The King's Avatar Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 An Existence Surpassing Common Sense

Chapter 1626: An Existence Surpassing Common Sense



"Samsara's falling apart!"

The pro players started discussing the issue spiritedly. There had been two separate battles taking place. On Happy's side, there was Qiao Yifan and An Wenyi. Now, Su Mucheng and Fang Rui were on their way to help after resolving their battle. Happy's two sides were gradually coming together, beautifully linking up with each other.

As for Samsara? They had failed to take down Ye Xiu in a 3v1. They had failed to take down Fang Rui in a 2v1. Then, Su Mucheng arrived and worked together with Fang Rui to take down their Du Ming.

It wasn't that Samsara didn't care about linking their two sides together, but rather that their link had been thoroughly severed by Happy. As for how, the pro players looked at each other in dismay.  

One side had been stalling 1v3, while the other side had been stalling 1v2. What type of tactic was this? This was a Star Tactic!

Happy versus Samsara. Samsara was the only team in the Alliance with four All-Stars. Of these four, three of them were ranked among the top ten. Samsara couldn't shine any brighter, yet they had actually been stifled by a Star Tactic from Happy?

The standard Star Tactic was to rely on the team's star player to fight against the opposing team at a numbers disadvantage. By doing this, his teammates would conversely have the numbers advantage in their battle, which would then be used to win. There could be two or even three separate battles taking place, but in either case, there would be one battle where the team would be at a numbers disadvantage and another battle where the team would be at a numbers advantage. The battle where there was a numbers disadvantage would depend on the star's superior skill to make up for it. This was the crux of a Star Tactic.

There had indeed been battles this match where Happy was at a numbers disadvantage, but Happy didn't use it to get a fight where they had the numbers advantage.

Happy had undoubtedly employed a Star Tactic. The usual tactic wasn't seen, not because Happy didn't have a choice. Su Mucheng, Fang Rui, and Qiao Yifan had gone to intercept Happy's healer with clear intentions of fighting Samsara with a numbers advantage. It was just that they ended up in a situation, where the terrain for the fight was advantageous enough that they didn't need the numbers advantage. Since Qiao Yifan wasn't needed, he went to go help Ye Xiu, who was stalling 1v3.

Ye Xiu was the reason that Happy had the upper hand. From the hard numbers, of the four attackers on Happy, Ye Xiu's Lord Grim might have the lowest DPS and the lowest health. However, he was the key to why Happy was able to obtain this lead. Without his efforts as the foundation, none of what happened would have happened.

This was Glory's number one player! 

A single player holding off against three top ten players. Among these was Zhou Zekai, who was ranked first on the All-Stars list.

Using the word "star" to describe this performance was too degrading. This was a superstar, an ultra superstar!

No one knew how to describe using words what Ye Xiu had done because it didn't seem like something a human could do.

It wasn't like Happy had never employed this type of tactic before. You wouldn't even need to look too far back. The most recent case was in their first game against Blue Rain in the playoffs. Happy had relied on Wei Chen to stall Blue Rain, 1v2. It could be considered a Star Tactic, but it wasn't a very thorough one. Wei Chen hadn't actually established an equilibrium in his battle. In reality, his role was more as a sacrifice. He had sacrificed himself to stall for as much time as possible so that the others on Happy could accomplish their true objective. It was a bit different from a Star Tactic on a fundamental level.

On the other hand, in their away game today against Samsara, Happy was employing a true Star Tactic.

Moreover, in this Star Tactic, Ye Xiu needed to hold off against top players. In fact, their current fame even surpassed Ye Xiu's. Unfortunately, the three top players on Samsara had been held off. In front of Ye Xiu, their star power appeared dim and dull.

The Star Tactic wasn't just a tactic, but also a display of skill: using overwhelming skill to fend off against superior numbers. This was the core of the Star Tactic.

It was hard to argue against this point, and it was precisely for this reason that no one thought Ye Xiu would be able to succeed against the likes of Sun Xiang, Jiang Botao, and Zhou Zekai. How could he not be defeated?

To everyone, it wasn't even a question. Samsara was no exception. That was why they didn't think they would fall apart. They thought that they would be able to quickly make short work of Ye Xiu. Who would think otherwise? It was practically common sense. The pro players watching the match had thought the same.


Ye Xiu was an existence that surpassed common sense.

The situation seemed to be getting more and more disadvantageous for Samsara, but the players themselves were still quite upbeat.  

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!

Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf swung at the trash pile.  

The loosely piled up trash didn't form much of a resistance. The magic transformed into a dragon and pierced straight through the trash. However, the grab-priority Rising Dragon Soars the Sky was quite an imposing attack. Such an explosive force created quite a lot of noise. Ye Xiu and An Wenyi didn't act like they hadn't noticed.


Lord Grim and Little Cold Hands immediately moved away from the garbage heap. Then, they saw dots of light coming out from the trash. The light became more and more dense until the dots of light converged together to form a brilliant ball of light that seemed to be dissolving everything it touched.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky! 

A flying dragon tore through the garbage heap. If Ye Xiu and An Wenyi had reacted slightly slower, they would have likely been devoured by the attack.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky missed, but it had disrupted Ye Xiu's and An Wenyi's movements. Zhou Zekai was watching them intently from behind. How could he miss such an opportunity? Bullets rained down. Jiang Botao used the bullets as cover to close the distance.

Light Wave Slash!

Empty Waves rushed out and swung his sword, using the Spellblade's fastest wave slash skill. The attack was tricky too. It wasn't directly aimed towards Lord Grim or Little Cold Hands, but rather right in the middle between them.

As a result, if the two wanted to dodge the attack, they would need to dodge in opposite directions. It would force the two of them apart by one or two steps of distance. 

Don't look down on a distance of a few steps. In this situation, it was a heavy blow. This separation would likely make it so that the two of them would have to escape from their pursuers on their own.

Ye Xiu had the ability to contend against the three of them,but An Wenyi? Without Ye Xiu's protection, he would certainly die.

So the attack couldn't be dodged!


The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella opened up.

Because of the burst from Cloud Piercer, the shield form wasn't a good option. However, right now, it was the only option. The durability on the umbrella was quickly being depleted.

Happy had the upper hand?

Yes, from an overall perspective. However, they first needed to get past this current obstacle. No matter how you looked at it, they were facing one of Glory's strongest trios, and none of them had lost any of their fighting strength.

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