The King's Avatar Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629 The Match Point Outside The Equilibrium

Heat-Seeking Missile!

Jiang Botao heard the sound of the missile whistling through the air, but he wasn’t able to have Empty Waves dodge while using Nebula Wave Slash. The Heat-Seeking Missile’s area of effect wasn’t something that could be evaded by just twisting around. To dodge it, he would need to move away by a considerable distance.

Dodge, or continue with Nebula Wave Slash? He could only choose one!

There was still time for him to dodge, but it would interrupt his Nebula Wave Slash. If he continued with Nebula Wave Slash, he wasn’t certain he would succeed. If he didn’t, everything would be lost.

What should he do?

The thought flashed through everyone’s mind. On the stage, Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves didn’t budge. He continued to pour magic into his Divine Chains. He didn’t hesitate. He chose Nebula Wave Slash.

Will he succeed?

The missile fell. Empty Waves swung his sword, completing the last of Nebula Wave Slash…


A mushroom cloud sprouted. The powerful shockwave pushed away the impacted trash. Empty Waves was in the center of the explosion, which launched him into the air.

Nebula Wave Slash? Had it been interrupted?

No, it hadn’t!

The instant the mushroom cloud set off, the trash hit by Nebula Wave Slash suddenly let out a glimmer of light. The magic waves spread out, lifting the pile of trash, breaking it apart like a shattered magic cube. Cloud Piercer and Lord Grim suddenly appeared in everyone’s view. Cloud Piercer was exempt from Nebula Wave Slash’s damage, but not the shockwave from Heat Seeking Missile. Lord Grim wasn’t affected by Heat Seeking Missile, but the Nebula Wave Slash sent him flying into the air.

Three characters had been affected by the attacks. The only one unaffected was Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain, who continued to provide artillery support. The previous assistance from Lord Grim became the greatest starting point for her. Explosions revolved around Cloud Piercer. Su Mucheng was still focusing Cloud Piercer.

However, Zhou Zekai was no longer trapped and wouldn’t let the long-ranged gunfire hit him so easily. With a smooth Quick Recover, Cloud Piercer rolled and got up from the scattered pile of trash. His arms were crossed against his chest, his two guns shooting towards both Lord Grim and Dancing Rain.

His technique was beautiful to see, but because he was attacking two separate targets, his firepower towards each of them was cut by half. To pro players, it wouldn’t be any threat to them. Both Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng would have no problems dealing with it. But through these attacks, Zhou Zekai was able to find his footing again.

Jiang Botao seized the opportunity to stabilize Empty Waves. His attacks wouldn’t be able to threaten Dancing Rain at this distance. Lord Grim was his only possible attack target at the moment. Wave slash after wave slash was thrown at him.

Both sides were attacking and defending back and forth. Their battle was as brilliant as ever. One side was Samsara’s Zhou-Jiang duo that had won two championship titles together, the other was the Ye-Su duo that had won Best Partners four years in a row, yet had never lifted the championship trophy together. The two greatest duos in the Alliance didn’t disappoint. Each high point was replaced by another. But no matter how brilliant their battle was, the two sides were evenly matched. There wouldn’t be any breakthroughs coming from this side. This 2v2 wouldn’t be decided so quickly.

What was the match point?

Pan Lin and Li Yibo analyzed this issue. The director changed the camera angle according to their discussion. The live crowd was undoubtedly having the time of their lives. Not only did they have the projection technology showing them the overall situation, the numerous screens in the stadium displayed all the little details. Because of this, they didn’t have the same focus as the viewers watching in front of their TV or computer. While these viewers were watching the battle between Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, Ye Xiu, and Su Mucheng, they didn’t have much information on any other players.

Would Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf be able to catch An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands?

When would Samsara’s other two players arrived to help their teammates in the trash room?

Since most of the live audience were Samsara fans, they particularly concerned about these questions.

Lu Boyuan, Fang Minghua. Although these two hadn’t yet arrived at the trash room, they knew what was happening there. With multiple battles taking place separately, the players needed to constantly update each other on their situation. Using that information, they could make adjustments accordingly. It was necessary. As a result, whether it during the 3v1, or when Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi, and Su Mucheng disrupted their plans, the two had a general understanding of the situation through the team chat.

They had to go help, of course. The viewers were also waiting for the moment they arrived.

But Fang Rui and his Boundless Sea became their biggest hindrance.

Not long after sending off Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain, he found a place to ambush Lu Boyuan and Fang Minghua.

Practically the moment Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain rushed into the trash room and started providing support, Lu Boyuan and Fang Minghua reached there. They just happened to see Jiang Botao’s report concerning Su Mucheng.

There was no mention of Fang Rui.

