The King's Avatar Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 Storeroom

High ground? Fight for the high ground?

The audience was puzzled.

Ye Xiu had turned off the furnace, and his Lord Grim was guarding it. However, Samsara had three people, while Ye Xiu was alone. He probably wasn’t enough to hold down this place, no?

But the people with this opinion soon realized something. They had an omniscient spectator view, so they could see that Samsara had three players there. On the other hand, Ye Xiu never exited the room, so he had no idea what Samsara’s arrangements were. As a result, his order to fight for the high ground was actually a good decision. The furnace was in his grasp right now. Even if he discovered that three people had come and he couldn’t defend the furnace, it wouldn’t be too late for him to tell Su Mucheng to give up on the high ground.

Happy’s other four players were approaching. After receiving Ye Xiu’s message, Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain immediately sped up. She left the team behind and rushed towards the storeroom.

The storeroom entrance.

Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, and Sun Xiang had surrounded the entrance, but they didn’t see any enemies.

Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer was standing farther back because he was long-ranged. As a result, he could see the top of the chimney. He quickly noticed that the smoke was gradually getting sparser.

“Turned off.” He typed in the team chat.

The others immediately understood that the furnace had been turned off.

Turned off. That meant the high ground could be taken. However, Samsara didn’t go for it.

“Enter!” Jiang Botao said.

Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf led the way. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves followed next, and then Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer. The three didn’t split up, and headed into the storeroom together.

One to the left, one to the right!

One Autumn Leaf and Empty Waves moved orderly and nimbly. They were clearly very familiar with the interior of the storeroom. The two split up and immediately searched the piles of garbage in the back, but they didn’t find anyone.

‘Forward!” Jiang Botao messaged again.

The three of them split up again, each taking their own path. All of them moved slowly and quietly, pressing forward together. Step by step, they grew closer to the furnace. When they reached about halfway to the furnace, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer suddenly stepped on a pile of trash near him and jumped twice to get on top. He looked around and immediately noticed the hiding Lord Grim.

Boom boom boom!

But Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was the first to flash. He had been looking in that direction, waiting for a target to come into sight.

Zhou Zekai reacted extremely fast though. Cloud Piercer immediately rolled backwards, disappearing from Lord Grim’s view. Anti-Tank Missiles rained down, exploding the trash pile that Cloud Piercer had been on. The trash consisted of a bunch of worn-out rubbish. The missiles sent the rubbish flying into the air, which then pitter-pattered down like rain.

Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer rolled backwards to dodge the attack. Then, he rolled forward twice, leaning on the pile of trash. His pristine windbreaker lay crumpled on the dirty trash. To the fans, it made their hearts ache.

Bang bang bang bang!

Cloud Piercer took out his two guns and pointed them towards Lord Grim, firing at him. But Lord Grim was no longer there. The bullets splattered against the trash.

The exchange of gunfire had attracted Sun Xiang’s and Jiang Botao’s attention. When Zhou Zekai fired back, he also gave out Lord Grim’s coordinates. Sun Xiang and Jiang Botao made their own choices on what to do with the information. They continued to go deeper into the storeroom to block off Lord Grim’s escape path.

“Gone!” Zhou Zekai saw his target disappear and messaged again. The two received the message and put up their guard. Where would Lord Grim come out from?

Some of the viewers couldn’t see and started getting anxious. The projections were already showing the storeroom as translucent. Turning the trash piles inside translucent would only make things more confusing. This had been tested before.

As a result, some members of the audience couldn’t see Lord Grim’s hiding spot. Since they couldn’t see, they could only rely on the big screen and then compare it to the projections. When they made the comparison, they only became more anxious! Lord Grim was crouching at a spot, while Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf was getting closer, one step at a time. At this rate, he was going to get ambushed!

Just when One Autumn Leaf was two steps away, he suddenly stopped. On the other side, Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves suddenly sped up and rushed out.

Their eyes met.

Bang bang!

Gunshots. In the end, thanks to Ye Xiu’s fast reactions, he was able to get off two shots as soon as he saw Empty Waves.

But One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation shot out at the same time.

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!

The spear pierced through the trash with ease.

Ye Xiu was saved by his good instincts. The moment he fired two shots at Empty Waves, Lord Grim also rolled back in case there was a possible counterattack from the other side. It was a defensive habit of his, and it let him dodge the attack. Seeing the familiar spear narrowly miss him, Ye Xiu thanked the gods for his luck. He hadn’t noticed anyone near him.

Cloud Piercer, Empty Waves, One Autumn Leaf.

There were three people. Was there a fourth? Maybe even a fifth? If there was a fifth, then Samsara didn’t have a healer. A healer couldn’t have gotten here so quickly. If there was five, then they had gone all out on the aggression. There should be no reason to take such a risk just for this high ground. Just these three players alone showed their aggressiveness. If he had been the one making the calls, he would have only sent two people to go past the team, while leaving two to protect the healer. In that case…

“Storeroom three people, intercept healer!” Ye Xiu quickly gave out an order.

