The King's Avatar Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653 Terrifying Victory

The Firing Line was broken through!

Some of the normal players might still have hope. After all, they had seen Su Mucheng’s incredible control over her Firing Line. They had seen how she was able to produce an explosiveness at the level of a Firing Line at a seemingly impossible distance.

However, the pro players understood that it wasn’t a question of distance right now, but rather that Dancing Rain had used up too many skills. It wasn’t possible for her to continue any further. It wasn’t something that could be resolved no matter how skilled you were.

This battle could be described by the phrase “the river flows twenty years to the east, twenty years to the west.” Right now, Su Mucheng’s twenty years to the east was over. Next was Zhou Zekai’s twenty years to the west.

Could she make a comeback?

The people supporting Happy prayed for the possibility of a comeback, but to the pro players, very few of them looked at Su Mucheng’s situation optimistically.

“She used up too many skills,” The pro players shook their heads and sighed.

“But I feel like she shouldn’t have needed to use so many!” A voice called out. Everyone looked to see who it was: Team Miracle’s Guo Shao.

Team Miracle had joined the Alliance this year along with Team Happy and ended the season at 13th. For a new team, it was a very good achievement. After all, most new teams seemed to just be taking a tour of the season. They came in haste and left in haste.

Unfortunately for Miracle, a devil called Happy came with them. They had come as a new team and made it all the way to the finals, taking the defending champions, Samsara, to their third game. Under Happy’s glory, Miracle’s originally impressive achievement was overlooked.

However, Miracle’s rookie, Guo Shao, had received quite a bit of attention. He had been one of the contenders for Best Rookie. There were rumors that many top teams had taken an interest in him.

His sudden outburst confused the former Excellent Era seniors beside him. There were countless experts and Gods present. Who needed a rookie like you to say your opinion?

But Guo Shao’s words had piqued the curiosity of quite a few Gods. They looked at Guo Shao and soon had the same doubts.

The Gods sitting closer to each other quickly started discussing the issue. The other players saw the Gods and looked again at the screen, watching the replay carefully.

“Zhou Zekai…” Someone suddenly pointed to a player.

“Under the suppression of the Firing Line, he intentionally slowed down the pace,” someone added.


Everyone’s heart jumped. They looked towards Tiny Herb’s God, Wang Jiexi, who had spoken. Then, they watched the replay and noticed the numerous clues.

He’s right!

Everyone agreed with Wang Jiexi’s viewpoint. This was the main reason why Guo Shao brought up the point that Su Mucheng shouldn’t have needed to expend so much. At the time, he hadn’t been able to find the reason, but he felt like something was off. He had quite the keen intuition.

Right now, no one was paying attention to Guo Shao’s keen senses. After confirming the reason, they felt their scalps go numb. A chill went down their spine.

How terrifying!

Under the barrage from Su Mucheng’s Firing Line, instead of getting out of it as fast as he could, he intentionally slowed down the tempo, prolonging Su Mucheng’s offense and forcing her to send out more attacks.

This was the final deciding match! Everyone knew very well what burden Zhou Zekai carried. Yet despite these circumstances, he still dared to take the risk. Before, he had displayed an unrelenting determination and momentum, and during this process, he had quietly laid down the winning hand.

Everyone was silent, just like how Zhou Zekai usually was.

Everyone knew he was someone who spoke with his actions, but he had been almost too thorough, a thoroughness that exceeded their imagination.

Even though they hadn’t looked at Su Mucheng optimistically, they at least had a thread of hope for her. However, once they noticed his winning hand, this last thread of hope disappeared.

Zhou Zekai won!

The rest of the fight went as expected. After Cloud Piercer broke through the Firing Line, he began his counterattack. Against his three to five step fluctuating Gun Fu, even if Dancing Rain had all of her skills available, at this distance, it was hard to contend against a Sharpshooter, let alone a Sharpshooter like Zhou Zekai who was playing like a close-ranged class.

Thunderous applause!

His fight with Ye Xiu had been too even, and wasn’t able to boost the fans’ morale. On the other hand, this fight had an extraordinary effect.

In the first half, Cloud Piercer had been shut down by Dancing Rain’s artillery fire, Zhou Zekai had displayed a fierce tenacity during this stage. Then, once he broke through the Firing Line, he directly went for the win. The entire process had been too satsifying to watch.

