The King's Avatar Chapter 1494

“What guts!” Pan Lin cried out.

The dirty style gave people a feeling of despicableness without any sense of heroism. Fang Rui crouching and waiting there was quite despicable, but exploiting the referee was extremely daring. He already had a yellow card, yet he still dared to challenge the referee.

“That’s why he made a movement after 17 seconds,” Li Yibo said, “He was giving himself a buffer for the punishment. If he was punished, because of this movement, he would only receive a warning and not a yellow card.

“But what if Song Qiying doesn’t end up coming over? Then, would the referee directly give him a yellow card?” Pan Lin asked.

“We’ll know soon.” Li Yibo was wise. Why would he guess when the answer would be known soon?

On stage…

Qi gathered around the palms of Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea, but this time, he wasn’t charging a Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow. With Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow, he would crash into his opponent alongside the qi. He had been facing Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire previously, so he was not afraid. But now, he was facing a Striker, the number one close combat class, throwing himself at the opponent was risky; it could turn into a situation similar to throwing a steamed bun at a hungry dog.

Boundless Sea didn’t have much health or mana. Fang Rui was extremely cautious. He didn’t want to make any risky moves. As a result, he gathered qi in his palms and prepared to shoot a Sky-Piercing Cannon.

Fang Rui couldn’t see Song Qiying’s River Sunset yet, but the viewers watching could could see him. Sure enough, River Sunset was making his way over step by step.

“Careful!” Tyranny’s fans couldn’t help but be anxious. Even though Boundless Sea was an arrow at the end of its flight, a successful ambush could result in heavy injuries to River Sunset.

One step a time. Fang Rui’s perspective was displayed on the big screen in the stadium. A small window showing Fang Rui’s perspective, could be seen in the broadcast as well.

But at this moment, Song Qiying’s line of sight suddenly shifted.

His gaze was fixed on that hole in the ceiling.

Tyranny’s fans felt excited upon seeing this sight, while Happy’s fans were feeling gloomy.

Had Fang Rui been discovered?

The fans on both sides sighed, but for different reasons.

No, not yet!” Li Yibo stated with certainty.

“Song Qiying is only aware that it’s a possibility,” Pan Lin shouted.

How could the careful Song Qiying neglect such an important detail? Even though he didn’t know that Fang Rui really was lying in wait there, he was completely prepared for the possibility of it.

Qi Bullet!

River Sunset sent out a probing attack.

Qi Bullet was a low-level Qi Master skill and could be used by all Fighter classes. River Sunset had learned it, but it clearly hadn’t been leveled very high. There didn’t seem to be much qi swirling inside the Qi Bullet.

Even so, it shot accurately towards the hole in the ceiling and crashed into the edges of the hole. It didn’t make much of a sound before dissipating.

Boundless Sea didn’t move.

Fang Rui wasn’t fooled by this probing attack. The qi gathered around Boundless Sea’s hands didn’t even tremble.

The crowd erupted into cheers in praise of Fang Rui’s calm.

Not only had Song Qiying failed to scout out Fang Rui, this attack was equivalent to telling Fang Rui: he’s here, get ready!

Pan Lin and Li Yibo sighed. A rookie was a rookie. Song Qiying was too naive! Running into someone as crafty as Fang Rui was truly a rookie’s greatest misfortune.

But soon afterwards, everyone was stunned.

After Song Qiying’s River Sunset fired a Qi Bullet at the ceiling and didn’t discover anything, he turned around and left.

He didn’t keep going?

Happy’s fans weren’t laughing, but Tyranny’s fans weren’t laughing either.

Song Qiying probably wasn’t sure, so he decided not to pursue it. But this sort of evasion was not a style that Tyranny’s fans appreciated.

Even if you had your suspicions, why not just keep probing? Why run away?

They were too used to seeing the boldness of Han Wenqing’s Striker. They weren’t used to seeing Song Qiying’s extreme caution.

As a result, when they saw him avoid Fang Rui’s ambush, they weren’t too happy either. They weren’t just looking forward to seeing the ambush fail. They were hoping to see their own player smash apart Fang Rui’s ambush and let him know that traps and schemes were nothing but paper tigers.

However, Song Qiying chose to retreat.

Pan Lin and Li Yibo praised him for his caution and calm, but Tyranny’s fans weren’t feeling too pleased.

River Sunset reached the door. It looked like he was about to push the door open to leave, but who would have expected him to do it in such a manner? He punched the door and sent it flying.

What is he doing?

Everyone was stunned.

River Sunset went through the doorway. Then, after a few steps, he turned around and looked to be gauging the distance before making a sprint.

River Sunset sprinted through the doorway and jumped!