This was the issue that the two immediately noticed from the report. Communication between the team members needed to be immediate and accurate. If Jiang Botao didn’t see Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea, then he wouldn’t mention him. If he didn’t mention him, then he hadn’t seen him.

But the two didn’t see Boundless Sea either, so they immediately sent back the information. They were aware of the terrain in the trash room and of Fang Rui’s dirtiness. Jiang Botao’s message only said that they hadn’t seen Boundless Sea, but it didn’t mean that he definitely wasn’t there. Happy’s support had layers. It was very possible that Fang Rui didn’t immediately appear after entering, instead waiting for an opportunity to make the decisive blow.

Just when they sent the information on Fang Rui, Fang Rui ambushed them.

The two hastily updated their information on Fang Rui, correcting their previous report. This was extremely important. An incorrect report could lead to the players on that side making an error in judgement.

Then, the 2v1 unfolded. No one felt like the situation was too serious. Fang Rui staying behind to ambush them was likely just to stall for a bit of time. Seeing how the ambush spot and trash room wasn’t far apart, it didn’t seem like it would cause any major complications. After all, Samsara could just have Lu Boyuan tangle with Fang Rui, while Fang Minghua’s Cleric continued forward. It would make the ambush completely meaningless.

The theory was very simple, but the problem was that it didn’t happen!

Fang Rui’s target was very obvious: Fang Minghua’s Cleric, Laughing Song. Boundless Sea let them run past him a bit and then he quietly sneaked up behind them and used Cloud Grasping Fist.

Fang Rui had underestimated their caution. They didn’t forget to constantly look around. Fang Minghua turned his head and noticed Boundless Sea. He immediately had Laughing Song dodge. Lu Boyuan noticed the change and was even more resolute. He directly put himself in front of Laughing Song.

They had considered the possibility that Fang Rui had entered the trash room but hadn’t appeared yet, but they had also considered the possibility that he was on the outside waiting to ambush them. Because of Fang Rui’s dirtiness, it was hard to guess.

As for the latter possibility, they had their own plans ready. As soon as they saw Boundless Sea, Lu Boyuan had Chaotic Cloudy Mountain put himself in front. Fang Minghua didn’t hesitate. Laughing Song continued to move to leave Lu Boyuan to deal with Fang Rui.

“Where are you running!”

The public chat had been quiet the entire time up until Fang Rui made his move. A message popped up. Fang Minghua obviously wasn’t going to actually stop running just because Fang Rui told him to stop. Fang Rui’s message did nothing to the people facing him right now. It was more to distract the players on the other end who didn’t know what the situation was.

As for whether or not it actually distracted them, Fang Rui didn’t care. Cloud Grasping Fist grabbed Lu Boyuan’s Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, locking him down. Fang Rui obviously wasn’t going to grab the Grappler over to himself. That would be suicide.

Cloud Grasping Fist was cancelled. Boundless Sea rushed forward. He lowered his body, immediately giving a sense of dirty play.

Lu Boyuan’s Chaotic Cloudy Mountain moved forward to intercept him. The crouching figure in front of him was truly quite irksome.

Fang Rui’s dirty movements had proved to be effective. Everyone acknowledge that his movements were quite logical. By making himself smaller, he was making it harder for the opponent to hit him.

This sort of method wasn’t only used by Fang Rui. However, whenever Fang Rui did it, apart from looking dirty, no one knew how else to describe it. As soon as anything touched his hands, it would stink of rotten meat.

Lu Boyuan looked at the opponent in front of him and had no choice but to adjust Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s stance. Usually, he could just use his hands to grab the opponent’s shoulders and start wrestling with him. But because Boundless Sea had lowered himself, he would have to make a slightly wider movement, making it different than against a normal opponent.


Lu Boyuan chose to take the initiative to attack in an attempt to proactively take control of the battle. Chaotic Cloudy Mountain bent down, his two arms hanging in front of him like a big gorilla. This stance would make it easier for him to grab Boundless Sea.

The distance between the two sides quickly pulled closer. Lu Boyuan watched Boundless Sea’s hands carefully. If there was even the slightest movement…

It’s coming!

Boundless Sea suddenly hid his hands. Lu Boyuan knew an attack was coming.

Qi Bullet!

An attack shot at Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s face. All Lu Boyuan could see was a bright light in front of him.

Blocking his view, an old trick! Chaotic Cloudy Mountain tilted his head slightly, and he could see again. His two arms spread out, ready to wrap around Boundless Sea. But then, he saw Boundless Sea twist around to dodge to the side. Lu Boyuan had expected it though, and adjusted himself accordingly.

How fast!

Suddenly, Boundless Sea accelerated and whistled past Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s clutches.

Cloud Wind Body!

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