Oh oh oh!

Samsara’s fans cheered and screamed. When Su Mucheng walked out from the player booth, she was welcomed with a storm of noise.

Had she played poorly?

No one thought so. No one thought they could have done a better job than her. But in the end, she had lost. The brilliance that she left on stage would naturally be much duller. To many people, it felt like Su Mucheng had been killed in one combo.

The fight had been a short one, taking 1 minute and 7 seconds. There had been numerous back and forths, but from an overall perspective, it felt like each player had made just one move.

One move to win, and the one to win was Zhou Zekai.

Su Mucheng returned to her seat. She didn’t seem to be dispirited by the loss. Not waiting for anyone to console her, she let a smile, telling everyone that she was fine.

Samsara had made a comeback, taking the lead against Happy. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer still had 45% health left.

It was a significant lead, but what was more terrifying was Samsara’s morale. The Samsara fans were nearly out of control from excitement. The players on Team Samsara had expressions of joy, including Sun Xiang, who had lost in the first match.

Happy needed to kill Samsara’s momentum. Then, the players on Happy saw Mo Fan stand up.

He didn’t say anything. His intentions were clear. Everyone then looked at Ye Xiu. In the end, who went next was Ye Xiu’s call.

Ye Xiu was quite straightforward. He nodded his head. Mo Fan didn’t say a word and walked towards the stage.

Ye Xiu hadn’t said anything when Su Mucheng went on stage because he knew that Su Mucheng knew. But Ye Xiu didn’t say anything for Mo Fan either.

Ye Xiu wasn’t actually sure if Mo Fan knew the urgency of their situation, but if he was willing to volunteer to go, then he must think he could win. Ye Xiu didn’t want to disturb Mo Fan’s mentality. He could only hope that all of Mo Fan’s focus would be on the match, on his opponent, on the win.

Mo Fan’s playstyle was quite suitable for putting Samsara’s momentum to stop. Even if hadn’t volunteered, Ye Xiu had considered sending him up.

Two players who didn’t like to talk were now facing each other. These two players preferred to use their actions to speak for themselves.

The match soon began.

This was a crucial match, and Happy had sent up a rookie. Any other team would have certainly been put under much scrutiny. It made more sense for Happy though. In this new team, apart from Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, and Fang Rui, the rest were rookies. Although Wei Chen was an old general, no one really considered him as a major fighting force.

But Happy had Fang Rui, who had yet to go. Given their situation, it didn’t feel like it was the time to hold back.

“Wouldn’t it be better for Happy to put in Fang Rui?” Pan Lin believed.

“Usually, that would be the case. It isn’t the time to put in a rookie. However, Happy’s only remaining experienced player is Fang Rui. Putting in Fang Rui right now isn’t ideal. There would be no chance for a large comeback. Putting Mo Fan might actually be better. He can act as a buffer, making it much easier for Fang Rui next,” Li Yibo analyzed.

“That makes sense. Then, let’s all watch the match!” Pan Lin said.

The battle began. The map hadn’t changed. The area at the center of the map still had traces left over from Ye Xiu’s fight against Sun Xiang. Most of these traces were left by NPCs.

Next were the two fights won by Zhou Zekai. Both battles had been fast paced. The plot of the map hadn’t been touched, when the battles ended.

What about this round?

Zhou Zekai had charged forward fiercely the previous two rounds, what about this time? Would he slow down for a steadier pace?


As soon as the match started, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer rushed out decisively just like in the last two rounds. He was going with the same pace and the same energy to beat his opponent.

No one felt tired by the same strategy. In fact, they felt even more excited. The crowd started chanting Zhou Zekai’s name, chanting for a 1v3.

Yes! If Zhou Zekai won, it would be a 1v3. Even if his first opponent, Ye Xiu, had been nearly dead when they played, the data would show that Zhou Zekai would beat three players. Cloud Piercer would have killed three.

A 1v3 was shocking enough. Of course, three full-health enemies would have been the cherry on top, but even so, there was no need to bicker about it not being the case.




The Samsara fans hollered. They weren’t satisfied with just winning. They were looking for more. On this final stage, a 1v3 couldn’t be more perfect!

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