The King's Avatar Chapter 1651

Chapter 1651 Difficult Player Decisions

Ten seconds.

The real battle only lasted ten seconds. Victory was also decided in those ten seconds.

The pace was unbelievably fast. Many spectators were in the process of strapping themselves in for an epic battle when the characters first encountered each other. As it turned out, the battle was over before they even adjusted their seats.

Time to reflect?

Reflect on what?! They didn’t even see the match clearly. What could they reflect on?

Everyone sat dumbfounded. The Samsara fans even forgot to give their team victory cheers. Even the big screen in the stadium didn’t have highlights ready for a moment.

The fight was only ten seconds long, but to comb out the intense moments and intricacies would take far longer.

The live crew and the broadcast crew were all floundering. They hadn’t even settled into their regular working mentality, yet the match had already finished. Even though Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had little health, that 13% was able to bring about some enjoyable content. The two players were able to control their characters to have a fierce duel in these ten seconds.

Ye Xiu walked out of the competitor booth.

Finally, the spectators seemed to come to their senses slightly. The Samsara fans began to applaud; after all, this was their team’s victory.

But just as Ye Xiu predicted, by fighting Zhou Zekai head on, he lost the battle but did not lose in spirit. Samsara were being applauded for their victory right now, but Happy’s players and fans did not feel any loss of morale.

The highlight reel was finally ready.

In the end, it was only ten seconds’ worth of action. Compilations couldn’t stretch time out. The numerous screens in the stadium just replayed the ten second battle from different angles. This highlight reel did not use any slow motion, and played at normal speed. Ten seconds, and another ten seconds, and yet another ten seconds. The audience seemed to not mind these ten seconds being repeated. Everyone tilted and turned their heads with interest, and watched repeats of these ten seconds from every angle.

By then, Ye Xiu had returned to Happy’s area. He also had to decide on the next person Happy was to send up.

But this was not an easy decision.

Even though Ye Xiu did not lose in spirit to Zhou Zekai, not even he could suppress the opponent’s confidence. Zhou Zekai would continue his fight-to-the-death attitude and launch an aggressive offensive. Happy needed to send up someone with lots of experience and ability to quickly adapt to changes to tango with Zhou Zekai.

Fang Rui!

He was the most suitable choice. When Ye Xiu thought this, his gaze wandered in Fang Rui’s direction. But just as he did so, his heart sank a little.

Fang Rui was also looking back at him, but his gaze gave off an abnormal sense of calm.

Ye Xiu understood Fang Rui. Even though he was the epitome of playing dirty, he was definitely not the kind to bully the weak and avoid the strong. Fang Rui must also understand how crucial this coming match was. In these moments, judging by Fang Rui’s usual personality, he probably would have already volunteered to play next without being asked.

But now, not only Fang Rui did not speak up, but he still stayed silent when he caught Ye Xiu’s eyes.

Ye Xiu immediately knew that Fang Rui wasn’t at his best. The burden from last match probably hadn’t been completely erased by the two days’ worth of rest. Fang Rui staying silent was his way of not hurting Happy’s morale. But at this moment, he decided to stay silent after he exchanged looks with Ye Xiu. This was because he knew Ye Xiu would understand him right away.

If Fang Rui couldn’t go next, then who could?

While Ye Xiu was still hesitating, Su Mucheng had stood up voluntarily.

“Let me go,” Su Mucheng solved the conundrum almost nonchalantly. After she smiled faintly at Ye Xiu, she headed towards the stage without waiting for his confirmation.

“Be careful.” Ye Xiu didn’t end up saying much either, because he knew that Su Mucheng was fully aware of the current situation, and also that this was why she was able to so casually answer the conundrum. He didn’t need to give any extra instruction, because she knew clearly what she needed to do in the situation she was about to face. A “be careful” was already not necessary for the match, but was more of a personal remark instead.

“I will.” Su Mucheng smiled again and went on stage.

Ye Xiu turned back around and stole another look at Fang Rui. Knowing that Fang Rui was painstakingly trying to hide his current condition, Ye Xiu certainly wouldn’t press to interrogate him on the spot.

The third match of the group arena quickly began: Happy’s Su Mucheng versus Samsara’s Zhou Zekai. After the map loaded and the characters spawned, Zhou Zekai did not let anyone’s expectations down, especially his Samsara teammates. Cloud Piercer resolutely charged forward, without pause or hesitation.

What about on Happy’s side?

Su Mucheng did not lose in intensity. Dancing Rain also charged out. It could be seen that she had no intention whatsoever of slowing the tempo of this match.

Surely they wouldn’t have another rapid battle with a quick conclusion again?

Everyone, including the audience, stadium workers, broadcast crew and such, were caught unprepared by the last ten-second match. Now, they quickly gathered up twelve minutes’ worth of attention in a second.

“Alright!” Pan Lin’s spirits were also roused. “We can see that Zhou Zekai is charging out with Cloud Piercer just like last game. But on the other side, Su Mucheng also isn’t hesitating and is also directly charging out. This is probably going to turn out to be another exciting duel! What a rare sight on the grand final stage!”

“Too true! Usually in this kind of match, both sides would err on the side of caution, and fight for an advantageous position while minimizing mistakes. But today, this is not true just looking at Samsara’s player arrangement. To start with Sun Xiang and to have Zhou Zekai follow… many people would already consider this a mistake. However, Samsara took this “mistake” of an arrangement to give themselves fighting spirit. On the competition stage, there is no absolute right or wrong. If Samsara lost, then it would be a problem; but what if Samsara won? The momentum would have a decisive influence. Samsara focused on this, because they came to win! They would not think about what would happen after they lose!” Li Yibo continued on from Pan Lin.

“I know what you mean. Samsara’s player arrangement displays a type of determination. They only have victory in their eyes. A determination that they will definitely win!” Pan Lin said.

“Correct, ” Li Yibo said. “After Sun Xiang lost to Ye Xiu, Samsara’s player arrangements became much riskier. Even so, Zhou Zekai still went up because Samsara was determined and tenacious. They wouldn’t think about the consequences of losing.”

“You’re too right. I think you have a lot of thoughts on this matter! You must have had the same feeling back when you won the championship with Tyranny, right Coach Li?” Pan Lin took the chance to butter Li Yibo up again.

“Haha,” Li Yibo laughed. Of course he remembered the victory clearly. However, if it wasn’t for Cold Seasons’ miraculous Life-Risking Strike one-shotting Ye Xiu, who knew what would have happened.

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