Running allowed his character to jump higher. River Sunset jumped onto the wall on the opposite side and pushed off it to jump again. At the same time, he swung his fist, Through the Back Fist!

Its name said fist, but in reality, it was a palm.

River Sunset pushed his palm against the ceiling, letting out a muffled sound.

But then, crack!!

River Sunset hit the ceiling, breaking it as if it were a dried-up branch. A hole appeared in the ceiling. River Sunset’s head went through first. He quickly checked his surroundings and saw Boundless Sea hastily turning around and pushing out his palm.

River Sunset’s arms trembled.

Reinforced Iron Bones to welcome the Sky-Piercing Cannon!

Qi thundered. Although River Sunset had Super Armor, he had no foothold, so there was no avoiding the knockback from the charged Sky-Piercing Cannon.

Thousand Ton Drop!

River Sunset had shrunk into a ball after using the Through the Back Fist, so he could get onto the second floor faster. He had made it through the hole, so he immediately used Thousand Ton Drop. His two feet stepped onto the edges of the hole, using Thousand Ton Drop to eliminate the knockback from Sky Piercing Cannon.

But a new wave of qi from Boundless Sea had arrived. River Sunset jumped practically parallel to the floor, avoiding the attack. He rolled and got up. Boundless Sea sent out another palm, but with the Super Armor from Reinforce Iron Bones, River Sunset didn’t dodge. He tanked the damage and counterattacked!


The crowd erupted.

There were a few unhappy Tyranny fans before, but now, their excitement had reached a peak so high that tears were about to come out.

Yes! This was what they wanted to see. Tough and fierce, not sparing anything to destroy the opponent.

They had completely misunderstood Song Qiying.

This kid was no doubt a young hero of Tyranny. He was cautious and calm, but at the same time, he hid the hot-blooded bravery to charge forward. He wasn’t like what they had previously thought, a spineless coward who shrunk back at the slightest uncertainty.

“Good job, Little Song!!!” Tyranny’s fans shouted. Happy’s fans quickly cheered on Happy, smothering Tyranny’s shouts. But so what if Happy’s fans had a numbers advantage, would they shrink back? Of course not! Even though they weren’t on the stage, they were supporters of Tyranny. If they didn’t even have the energy to persevere, how could they ask the player on stage to?


Tyranny’s fans roared with all their might. The outcome of the fight was quickly decided. Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea didn’t have that much health left, after all.

Song Qiying won. Of course, he won.

There was no way he wouldn’t win. However, the cheers from Tyranny’s fans weren’t just for the outcome, but more importantly, for how he did it.

From Song Qiying, they could see the future for which they hoped.

Fang Rui went out from the player booth, shaking his head. He didn’t seem to be happy with the match. Even so, the audience still gave him applause.

Beating Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan, chasing back Happy’s lead, his performance was without fault. His ambush didn’t succeed, but through Song Qiying’s unyielding attitude, Fang Rui was able to take away 12% of River Sunset’s health. This meant that Happy had a slight lead.

“Good job!”

Tyranny was praising their Song Qiying, while Happy was praising their Fang Rui. As he walked back to his seat, his teammates praised his performance.

But Fang Rui was unsatisfied.

“That little brat, playing with me like that,” Fang Rui said.

“It’s fine, you take down some of his health, too,” Ye Xiu said.

Fang Rui shook his head. “It was too far from my predictions!”

“How much were you thinking you could get him down to?” Chen Guo was curious.

“Obviously until I got his severed head,” Fang Rui said.

Suddenly, everyone ignored him.

Did you think this was a 1v1 in the online game? With that little health and that little mana, you think you can beat a pro player in the playoffs who came in with full health and full mana?

Even if Song Qiying was a rookie, it wasn’t possible for him to be bullied to that extent.

“Next, next.” Ye Xiu completely ignored Fang Rui, urging the next player to go onto the stage.

Who was Happy’s next player?

Everyone had been guessing as soon as Fang Rui went down from the stage. If it wasn’t Su Mucheng, it was Tang Rou. However, when they saw the name on the screen, everyone was surprised.

Qiao Yifan, Ghostblade, One Inch Ash.

“They’re sending out Qiao Yifan?” Pan Lin expressed his astonishment.

Li Yibo thought about it. Feeling that his reasoning made sense, he replied: “Considering what has happened throughout this group arena, Su Mucheng wouldn’t be a suitable player to pick.”

Pan Lin immediately understood.

Su Mucheng was a Launcher. Her greatest weapon was her long range. However, all of the fights so far had taken place in an enclosed space, which was very unfavorable for Launchers. Happy had chosen this map for the group arena and knew this might happen. Was that why they hadn’t sent Su Mucheng out for the group arena?

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