.

Blossoming Chaos was Yu Feng and Angelica was Xu Bin, two All Star level players.

Firebird Messenger was Thunderclap's Dai Yanqi, the runner up for Best Rookie of the eighth season, and an Elementalist like the one who had ended up with the award, Zhao Yuzhe.

As for Combat Form this character had appeared in the top five for the first time, but had been noticed long ago by everyone. After all, the skill difference between normal players and pro players was very apparent. This person was definitely pro level.

Not many were familiar with this character, but everyone knew that this was a young man from the old Excellent Era called Qiu Fei.

Excellent Era had already fallen, so why was he still here?

No one would hold in this curiosity for a full seven days. They had gone to check when they first started wondering. It was then that they had found out that Excellent Era was still there.

Excellent Era had survived, but it no longer held any of its previous splendor. The new owner clearly didn't have all that many funds, and the Excellent Era he had bought was basically just a skeleton. However, there were two very clear points to this. Of the original players of Excellent Era, he had managed to keep the young man called Qiu Fei as well as his Battle Mage Combat Form. In addition, he had managed to retain Excellent Dynasty.

This Excellent Era was clearly not a powerhouse anymore, but they didn't seem to be nearly as weak as a grassroots team. Just what Excellent Dynasty could accomplish alone was impressive. The players remaining in Excellent Era were extremely united and loyal, especially after the dire situation they had gone through. They would work hard to bring Excellent Era back off the ground.

Maybe it wouldn't be long before they would face Excellent Era on the battlefield again. That was what many people thought, but no one voiced it.

The number of ghosts continued to decrease at a slower and slower rate. In the past, pro players would have logged off by now. What little was remaining wouldn't be able to do much to their score. However, now that they knew of the existence of the easter egg, the top five pro players would stay for longer, until the event ended.

By 11:23, the number of ghosts paused at three.

There was three left, thirty-seven minutes left! The top five had already started forming parties, yet as time ticked by, the number three never changed. Even until the end, when midnight struck and the event ended, the easter egg quest had never been triggered.

On the final overall rankings, Deception stood at first place, Dazzling Hundred Blossoms at second. However, the halo of second place clearly overpowered first place. This was because Dazzling Hundred Blossoms was Zhang Jiale, the guy who had gotten who knew how many second places. Although everyone knew that Zhang Jiale would be upset at this result, many people still came to lament over it. However, Zhang Jiale had already logged off by then.

Everyone had claimed their daily ranking prizes daily. The overall ranking prizes on the last day were, naturally, the best. The number one Deception had obtained three pieces of level 75 Orange equipment, fifteen rare materials, thirty Fuji Heaven Stones that could be used to repair the durability of level 75 weapons, a fifty point skill book, and a significant amount of gold.

The other characters also gained rewards proportional to their final rankings.

However, currently, at Team Happy, Ye Xiu didn't have the time to spare for these rewards, because after sleeping a whole day, Guan Rongfei had finally come back. Ye Xiu hadn't forgotten that this guy had said he needed to conduct an extremely important experiment.

"Have you gathered all the materials?" As expected, that was the first thing Guan Rongfei asked.

"Everything's been prepared." Ye Xiu followed him to the R&D room. Guan Rongfei didn't stop him. The others were curious but had the clarity of mind to not follow them inside, whispering to each other outside.

"What sort of experiment is it?" Seeing Guan Rongfei sit and turn on the laptop, Ye Xiu couldn't help but ask this.

"I'm trying to create a bonus effect," Guan Rongfei said.

"What effect?" Ye Xiu was stunned. The effects on a piece of equipment would naturally determine what use the equipment had. In creating Silver weaponry, usually, the players themselves would ask for the effect they wanted and then the R&D team would go about trying to create it. Of course, rookies probably wouldn't have this sort of treatment and could only do their best to adapt to the current equipment and accounts in the club. However, Ye Xiu, no matter what, had the right to dictate what sort of equipment he had. Thus, the current situation was rather strange. Guan Rongfei was dead set on creating an effect, but Ye Xiu didn't know what it was. None of the effects he had suggested before required so much.

Twenty-five pieces of rare materials!

"Lowering the level requirement." Guan Rongfei didn't bother to act mysterious and gave Ye Xiu the information he wanted.

"Lower the level requirement?" Ye Xiu naturally understood what this effect was, but, "Why would we want"

"I'm going to upgrade the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella directly to level 80!" Before Ye Xiu finished his question, Guan Rongfei gave him his answer.

"Upgrade to level 80?" Ye Xiu was dumbstruck. Apart from someone like Guan Rongfei, very rarely did people manage to surprise him so.

Currently, characters only went up to level 75. If the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was upgraded to level 80, then it would be impossible to equip. Thus, it needed the effect of lowering the level requirement. This effect was rather common on usual equipment, but the pro circle had probably never looked into creating such an effect. This was because this was an effect used while still levelling up. For characters that were at max level, it was useless.

However, Guan Rongfei said that he could create level 80 equipment when the level limit was still 75. Then that effect would naturally be key.

"You're crazy, how is that possible?" Ye Xiu was simply surprised, but he had no doubt that it was possible because he believed in Guan Rongfei's ability. If the other brought it up, then there was a possibility.

"It's impossible for other equipment, but not for the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella," Guan Rongfei said.


"This is something I've researched for a long time, but I haven't managed to find a way to realize it on any piece of equipment. I've realized that what was preventing any breakthrough was the fact that there were too few materials used to make the equipment, so it doesn't have the ability to create such a powerful effect. However, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, this extremely complex piece of equipment can't be compared to normal equipment. After careful study of the materials, I believe that the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella can breakthrough to level 80. However, before that, I have to test out creating the effect of 'lowering the level requirement by 5' with level 75 materials."

"Alright! Go ahead!" Ye Xiu handed over Lord Grim's account card. Guan Rongfei logged in and went directly for the equipment editor. He was much more familiar with the operation of the equipment editor than Ye Xiu.

"I'm going to start now." After that last sentence, Guan Rongfei focused on operating the editor.
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