The King's Avatar Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648 Insurmountable Difference

A peak form reached, in a chance of a lifetime, only for it to be viewed as an injury, something that Sun Xiang couldn’t handle. Anyone would feel extremely embarrassed, never mind someone as prideful as Sun Xiang. In the midst of countless things to worry about, Ye Xiu still took the time to send this message. It was clearly more than just pure mockery, it was an extremely deep psychological attack.

In response to these kinds of words, how would Sun Xiang react? Go crazy? Fall into depression? The pro players were throwing around guesses. They felt that no response would be surprising, that they were all reasonable. But in the end, Sun Xiang’s response still managed to be outside all of their expectations.

One Autumn Leaf, Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

But he wasn’t charging forward to attack, he was… running away!

That confident, prideful Sun Xiang, after bringing One Autumn Leaf to this peak state and then suffering this kind of embarrassment, didn’t fall into chaos because of this, nor did he desperately try to prove himself. His ultimate choice was to control One Autumn Leaf to run away.

This final answer caught everyone off-guard.

After reaching this level, after the words had gotten to this point, that prideful, self-important Sun Xiang had actually chosen to flee?

Never mind him, any pro player in his place under those conditions would want to fight, fight to the death! Even if they’d lose in the end, they would refuse to be underestimated like this.

But Sun Xiang had chosen to flee.

This meant that he agreed with Ye Xiu’s judgment, that he admitted that he couldn’t control this peak form One Autumn Leaf.

He set down his pride, set down his self-respect. Everything was for the sake of victory!

Because, right now, running away was the wisest choice. He could escape the chaotic situation, wait for some of One Autumn Leaf’s buffs to run out, allow One Autumn Leaf to remain in a state that Sun Xiang could comfortably control.

And then return again to fight!

Applause rose up from the pro players. The sound wasn’t loud, but it had real worth.

Sun Xiang wasn’t a very well-liked player, and in the circle he wasn’t very popular. As a Season 7 debut, he didn’t have much seniority either. He had won Best Rookie, received all sorts of praise, but this was the first time he had received such genuine, weighty respect from the pro circle.

Because he did what many people might have been unable to do.

Pride, self-respect!

Every pro player had these things, but not every player could set them down in this kind of difficult situation.

Everyone had a certain understanding of Sun Xiang, so they knew how difficult it was for this youth to do this. But as they watched, he set those things down. Whether or not it would be enough to win, the very fact that he had done this was enough for people to feel moved.

Using Dragon Breaks the Ranks in this way was even more difficult than using it to charge the enemy line.

Ye Xiu was similarly surprised.

Sun Xiang’s change this season had been obvious, but even Ye Xiu hadn’t thought that he would be able to throw away his pride and self-respect to this extent. Even though they were opponents, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but want to applaud Sun Xiang, to raise a glass to him.

But, that was all.

When it came to victory, Ye Xiu would not back down a single step.

Shining Cut!

Lord Grim was already chasing One Autumn Leaf’s silhouette. Ye Xiu had no plans to let Sun Xiang have a chance to breathe so easily.

The two characters suddenly rushed out of the chaotic fighting. The NPCs had aggroed both of them, but it wasn’t single-minded focus. Their fighting amongst themselves had never stopped. Now that the two of them had escaped, they only threw a few attacks their way when it was convenient. They didn’t make any overall organizational changes to attack them specifically. But the NPCs that were hidden on the cliffs to ambush them, these NPCs immediately chased after the two of them to attack. Right now, they were the ones with the upper hand in this battle.

No one had the ability to stop their attacks. Ye Xiu and Sun Xiang could only dodge the attacks that rained down upon them as they continued to control their characters.

At last, Lord Grim managed to catch up to One Autumn Leaf, but Sun Xiang had already delayed this to the greatest extent. When Lord Grim finally caught up, he didn’t hastily initiate a desperate fight. The peak form One Autumn Leaf actually demonstrated a completely defensive stance.

“Too calm! Too rational!”

“It doesn’t feel like Sun Xiang at all!”

“Right, if we didn’t already know, I really couldn’t have guessed this was Sun Xiang.”

The pro players all discussed amongst themselves. Sun Xiang was the greatest talking point of this battlefield right now. His change, his attitude on the field right now, all of the players found it completely new. This season, Sun Xiang had been constantly adjusting himself, and everyone couldn’t help but wonder, when they met him in the future, how should they deal with him? This kind of Sun Xiang, who could set down everything and focus only on victory, would only become harder to deal with.

“Ye Xiu is also very steady.” At this time, someone else spoke.

Sun Xiang’s unexpected moves made him the center of the pro players’ attention, and so to some extent they’d overlooked Ye Xiu’s constant focus. Sun Xiang had made changes and adjustments, but he’d only been able to pull the situation back to the original starting point. Ye Xiu hadn’t suffered any turbulent waves because of this. The starting point was the starting point. Whether facing the Sun Xiang who couldn’t control his peak form character, or the Sun Xiang would could set down his arrogance and give up on the peak form to return the situation to the starting point, Ye Xiu had implemented nothing but a single-minded pursuit of victory. Nothing would cause him to change on this point, to waver on this point. Even if he was moved by Sun Xiang’s actions, he would now only become more determined and work even harder to win this match.

The battle continued, their health bars whittled down.

But during the time Sun Xiang had been unable to control his character properly, One Autumn Leaf had lost some health when trapped in the encirclement and suffering attacks from Ye Xiu. Right now, Sun Xiang had readjusted himself, pulling himself together to battle anew, but this little disparity still hadn’t evened out, because Ye Xiu didn’t give him the slightest chance to do so.

Maintaining this difference, the health of the two characters continued to fall. There weren’t any big drops, they just dripped away bit by bit. It was clear how carefully and meticulously both sides were playing.

The entire audience was nervous, watching Sun Xiang. When Ye Xiu had sent his messages in the chat, they had thought that Sun Xiang would lose for sure. None of them had thought that the battle would return to this kind of situation. They might not fully understand the significance of Sun Xiang using that Dragon Breaks the Ranks to run away, but right now, they could see Sun Xiang’s determination to win.

Catch up!!

Samsara’s fans stared desperately at that health difference. They cheered and hollered and hoped for it to wear away.

But this difference remained stubborn and unsurmountable. The health of One Autumn Leaf and Lord Grim dropped and dropped, but when one side’s health finally reached zero, the difference was still there.

In the first match of the group arena, Ye Xiu obtained victory. He finally established his legend of winning every single 1v1 in the entire season, including the playoffs.

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