The King's Avatar Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659 Wooden Sign

Qi Blade!

Fang Rui launched another attack, borrowing the NPC in front of him as cover. From start to finish, none of Fang Rui’s movements could be seen by Zhou Zekai. That NPC seemed to be colluding with Fang Rui. The moment the Qi Blade flew out, the NPC moved aside.

Cloud Piercer immediately appeared in Fang Rui’s sights. The two guns were locked onto Boundless Sea. Behind Boundless Sea were three NPCs lined up side by side, charging towards him. Boundless Sea had enemies in front and behind, yet Fang Rui didn’t seem worried at all.

He was aware of Boundless Sea’s situation. In front was Cloud Piercer. Behind were three NPCs. The distance between them were all within his calculations.

Would Cloud Piercer attack?

Fang Rui wasn’t certain. He only knew that at this distance, if Cloud Piercer attacked, he had some confidence in dodging a few of the bullets. As a result, the NPCs behind him would be hit by the bullets, and Cloud Piercer would aggro the NPCs. That wasn’t what Zhou Zekai wanted.

So then, attack!

With a Cloud Pushing Palm, Boundless Sea mercilessly pushed away the NPC that had provided him cover, so he could leave himself as open as possible for Cloud Piercer to fire at him.

Bang bang!


Cloud Piercer fired. Two bullets flew out from the Wildfire in his right hand and the Shattered Frost in his left hand.

Fang Rui had been ready. He immediately crouched.

The two bullets streaked across, brushing past Boundless Sea’s shoulders.


Fang Rui was overjoyed at first, but then he didn’t hear the sound of a bullet hitting a target that he had expected to hear.

A formidable enemy was in front of him. Fang Rui didn’t have the time to turn around to check behind him. However, the spectators could see everything clearly. Although the three NPCs had been lined up side by side, there was a bit of space between them. No matter how close together they were, even if they were shoulder to shoulder, there would be a gap between the heads.

Boundless Sea had dodged the two bullets. Then, the bullets flew through the gap between the NPCs’ heads, not hitting any of them.

Samsara’s fans applauded wildly. They knew what Fang Rui had planned, but it failed because of Zhou Zekai’s precise aim. It was an incredibly exciting sight to see.

But Fang Rui wasn’t done yet. The crouching Boundless Sea continued forward displaying Fang Rui’s signature dirty style.

Qi Blade!

The sneak attack from Boundless Sea had now reached Cloud Piercer. But Zhou Zekai was clearly aware of it. After firing twice, Cloud Piercer crouched down. The Qi Blade flew past him. Cloud Piercer may be crouching, but his two guns were still aimed firmly towards Boundless Sea.

Bang! Bang!

Another two gunshots, but compared to the previous two, there was a delay between the gunshots. Zhou Zekai wasn’t focused solely on Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea. He was carefully watching the NPCs behind Boundless Sea. He had delayed his shots so that he wouldn’t hit them.

At this distance, it was very difficult to dodge a bullet, but Fang Rui wasn’t an ordinary player. With a dirty stance, Boundless Sea went from a crouch to a roll without a second thought.

Cloud Piercer missed again, but Zhou Zekai had taken the three NPCs into consideration. The low altitude bullets went for the gaps in their footsteps.

The applause was never ending. Zhou Zekai was able to prevent his attacks from aggroing the NPCs. His technique was impeccable.


Four bullets in a row, yet none of them hit the NPCs. Fang Rui naturally knew that Zhou Zekai’s four gunshots had been aimed at the small gaps between the NPCs. He knew how difficult it was to pull off.

Difficult was difficult. Amazing was amazing. But if you had to say threatening, then the answer was no.

Zhou Zekai was being restricted. In order to not aggro the NPCs, his hands and feet were bound. He couldn’t establish a sustainable tempo. These sorts of attacks were nothing threatening.

You think you can scare me with just that?

Fang Rui laughed coldly. Boundless Sea continued to change his route. In front of him, to the left, to the right, behind him, there were NPCs approaching from every direction. All sorts of long-ranged attacks were raining down on him.

Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer didn’t just stand there. He was moving nimbly amidst the chaos, searching for an angle and an opening to attack.

Gunshots would ring from time to time. He continued to attack. He couldn’t establish a set tempo, and his attacks weren’t very threatening, but Fang Rui couldn’t stop them from coming. Zhou Zekai wasn’t playing as aggressive or domineering as before. He was patiently kiting around Fang Rui. He wasn’t in a hurry. The one taking more damage was Fang Rui, whether it was the player himself, or the character’s health and mana. Facing these NPCs weren’t a problem for pro players, but it wouldn’t be a walk in the park either.

A subtle change had begun to take place.

Zhou Zekai was being restricted by the NPCs, but Fang Rui wasn’t without burden.

Who would be the first to make a mistake? Who would be the first to grasp the first large opening?

Boundless Sea went in circles with the NPCs, while Cloud Piercer was constantly looking for an opening. While Zhou Zekai searched, he was also closely observing the NPCs’ movements. He knew that these NPCs weren’t only being used as shields by Fang Rui.

