The King's Avatar Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647 A High End That Cant Be Appreciated

The message hung in the chat, just like that.

If this were the key to victory, then this kind of statement should have been said only after victory was certain. Revealing this to the opponent halfway through was a bit amateur.

But Ye Xiu said it in the chat, and everyone had seen it, of course including his opponent Sun Xiang.

Because there was a keyword in this sentence: experience!

A word that would frequently be mentioned when analyzing a player’s strength, a term that had no feeling of newness.

A term that would be analyzed again and again, that always had a crucial impact on victory.

Once again, in this peak, championship-deciding match, it came up.

Experience experience experience…

Young people probably didn’t like this term, because they were always criticized for their shortcoming in this area, and this thing was so difficult to obtain. It wasn’t like talent or natural gifts, which one could be born with.

Accumulate. Aside from accumulating, there was no other way.

Sun Xiang had debuted in Season 7, and after today he would have completed four full seasons. And starting from Season 7, he had always been the core of his team. True, he had spent Season 9 in the Challenger League. But after these four years, although Sun Xiang was still young, he was far from being a rookie. Not enough experience? By now, this was something of the past. The Sun Xiang of today could no longer be said to lack experience.

He didn’t lack it, but if comparing the total amount of experience, Sun Xiang was still far inferior to Ye Xiu, who had debuted a full ten years ago.

Although experience was important, and would sometimes become the key point in determining victory, it was not the only factor. Sun Xiang’s experience couldn’t compare to that of Ye Xiu or the other older players, but his experience was still enough to deal with professional matches. He would not make mistakes from his inexperience.

Yet now, what Ye Xiu pointed out about him was “experience,” and it was a very particular type of “experience.”

Do you have enough experience to control a One Autumn Leaf in this state?

The message simply hung there, as Sun Xiang had no chance to reply. As soon as Ye Xiu sent that message, he immediately controlled Lord Grim to attack. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf was forced on the defensive, hurriedly backing up. The attacks from the NPCs caused him even more confusion. A number of them were actually aimed at Lord Grim, but under Ye Xiu’s purposeful direction, they also aimed toward Sun Xiang in the end.

Ye Xiu was a bit better at handling this kind of chaotic situation than Sun Xiang was, which wasn’t too surprising. From the very beginning, many pro players had believed that Happy’s best choice was to send Ye Xiu up first, exactly for this reason. They believed that Ye Xiu’s experience was the best weapon in dealing with this kind of chaos.

When they saw Sun Xiang control One Autumn Leaf reach this peak state, their opinions changed. In front of such a powerful One Autumn Leaf, the interference of the NPCs was just that weak. No one doubted that Sun Xiang had the ability to sweep all of these NPCs away like dust.

So when Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim to attack anyway, everyone felt that it was an unwise move. Because Ye Xiu could do no more than deal with this chaos, while Sun Xiang, in their eyes, could disregard the chaos completely.

But in the end, once Ye Xiu entered the fray, this One Autumn Leaf in peak form suddenly seemed as though he couldn’t get his bearings. After that Draconic Crusher and being slashed twice by Lord Grim, Sun Xiang’s rhythm was thrown off for good.

And Ye Xiu dared to write out Sun Xiang’s problem and send it in a message, precisely because even if Sun Xiang was aware of the problem he faced, he had no way of addressing it.

Five types of Chasers, plus stage eight Battle Spirit.

Indeed, this was a peak form Battle Mage that up until now had never appeared on the professional stage. Not in the team competition, and certainly not in an individual battle.

The other teams didn’t know if Sun Xiang had ever undergone training specifically to control a Battle Mage in this state. But from typical reasoning, it was unlikely that he’d practice a lot, because it was simply too difficult to reach this state. Even if a player were purposely aiming for it, they should be aware that wanting it wasn’t enough to get it. Spending all that energy to train this very difficult-to-obtain state, this definitely was not a training plan that a pro player should follow. Nor would a team’s training allow players to waste their precious time on training in this entirely unrealistic situation.

Furthermore, even if Sun Xiang had actually trained with this state, this was still the first time he’d been able to bring it onstage.

And this time, the opponent he was facing was Ye Xiu. The Ye Xiu who had immersed himself in Battle Mage for no fewer than ten years, the Ye Xiu who had controlled One Autumn Leaf for no fewer than ten years.

Even if he didn’t use Battle Mage after that, even if he no longer controlled One Autumn Leaf, just based on these no fewer than ten years of experience, Ye Xiu would be no worse than Sun Xiang at understanding or controlling Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf in this condition. And “no worse than” logically led to “better than.”

Lunge, Knee Strike, Earthquake Sword, Falling Flower Palm!

Four consecutive skills, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella shifted between four forms, once again attacking the openings that One Autumn Leaf exposed. The last was a Battle Mage’s Falling Flower Palm, blowing One Autumn Leaf away.

“Besides, you have an injury that everyone seems to have overlooked.” Ye Xiu was still speaking in the channel.

“You’re a player who class changed to Battle Mage. Many people have probably forgotten this by now, no?” Ye Xiu said.

Class change!

Correct, Sun Xiang had actually changed classes before. In the early days, the Sun Xiang who had debuted with Conquering Clouds to win Best Rookie didn’t play a Battle Mage.


That was the class that Sun Xiang had used when he debuted, the class that helped him to break past the rookie wall and win Best Rookie. But in the end, in order to chase after the pinnacle God-level character, Sun Xiang resolutely gave up his original class and trained his Battle Mage. Even though he’d immediately demonstrated an outstanding foundation, so much so that people hardly thought at all about the problem of his class change, now, after two and a half years, Ye Xiu brought up this old issue, and even called it an injury.

In everyone’s eyes, Sun Xiang’s class change had been a success. Everyone had practically forgotten that he had class change experience, forgotten that he’d debuted as a Berserker. This could be said to be the greatest proof of a successful class change.

But now, in Ye Xiu’s eyes, this was an injury?

Everyone stared with eyes wide, including the most most most God-level players of the Alliance.

If Ye Xiu’s words weren’t meant to be deliberately mystifying, then all they could say was that Ye Xiu was simply too far above them in terms of Battle Mage expertise, far above what they could even perceive.

The peak form One Autumn Leaf, in Ye Xiu’s eyes, was simply a One Autumn Leaf that Sun Xiang couldn’t control, a One Autumn Leaf with deep injury? This was a high-end that they couldn’t appreciate at all.

“This blow is too much…” the pro players discussed.

Ye Xiu really didn’t need to say these kind of words, but to put them in the chat now, it was simply a psychological attack!

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