The King's Avatar Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643 True Initiative

Front Kick, knockback effect, but right now One Autumn Leaf was in midair, so the knockback became a blow away.

How had this attack been so accurate? How did Ye Xiu make such a godly prediction? Most of the normal players were freaking out, but the pro players all understood that to call the prediction godly was a bit excessive. Ye Xiu simply made a fairly good response to one possibility among many.

If Ye Xiu had truly completely predicted that Sun Xiang would control One Autumn Leaf to teleport here, then a better move for him would have been to use a stronger attack. But instead, he only used a Front Kick, a short and fast skill. When using this skill, his first consideration was that even if Sun Xiang hadn’t controlled One Autumn Leaf to teleport here, it wasn’t a big deal if the kick missed. This one kick wouldn’t affect his own position.

But right now, this kick had served a purpose. And if this Front Kick were only perfunctory, without any follow-up attack, that would be too unbefitting of his God level.

The Front Kick landed, and then Lord Grim leapt forward, chasing after the flying One Autumn Leaf.

But Sun Xiang was no weakling. True, he was no match for Ye Xiu when it came to playing mind games, and Ye Xiu had predicted his actions this time. But when it came to a battle of technique, Sun Xiang feared no expert.

Even in this situation, he still completed an attack.

Circle Swing!

Even as One Autumn Leaf was in midair, his attack was still that fast, that accurate, that fierce. The spear Evil Annihilation became a streak of dark light, striking toward the pursuer Lord Grim.

But then, Lord Grim suddenly waved his hand, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella switched to ninjato form and stuck in the mountain wall. With that, Lord Grim’s body halted. In the end, the dark streak that was Evil Annihilation just barely missed him.

Ye Xiu actually still had time to send an emoticon in the chat. The pro players who saw this screen couldn’t help but hear Ye Xiu’s shameless laughter ringing in their ears. Their imaginations were enough to replicate his voice.

But Sun Xiang wouldn’t accept defeat lying down. The Circle Swing missed, but the retracted Evil Annihilation swung behind him, jabbing out sideways, piercing the mountain wall.

Flying backwards, One Autumn Leaf crashed into this obstacle that he’d created for himself. But to everyone’s surprise, One Autumn Leaf actually curled his body, and used the force from colliding against Evil Annihilation to change direction, doing a roll.

This was… a Quick Recover?

Not just the ordinary audience members, even the pro players were shocked.

On the narrow shaft of the spear, Sun Xiang had actually managed to control One Autumn Leaf to perform this Quick Recover roll. Like an acrobat, One Autumn Leaf ended up balanced on the spear’s shaft.

This definitely wasn’t a control that a player would practice normally. This was something that Sun Xiang had invented on the spot, demonstrating his incredible adaptability, as well as his high hand speed and precise control.

Like this, Sun Xiang was actually able to control a Battle Mage to what a Ninja did.

But the Ninja had this ability largely by relying on the special properties of the ninjato. That long rope attached to the end of the blade was the key to allowing one to climb. And Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf could only perch on Evil Annihilation like this, because his hands needed to hold onto Evil Annihilation. Otherwise, he would be dropping the weapon.

In this situation, it was relatively easy to jump out horizontally, and he could pull out the spear as he did so. But if he wanted to jump upward, then the spear firmly lodged in the mountain wall supporting the character’s weight became an obstacle. This problem had been studied long before, and the conclusion had been that it was too difficult and probably wasn’t worth it. In the end, no one wasted their energy to try to make it happen.

What would Sun Xiang do now?

Everyone was suddenly very curious, and the stadium was already filled with thunderous applause just for that acrobatic feat Sun Xiang had just completed.

But, was the important thing right now what Sun Xiang would do?

No. The one who had the initiative right now was definitely Ye Xiu. What Ye Xiu would do would direct the upcoming situation of this battle.

So even though Ye Xiu also very impressed at Sun Xiang’s Quick Recover, it didn’t cause him to slow down the pace. Just as One Autumn Leaf stabilized himself atop the spear, Lord Grim was already flying toward him.

One Autumn Leaf was balanced on his weapon. If he pulled it out, the character would fall; if he didn’t pull it out, how could he use skills to fight back? Everyone had just been praising Sun Xiang’s ingenuity with his move, but right now, it looked like his ingenuity had blocked him off in a dead end?

At this moment, as One Autumn Leaf crouched on the spear, his left hand still tightly gripped Evil Annihilation, while his right palm thrust forward.

Falling Flower Palm!

An attack with decent priority and AoE.

However, the attack distance was too short, which was the obvious mistake. The Falling Flower Palm came out, but Lord Grim was already slashing toward him with a sword. When it collided with the magic energy of Falling Flower Palm, it didn’t lose in priority at all. In fact, it could be said that it completely pierced through the magic energy from this palm.

“How evil…”

After this attack came out, the pro players all sighed.

Wave Wheel Slasher!

Ye Xiu had actually controlled Lord Grim to use this attack in midair. With the priority of this attack, how could the Falling Flower Palm blast it aside? It was naturally at a large disadvantage. The swordlight wiped past, the ripples of energy immediately locked onto One Autumn Leaf, and following the direction pointed by the sword, tore him in that direction.

Evil Annihilation was pulled out of the mountain wall, One Autumn Leaf was locked in midair by the rippling energy from Wave Wheel Slasher and began to take damage. But everyone could see that the key point right now wasn’t this bit of damage, but that One Autumn Leaf had been completely sent into the air without a single bit of support.

Left? Right?

Even if Evil Annihilation had been another one and a half times as long, he still wouldn’t be able to reach either mountain wall. One Autumn Leaf could only hang there and wait for the Wave Wheel Slasher to finish, before free-falling down into the clashing armies of NPCs below him!

After Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim sent One Autumn Leaf flying with a Wave Wheel Slasher, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella changed form again. Lord Grim, pressed against the mountain wall, stood steadily as One Autumn Leaf fell into the chaotic battle below. They were about to see what kind of attitude these two armies of NPCs would have toward a stranger that had snuck his way into their ranks. But for Samsara, this experiment was a bit cruel, as their player’s character became the guinea pig.

One Autumn Leaf falling.

If one’s eyes were sharp, they could see that One Autumn Leaf was making adjustments while in the air. The grab of a Wave Wheel Slasher didn’t have as overwhelmingly high priority as a Circle Swing or the many grab attacks of a Grappler. As soon as the damage ended, the character could be controlled by the player again.

One Autumn Leaf stretched himself out in midair, the spear Evil Annihilation was already lifted to his head, and the instant he landed, Evil Annihilation came down, shaking the earth.

Shattering the Lands!

This was Sun Xiang’s response.

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