Deciphering these five words would require a bit of thinking.

Intercept the healer, sure, but go where to intercept him? Ye Xiu had provided information that there were three people in the storeroom. Happy was closer to the storeroom than Samsara, but three people had already reached there. Why? Because they had left the healer behind. Thus, the healer was behind them, en-route to the storeroom from the spawn point. There was one healer and another one protecting him. Who was the one protecting him?

“Cloud One Empty,” Ye Xiu quickly typed.

Cloud – Cloud Piercer, One – One Autumn Leaf, Empty – Empty Waves.

The information was thorough and clear. It was either Lu Boyuan or Du Ming protecting the healer. In any case, Happy’s healer was completely safe. He wouldn’t be under attack any time soon, and he could be left behind on his own.

As a result, Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea and Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash sped up. Previously, it had only been Dancing Rain that had gone ahead. Now, she had reached the storeroom. Even though Ye Xiu had told her to get to the high ground, with three of Samsara’s players inside, having the high ground wouldn’t be much help. The high ground was rather far away, if she wanted to intercept Samsara’s healer. As a result, Su Mucheng gave up on it. She used the recoil from her cannon to leap onto a nearby three meter high storeroom before heading towards that storeroom entrance.

This was a moment where players needed to decide on their own what was the right call according to the situation. Ye Xiu had just given the order. However, it was likely that it wasn’t suitable anymore because of a change in circumstances. The other players needed to decide for themselves whether it was the right choice and act accordingly.

Inside the storeroom, Ye Xiu was facing against three of Samsara’s figureheads. There was naturally no way he could face them head on. By a fluke, he had dodged One Autumn Leaf’s Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart. He sent out information to Happy, while throwing a grenade at the corner of a trash pile.

Sun Xiang’s vision was blocked by the trash, so he didn’t know a grenade had been thrown. The Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart had unexpectedly missed. He immediately had One Autumn Leaf rush out. But even though he couldn’t see it, Jiang Botao could.


Warning, grenade, One Autumn Leaf’s right foot, all of them came out at the same time.


The grenade exploded the moment Sun Xiang saw Jiang Botao’s warning. How could there be any time for him to dodge? One Autumn Leaf was thrown back. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves rushed forward, but Lord Grim had already hidden himself behind another trash pile.

Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves specialized in Wave Slashes, but he had learned Wave Formations too. He stopped and swung his shortsword, Divine Chains, to gather magic. But just when he swung his sword, Lord Grim suddenly popped out again. Ye Xiu had predicted that Jiang Botao would set down a wave formation, so he came out to interrupt it.

Jiang Botao smirked.

You predicted what I would do, but I predicted that you would predict what I would do.

Divine Chains chopped downwards!

It wasn’t a Wave Formation, but a Ghost Slash.

The emblematic purple light of the ghost god crackled as it passed through the air. This slash wasn’t towards Lord Grim, but rather to the right a bit, towards the pile of trash that he was hiding behind.

Ye Xiu saw that the attack would miss, but he didn’t capitalize on it. Lord Grim immediately jumped back. The Ghost Slash fell and sliced through the pile of trash. The pile of trash instantly crumbled. If Ye Xiu hadn’t jumped back, the trash would have swallowed him.

“Tricky!” Lord Grim turned around to run. Ye Xiu didn’t forget to leave a bit of trash talk for Jiang Botao.

One reason was to taunt at Jiang Botao, the other was to notify his teammates that he could handle the current situation. If not, he wouldn’t have taunted Jiang Botao and asked for help instead.

He turned around and ran away again. Ye Xiu tried his best to keep Lord Grim as low as possible. This slimy crawling and rolling gave the audience a sense of deja vu. This was clearly how Fang Rui moved!

“What can’t this guy do!” Zhang Jiale couldn’t help but sigh from the spectator stands. He had known Ye Xiu for nine years, and he knew that his title as the Glory Textbook wasn’t just for show. Ye Xiu had innovated many of the playstyles and techniques used in Glory, but not everything. For example, Zhang Jiale’s Hundred Blossoms Style, or Fang Rui’s dirty playstyle, those were all their own original creations.

These became their symbolic playstyles, but that didn’t mean that they were the only ones who could do them. People could learn. But Ye Xiu used to be a Battle Mage, not a Spitfire or a Thief, yet he seemed to have grasped these playstyles too. Then, he used his understanding of them to find their weaknesses. There was no one more annoying than him.

“They have three people, and they can’t deal with him. Fight my ass!” Huang Shaotian shouted. The pro players were getting worked up as if something had hit a nerve.

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