The King's Avatar Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658 Situational Control

Zhou Zekai didn’t back down. He charged ahead as always, but this time, he would truly encounter a challenge. The pro players had analyzed the merits and drawbacks of his decision, and understood that this sort of chaotic battle was unfavorable for him.

However, most of the viewers didn’t realize this issue. In the eyes of the loyal fans, their captain was invincible. He had no weaknesses. What applied to others didn’t apply to him.

The pro players agreed to a certain extent. A top player like Zhou Zekai couldn’t be looked at with common sense. Controlling bullets as fast and accurate as a sword, was that common sense?

Everyone was used to thinking about him differently, but Zhou Zekai himself wouldn’t forget common sense. He wouldn’t leave his opponents any opportunities. However, Fang Rui was utilizing this map to set up a trap.

Zhou Zekai hesitated for a while, but in the end, he didn’t retreat. Cloud Piercer charged forward bravely.

Was he planning on breaking common sense? The pro players thought to themselves. The crowd had already erupted into thunderous applause.

He charged forward, but he didn’t attack.

The tip of his gun was aimed at Boundless Sea, getting closer and closer but never firing.

Fang Rui had been ready for a fight with Zhou Zekai under these circumstances. Seeing that Zhou Zekai wasn’t retreating, he welcomed him warmly. Boundless Sea immediately rolled, dodging two attacks while also approaching Cloud Piercer.

The instant he rolled, an artillery shell flew out from behind him. A Launcher NPC had fired at him. With this dodge, the artillery shell was now heading towards Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer.

Cloud Piercer rolled to the side, evading the missile. Boundless Sea suddenly shot up and pushed out with his two palms.

Sky Piercing Strike!

Fang Rui had chained together his attack with the Launcher NPC. The Sky Piercing Strike went straight for where Cloud Piercer was rolling towards. He didn’t care if he hit the NPCs. After all, the NPCs were already targeting him. He didn’t mind taking down Cloud Piercer along with the NPCs.

The AoE from Sky Piercing Strike wasn’t small. Cloud Piercer looked as if he would be hit. With the swarm of NPCs surrounding them, his escape options were much more limited. Fang Rui wasn’t attacking randomly. Fang Rui had considered many factors from dodging two attacks to baiting the artillery shell from the Launcher behind him to the Sky Piercing Strike to Cloud Piercer leaving an opening…

It was too much. To normal players, everything might seem normal, but to the pro players, all of the little details involved made them feel dizzy.

Can he dodge this attack?

Many of the pro players didn’t think so. But common sense didn’t apply to someone like Zhou Zekai. Cloud Piercer suddenly jumped up and fired two shots.

It was just a normal jump. It wasn’t fast enough, but with the help from recoil, Cloud Piercer sped up. As he jumped, he raised his legs, and just like this, the Sky Piercing Strike whistled past him.


Cloud Piercer fired at the NPC crowd. However, these two shots didn’t grab any of the NPCs’ attention. The ones near him continued to focus on Boundless Sea. None of them turned their head to even take a glance at Cloud Piercer.

He had fired two shots at the NPC crowd, but neither of the shots landed. Zhou Zekai wasn’t so quick to compromise. He was still looking for opportunities within the chaos.

Bang bang!

But at this moment, the airborne Cloud Piercer fired another two shots.

The bullets flew out towards Boundless Sea. Besides him, there was no second choice.

The two characters were quite close at this point. The two gunshots had come all of a sudden. Seeing Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer jump and then fire carefully, missing the NPCs, no one thought he would attack so easily in this chaos. To everyone’s surprise, he actually had Cloud Piercer fire twice while swaying in the air.

Pu! A hit, and a spurt of blood.

The two shots had been too close and too sudden. Fang Rui didn’t have time to completely react. Boundless Sea hastily dodged, avoiding one of the bullets.

It was just a normal shot, so the damage wasn’t anything noteworthy. Fang Rui and everyone else was more concerned about where the bullet he dodged would end up at.

Pu! Another hit, but there was no blood. The bullet had hit the ground, whistling by all of the NPCs.

Zhou Zekai wouldn’t have Cloud Piecer fire rashly if he didn’t think he had a good grasp of the situation. He had Cloud Piercer attack because he was confident.

Cloud Piercer landed gently onto the ground. There just happened to be an NPC rushing over to attack Boundless Sea. He moved aside. He had no intentions of blocking the NPC’s path. The Wildfire in his right hand was pointed straight ahead towards Boundless Sea.

With so many NPCs moving around, Boundless Sea would appear and disappear from his sight. He didn’t attack, but he didn’t change stances. However, his two previous shots let everyone know that it wasn’t that he couldn’t attack, but that he needed the right opening. Even amidst this chaotic battlefield, he was able to fire at Boundless Sea without hitting any of the NPCs. His skill was just that incredible.


Not just the normal players, even the pro players were in awe.

“His aim is great, but what’s more impressive is his control over the battle.” On Team Tiny Herb’s side, captain Wang Jiexi commented on the match to his players.

“A chaotic battlefield is unfavorable for Gunners. This is an indisputable fact,” Wang Jiexi continued, “But Zhou Zekai’s two gunshots were a signal to Fang Rui. Even in this chaos, I can still attack you. This is where it differs from what the average player might think. Even if Zhou Zekai doesn’t attack, the threat of his attacks requires Fang Rui’s attention. While dealing with the NPCs, he also has to be wary of leaving openings for Zhou Zekai to attack.”

“Then what should he do?” A rookie in the team asked.

“Be proactive,” Wang Jiexi said.

Fang Rui clearly understood this reasoning. At this moment, he had to be proactive. He couldn’t just let Zhou Zekai stand there, waiting for the right opportunity to appear.

Turn, move, roll!

Boundless Sea dodged the attacks from the NPCs, while moving towards Cloud Piercer.

Zhou Zekai saw his movements. Cloud Piercer didn’t move up, but he didn’t back down either. However, his guns were constantly following Boundless Sea’s movements.


Anyone would feel threatened by Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer aiming at them. The only reason he hadn’t launched a rain of bullets onto Boundless Sea was because he didn’t want to hit the NPCs. From this perspective, these NPCs really did become Fang Rui’s protective umbrella.

Boundless Sea continued to tumble about, avoiding the NPCs through Fang Rui’s unique way of moving around. His point of view was constantly spinning. The normal players looking at it had no idea what they were looking at. They couldn’t even tell what direction they were going in. They might not be able to tell from Fang Rui’s point of view, but Boundless Sea’s movements were clear as day from the spectator view.

His movements didn’t look complicated, but the spinning made anyone looking through his point of view want to vomit.

It wasn’t as simple as just dodging the NPCs’ attacks. He had to observe his surroundings. He needed to know how the NPCs were attacking and moving because he needed to know this to win. Just relying on this chaos to make it difficult to shoot him wouldn’t be enough to take down Zhou Zekai. If he wanted to win, he needed to take it to the next step. He had known this from the start.

This was very difficult, especially for the current him.

Fang Rui knew what condition he was in. He hadn’t wanted to play in the group arena. He had wanted to save his energy and strength for the more important team competition. But the group arena was going so disastrously that he couldn’t wait until then.

But dealing with Zhou Zekai would be even more strenuous than the team competition!

His blurred view finally stabilized for a moment, locked onto Cloud Piercer.

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