The King's Avatar Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 3 Three Percent

Fang Rui sat in the player booth, quietly waiting for his next opponent.

I won!

And it was against Zhou Zekai. He had ended Zhou Zekai’s win streak. To many, Fang Rui had already done something worthy of pride.

But Fang Rui wasn’t satisfied.

Zhou Zekai? So what? Did beating him mean that they had won the finals? No. Not only did it not guarantee them the championship trophy, it didn’t even guarantee them the group arena.

To Fang Rui, Zhou Zekai was just Samsara’s second player in the group arena. Yes, he was formidable and difficult to defeat, but more importantly, after him was Samsara’s third player. If he beat him, it would only be another small step towards victory. There were even more obstacles that needed to be passed!

What was there to be happy about? He was still far from being happy or proud!


His goal was to beat the next one. After that, it would be the next next one, and then the next next next one.

His thirst for victory would never falter. It was only by constantly beating the next person would he be able to stand on the final podium.

So who’s next! Come!

The next one came.

Samsara’s third player was Lu Boyuan.

In the end, Samsara went with Fang Minghua’s recommendation. All of Team Samsara trusted him deeply. This didn’t mean that he held the most authority on the team, or that he was taking advantage of his contributions to the team. It was the exact opposite. Everyone respected that he never made a display of these two points. He was someone who always judged the matter as it stood, using reasoning to persuade others.

Lu Boyuan had his wish fulfilled. He had been overjoyed at having the opportunity to go on stage, but he quickly calmed himself down. By the time he made it to the player booth and loaded into the game, he had let reason take over him.

The match officially began.

One side was a Qi Master, the other side was a Grappler. This was a battle between two Fighters.

Lu Boyuan’s Grappler, Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, came in full of energy. As for Fang Rui’s Qi Master, Boundless Sea? Even though he had won against Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer, he had lost 47% of his health left. He still had 53% left.

After all, Boundless Sea had been under pressure from the NPCs the entire time. It was impossible for him not to have lost any health in the process, yet he had won under these conditions. It was true that it was intentional, but it still made everyone look at him with a whole new level of respect. If they had been the ones playing, would they have been able to do it?

However, for this match, it didn’t look like Fang Rui planned on doing the same thing. After the match began, his Boundless Sea charged out.

Beat his opponent, and then move onto the next one!

Fang Rui only had this one thought. He knew clearly that he wouldn’t be able to do much more in today’s decisive game.

Even though he had only been against someone with 45% of his health left in the previous fight, it had exhausted him.

The strategy that he had chosen had increased the weight of the burden on him. Whether it was his character’s health or his own energy, the chaotic battle that he had placed himself in was much more exhausting than a normal one. His condition hadn’t been great to begin with either.

He felt the fatigue. He could feel his focus slipping, but he persisted. He had beaten Zhou Zekai, and now, he was going to beat his next opponent.

Because he knew that this would be his last fight this season. How far he could go would be how far he went. Today, he probably wouldn’t be able to fully recover. He probably wouldn’t be able to help the team in the more important team competition coming up.

Fang Rui was unsatisfied, extremely unsatisfied.

He was Happy’s highest paid player with Happy’s strongest character. He would never forget that. But when the team needed him the most, in their most crucial game of the season, he couldn’t help?

Fang Rui hated this feeling. He truly, truly loathed it.

But he couldn’t be rash.

He didn’t think about trying to persevere for the team competition.

Because from the start, he had known exactly how much he would be able to contribute in today’s match. He had originally planned on saving his energy in the group arena, and coming out in the more important team competition. But right now, he could no longer play at 100% for the team competition. He was afraid that he would instead become the team’s burden.

As a result, all that remained was the present, the group arena. How much he would be able to contribute would be how much he contributed. This here would be his everything.

The two characters met in the middle of the canyon.

Lu Boyuan was eager to battle. Fang Rui didn’t delay because he knew that his condition wouldn’t get any better with just a few seconds of rest. He wanted to do everything he could while he still had the ability to.


Boundless Sea continued forward, but Chaotic Cloudy Mountain didn’t cower either.

The two sides grew nearer and nearer. As a Qi Master, he could have started attacking a while ago, but he didn’t.

He wasn’t planning on engaging in close combat, was he?

Of the four Fighter classes, Qi Masters were the weakest at close combat. On the other hand, Strikers and Grapplers held the top ranks among all the classes in Glory.

Fang Rui couldn’t possibly think about fighting up close. What was he scheming?

