The King's Avatar Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 Godly Play And A Clumsy Method


Fang Rui had fought hard for this opportunity, yet why weren’t the others on Happy attacking?

Anyone that wasn’t a Samsara fan was practically screaming in their heart. They didn’t want to see Fang Rui’s godly performance be buried because his teammates weren’t doing anything.

The camera turned around.

The crowd turned around.

Fang Rui had brought about an opportunity. The following question was whether this opportunity would be grasped. Happy playing safer previously could be explained by not expecting such a godly performance from Fang Rui. However, now that the battle had gone on for so long, and Fang Rui was still stopping Samsara’s support from arriving, if Happy didn’t make a more aggressive move, it would be rather puzzling.


Countless people clenched their fists, waiting for this moment to happen. The Happy fans in the stadium had already stood up, but none of them made any noise. They stared intently at the stage, their attention on the ongoing battle in the trash room.

Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi.

Lord Grim, Dancing Rain, One Inch Ash, Little Cold Hands.

It’s time!


Use everything you have and win!

Explosions rumbled. The battle taking place here had never stopped, but at this moment, everyone seemed to hear a change in the tempo from these explosions. Dancing Rain’s artillery fire had begun pushing forward, and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had finally moved away from Little Cold Hands.

Armor-Piercing Missile! Colliding Stab!

Under Dancing Rain’s cover, Lord Grim rushed out, colliding with One Autumn Leaf, who had been focused on attacking Little Cold Hands. Facing the character that had once been his, Ye Xiu didn’t hold back. The sharp sword in Lord Grim’s hands stabbed towards One Autumn Leaf’s chest in an attempt to push him back.

Little Cold Hands had started casting a spell. Holy light began to spread outwards, enveloping his surroundings. This was the Cleric’s AoE heal, God’s Protection. The skill began as soon as the chant began and ended when the chant ended. During the skill’s duration, all allies within its range, including the healer, would receive powerful heals. The amount of mana needed to keep up the chant was massive, significant enough to reduce how much longer the Cleric would be able to heal in the future. The healing efficiency of God’s Protection was actually quite low, and the range was very limited. As a result, the skill was rarely seen in pro play. Pro players preferred using their own methods to achieve the same effect but at a much smaller cost.

But for An Wenyi, this was his weak spot. Even though he was improving, it had only been about a year. It wasn’t possible for him to become a healing god in such a short amount of time.

An Wenyi was clear about where his weaknesses lay, so he chose to use God’s Protection, a skill that normal players thought of as a godly skill, but pro players considered as beneath them.

Suddenly, Lord Grim, Little Cold Hands, and One Inch Ash were bathed in holy light. Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain had a range advantage, so she was rarely threatened by Samsara. Although she wasn’t inside the healing range, she also didn’t need to be healed.

God’s Protection only covered three characters, making it even more wasteful. But anyone could see that this skill was the signal for their fierce counterattack.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Gunshots rang!

No matter how subpar An Wenyi may be as a healer, for Samsara’s trio, he was their biggest threat.

Cloud Piercer’s dual guns fired countless bullets towards Little Cold Hands. During God’s Protection, the healer wouldn’t be able to move. Once the chant was interrupted, the skill would cease. Lord Grim, who had been guarding Little Cold Hands previously, had finally moved away. Samsara had gotten this far by sticking to their strategy. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf dragged Lord Grim away, while Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer immediately attacked Little Cold Hands. Their focus wasn’t misplaced.

Lord Grim had moved away, but a new guardian had taken his place.

One Inch Ash activated Shadow Image, summoning a ghost that shielded Little Cold Hands. An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands had previously helped him block bullets, and this time, Qiao Yifan was returning the favor.

Their talent might not be extraordinary, and they might not have any crazy technical skill, but they could still use this clumsy method to contend with their opponent. Even if their opponent was Zhou Zekai, Glory’s Number One, an existence far above them. But at this moment, they knew that Zhou Zekai must be feeling more anxious than them. Their clumsy method was extremely effective at restraining their opponents’ attacks!

Gunshots rang again, but Happy’s offense couldn’t be stopped. Happy had begun their counterattack. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, the Golden Partners, led the way, while Qiao Yifan and An Wenyi, the two rookies, supported them from behind using their clumsy methods. Everyone suddenly felt like it might not necessarily be the case that Happy would be better off with players better than their rookies.

Qiao Yifan and An Wenyi weren’t Gods, nor were they top players. However, they had their own way of playing, their own way of competing.

A godly healer could rely on their own skill and reactions to prove large-scale healing. But An Wenyi was using a skill that people looked down on, God’s Protection, to the same effect.

A godly Ghostblade player could create an inescapable net through their ghost boundaries, making every step taken by their opponents difficult. But Qiao Yifan, even if it was just using his ghosts to block bullets, he made himself known at the most crucial moment, thwarting his opponents’ plans just the same.

They weren’t the best, but they had their own remarkable aspects.

What they did might not be the most optimal, but their impact on the battle was just as considerable.

Victory was approaching them step by step. This was Samsara’s home stadium, a demonic stadium where Samsara had never lost. But at this moment, Happy, a team that had started only last season in the Challenger League, was once again setting a new record, creating a miracle, creating history.

In the second game of the finals, Happy won against Samsara, ending Samsara’s perfect win record this season in their home stadium. There were countless highlights in this match alone, but the one that left the deepest impression on everyone was Fang Rui and his godly play that decided the match.

Golden Right Hand?

Today, what everyone witnessed was a pair of God Hands!

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