The King's Avatar Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632 Unbreakable Wall

2 minutes and 45 seconds, the cooldown on Angel’s Might. Fang Rui had held off Fang Minghua and Lu Boyuan for nearly three minutes, until this skill came off cooldown.

Fang Minghua immediately had Laughing Song use Angel’s Might. Angle, position, and timing. Fang MInghua wanted to use this opportunity to finally break this stalemate.

The halo of light burst forth!

Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea couldn’t dodge it or resist it. He could only be forced back. And this time, his previous Cloud Pushing Palm wouldn’t work. It wasn’t that he couldn’t use it, but that the distance was too far. Because of their positioning, if he pushed Laughing Song with Cloud Pushing Palm, he would just be helping him leave faster.

After Laughing Song cast Angel’s Might, he immediately turned and ran. Lu Boyuan didn’t have Chaotic Cloudy Mountain follow after him to protect him. Instead, he sprinted straight towards Boundless Sea. Even though it looked like this Angel’s Might had given Fang Minghua enough space to escape, Lu Boyuan felt uneasy. He wanted to use this opportunity to completely shut down Boundless Sea and prevent any future regrets.


Chaotic Cloudy Mountain sprinted towards Boundless Sea, who was starting to lower himself. Boundless Sea’s two hands moved towards the ground.

This trick again?

No one would fall for Fang Rui’s act this time, but maybe he was doing it precisely for this reason? With Fang Rui’s dirtiness, what couldn’t he do?

Thinking about it was too complicated, so Lu Boyuan didn’t bother thinking too deeply on whether Fang Rui would repeat the same trick. He regarded it as a possibility, and when he attacked, all he would have to do was be on guard against it, no?

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain sprinted over diagonally. Lu Boyuan had calculated how far Boundless Sea would be pushed. By rushing over right now, he would reach Boundless Sea’s final destination. Lu Boyuan had set his sights on that location, and Boundless Sea was moving towards it just as he was expecting.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain didn’t stop to take a rest. He jumped.

Aerial Twist!

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain dropped from the air, his two legs grabbing towards Boundless Sea’s neck. By doing it this way, Boundless Sea’s Landmine Quake wouldn’t able to affect him.


Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s two legs moved towards Boundless Sea. This 1v2 would finally end here. Even though Fang Rui wasn’t able to last long enough to clinch Happy’s victory, no one overlooked Fang Rui’s efforts and impact on the match during these three minutes. His freakish plays had vastly exceeded everyone’s expectations. He had played spectacularly. He wasn’t able to win Happy the game, but he had helped Happy win an enormous lead.

If… many people, including Samsara fans, were thinking about ifs.

If Happy’s four players hadn’t been Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Qiao Yifan, and An Wenyi, and instead been what Li Xuan had envisioned: Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Li Xuan, and Zhang Xinjie, players on an equal level as Samsara’s three players, the time won by Fang Rui might have been able to lock in Happy’s win…

What a pity!

While praising Fang Rui’s performance, everyone couldn’t help but feel a bit regretful about the outcome.

But just when everyone was thinking this, Boundless Sea’s head suddenly dropped, and then…


Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s Aerial Twist missed?

Quite a few crowd members, including people watching at home, couldn’t help but stand up in shock. They needed to confirm that it wasn’t that the attack missed, but Boundless Sea had dodged it.

Yes! He dodged it!

Boundless Sea rolled to get away from Chaotic Cloudy Mountain. Afterwards, he went straight for Laughing Song.

Qi Flowing Cloud!

Boundless Sea activated this buff again. Angel’s Might had come off cooldown. The same went for Qi Flowing Cloud. Boundless Sea moved as if he were riding the wind, quickly closing the distance between himself and Laughing Song. Behind him, Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s two legs formed a weird arc as he landed on the ground. He didn’t have time to make another move, and unexpectedly fell to the ground just like that…

Lu Boyuan’s mind was a mess.

He hadn’t felt like his Aerial Twist would hit for certain. After all, there hadn’t been any set-up. He was just using the knockback from Angel’s Might. He wouldn’t be too surprised if Boundless Sea dodged it, and he had thought of countermeasures in case he did dodge it.

But he was very surprised right now.

Not surprised at how Boundless Sea dodged it, but when.

Not just Lu Boyuan, but everyone had thought that the Aerial Twist would hit, yet Boundless Sea was able to complete a dodge. Fang Rui’s movements had been so precise and tight that even a needle wouldn’t be able to get through…

Lu Boyuan had panicked at that moment, and instinctively did what he had planned on doing if Fang Rui dodged the Aerial Twist. He cancelled Aerial Twist, and turned it into a Circle Sweep Kick. His two legs went into a weird arc because he had used this skill…

But Chaotic Cloudy Mountain was too close to the ground. Because Boundless Sea had lowered himself, Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s target had been low to the ground. And with how precise Fang Rui’s timing was, when the Aerial Twist missed, there was no time for him to make another move. Even though Lu Boyuan was able to use the skill, Chaotic Cloudy Mountain was only able to do half of a Circle Sweep Kick before hitting the ground. As a result, he looked like he was kneeling now.

“This guy…” Let alone the normal viewers, even the pro players were all stunned. Fang Rui’s condition and playing couldn’t be described with just “great,” “spectacular,” “on fire,” those usual descriptions. Fang Rui himself might not even fully realize what exactly he had achieved during these few minutes. But everything that happened on stage would leave its mark on stage, in everyone’s mind, and turn into Happy’s win!

Boundless Sea had once again caught up to Laughing Song. With a Downwards Qi Flow, he knocked Laughing Song down and then with a Fling, he threw Laughing Song behind him.

Three minutes!

Samsara’s two players had once again been stopped by Fang Rui. Just how long could he last?

No, this was no longer the right question.

It should be, how long were Samsara’s two going to take to break through Boundless Sea’s airtight wall?

As for Ye Xiu and the others? They should be taking advantage of this opportunity, no? Even if they couldn’t see what Fang Rui was doing, it had been three minutes, yet Samsara’s support still hadn’t arrived. The others on Happy should have realized by now what sort of situation Fang Rui had set up for them. The opportunity had been created by Fang Rui, but they had to be the ones to grasp it!

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