Everyone was thinking the same thing, including Lu Boyaun. A player like Fang Rui didn’t feel trustworthy. What you saw on the surface was always fake.

Lu Boyuan didn’t even dare to blink. He stared intently at the approaching enemy.


Boundless Sea suddenly rolled.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountains hadn’t attacked. He wasn’t close enough, yet Boundless Sea looked as if he were dodging frantically.

The scheme is coming!

Everyone thought, including Lu Boyuan.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain immediately made a move. He jumped to the side. Who cared what Boundless Sea was scheming? Moving unpredictably would always be safe.

But Boundless Sea didn’t do anything. The roll just seemed to be a normal roll.

Lu Boyuan kept up his guard. Wasn’t it normal to see Fang Rui do something puzzling? He couldn’t be careless for even a second.

But he still had to try to take the initiative.

Lu Boyuan kept his guard up, while Chaotic Cloudy Mountain approached. Grapplers had to get up close to attack.

Boundless Sea rolled again. This time, it wasn’t forward, or to the left, or to the right, but backwards.

The broadcast and the stadium screens immediately zoomed in on Boundless Sea. Everyone thought that Fang Rui was definitely scheming something just like the last roll.

There hadn’t been anything last time.

But this time, Fang Rui didn’t let them down.

During his roll, Boundless Sea sneakily rubbed his palms together. Lu Boyuan couldn’t see it, but the spectators watching carefully could.

Everyone suddenly felt a moment of “I know what’s going to happen next”.

But even if they knew, it wouldn’t be of any use.

A Qi Blade flew out. Boundless Sea kept rolling, changing directions slightly.

How devious!

The spectators who noticed Boundless Sea’s sneaky Qi Blade immediately knew what Boundless Sea’s goal was.

His Qi Blade hadn’t been aimed towards Chaotic Cloudy Mountain, but with Boundless Sea changing direction, if Lu Boyuan followed along and chased after him, the Qi Blade would be perfect.

The Qi Blade and Boundless Sea’s change of direction had been linked together closely. The angle was even more dirty. If Lu Boyuan was watching his movements carefully, if Lu Boyuan kept up with his tempo and adjusted accordingly, the Qi Blade would be very very very easy to overlook.


Was focusing too hard, reacting too fast, a mistake against Fang Rui?

Unfortunately for Lu Boyuan, he commited this “mistake.”

He had been eager to fight but he maintained his calm. He also made sure to be attentive and to react fast. He was playing incredibly well.

But that resulted in him getting hit.

Qi Blade!

He only noticed it when the attack landed. A mark from the Qi Blade appeared on Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s body.

Everyone felt sorry for Lu Boyuan. Qi Blade had a knockback. Lu Boyuan’s rhythm was interrupted, and the reason was because he was playing too well…

But everyone soon realized that Chaotic Cloudy Mountain’s rhythm hadn’t been disrupted by the attack. The step he had been taking was the step he took.


Everyone realized what it was.

Reinforced Iron Bones!

Lu Boyuan had already activated Reinforced Iron Bones. When the replay from his perspective was shown, it turned out that he indeed hadn’t seen that Qi Blade. Lu Boyuan had reacted too fast and adjusted too quickly. However, he had activated Reinforced Iron Bones earlier. He seemed to have predicted that he would definitely fall for Fang Rui’s dirty trick and get hit.

Hit me all you want, but don’t think that’ll stop my advance.

Chaotic Cloudy Mountain marched forward resolutely. The Samsara crowd erupted with wild applause.


At this moment, the number “3” popped up in the public chat. The sender was Boundless Sea, Fang Rui.

3? What did that mean?

Everyone stared blankly at the number.

Was he intentionally making things mysterious again?

Ignore it! Kill him!!!

The crowd once again erupted into shouts.

It was 3%…

In the stadium, at a remote and inconspicuous corner, which wasn’t even considered a seat, there was a person standing there, watching the match. He saw through what the “3” meant. If someone looked back to see who he was, they would probably recognize him instantly. It was Lin Jingyan, who had announced his retirement after the semifinals.

Team Wind Howl’s Lin Jingyan, Team Tyranny’s Lin Jingyan, it didn’t matter what team he was on, or if he was retired, he was the person who understood Fang Rui the best.


It was 3%. The damage that the Qi Blade had dealt was 3%.

Fang Rui was keeping track of his damage dealt. He was using this method to record how much he contributed to today’s match.

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