After he dodged another sneak attack from Boundless Sea, with a flicker, Boundless Sea suddenly vanished.

Over there!

Zhou Zekai at least had the general direction. Boundless Sea suddenly stopped rushing towards Cloud Piercer. He had unexpectedly dashed into a group of NPCs.

Cloud Piercer immediately moved to the side. Truthfully, every time Boundless Sea did something unexpected, Zhou Zekai would feel a bit nervous. He knew how crafty and dirty this same-generation player was.

Moving to the side allowed him to see from a different angle, but Boundless Sea still couldn’t be seen. That mob of NPCs seemed to have taken a hold of Boundless Sea. More and more NPCs and attacks started gathering there.


The flat ground suddenly let out a muffled noise. Zhou Zekai’s vision began to shake. The ground itself was trembling.

Cloud Piercer only felt a bit of swaying, but many of the NPCs in the mob were directly launched into the air.

Landmine Quake!

Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea had undoubtedly used Landmine Quake.

But he had taken the initiative to gather the crowd of NPCs. Now, he was using this skill to disperse them. What was he scheming?

Boundless Sea seemed to be trying to escape with all his might, but Zhou Zekai didn’t have Cloud Piercer step forward to stop him. Instead, he backed away two steps.

He was no longer pushing forward relentlessly. He was displaying a patience with no openings. If he didn’t fully have a grasp of the situation, he wouldn’t rashly interfere.


Another muffled sound. A burst of qi exploded in the center of the NPC mob. Countless more NPCs were thrown into the air, or sent tumbling towards the ground towards Cloud Piercer.

Cloud Piercer suddenly made a move. He suddenly rolled forward!

With a lowered view, he was able to see from below. Behind one of the NPCs flying out was a curled up Boundless Sea in the air.


Boundless Sea had tried to hide his movements by mixing in with the NPCs, but Zhou Zekai had caught him. Right now, Fang Rui had no other choice but to brace himself and attack.

A wave of qi descended!

Boundless Sea pushed out with his two palms, sending out a blast of qi.

Cloud PIercer had gotten up from his roll, attacking above from below. Even if he missed, his bullets would be flying up towards the sky. It wasn’t possible for him to hit an NPC.

As a result, Cloud Piercer didn’t hold back.


While he had been rolling, the dual guns in Cloud Piercer’s hands had turned into a long sniper rifle. It was aimed straight at Boundless Sea, bullet loaded. Fire!

Thunder Snipe!

At such a close distance, it wasn’t possible to react to the Thunder Snipe. Zhou Zekai had went for the highest DPS possible during this window. His snipe naturally went for Boundless Sea’s head.


The snipe had been extremely accurate. It hit Boundless Sea’s head, dealing double damage. Blood blossomed into the air.

The powerful impact changed Boundless Sea’s original trajectory.

But Zhou Zekai wasn’t done yet. When there were no openings, he could wait patiently until one came. When an opening came, he would seize it full-force.

Dual Load!

Cloud Piercer refreshed Thunder Snipe. He raised his sniper rifle again and fired another shot towards the head, the head showered in blood.


Another gunshot.

Another headshot, double damage.

Blood burst forth again, but this time, amidst this blood, a sharp cry sounded out.

This is…

The sound of a Young Wyvern.

Zhou Zekai stared blankly. He saw a Summoner’s Wyvern fall from the air. The Wyvern had been hit by the Thunder Snipe, and was now just a dead corpse.

Immediately afterwards, the NPCs began attacking Cloud Piercer.

Aggro established!

Zhou Zekai laughed bitterly. In the end, he had been tricked by Fang Rui. A Wyvern just happened to be rushing towards Boundless Sea from behind when he attacked. Zhou Zekai didn’t think it was a coincidence. He had lured the Wyvern over to take the attack. All the signboards had been a facade. The true signboard had been Boundless Sea.

Since the aggro had been established, there was no need to be cautious anymore.

Random Firing!

Bullets flew from Cloud Piercer’s dual guns, creating a protective circle around him. However, a good number of the bullets were still focused on Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea.

Pulling aggro only put him in a difficult situation. It didn’t mean that he had lost. The winner would be decided by what came next. After Zhou Zekai established aggro from the NPCs, he immediately burst forth. It seemed like he planned on bringing down Boundless Sea in one wave.

Fang Rui had carefully crafted his scheme. Boundless Sea was still soaring through the air. He wasn’t able to land due to Cloud Piercer’s Random Firing. He was tumbling in midair, once again exposing his back.

Extremely close behind him was an Elementalist NPC who had been standing there silently for who knew how long. But right now, his staff was burning brightly with fire magic. This Elementalist was clearly preparing for a powerful spell. Cloud Piercer wasn’t able to react in time and interrupt the cast. The Elementalist pointed with his staff, and a ball of flame burst forth. The fire expanded and formed a majestic fire bird.

Level 75 Elementalist skill, Fire Bird.

Boundless Sea’s signboard wasn’t as simple as just a Wyvern!

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