The King's Avatar Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667 Who's Better

Lu Boyuan came down from the stage.

His performance today couldn’t be considered terrible, but it wasn’t great either. All he did was beat Fang Rui, who only had 53% of his health left. His match against Tang Rou was no different than getting instant killed.

Samsara still had the lead, though. The Samsara fans weren’t angry at him. There was still applause, encouragement for his efforts.

This couldn’t cover up the fact that Lu Boyuan’s condition wasn’t at its peak.

He had played poorly in the previous game. In today’s game, he had been brimming with resolve, but his performance was much worse than he had expected.

What’s going on?

Lu Boyuan felt like he had lost direction. He couldn’t seem to get into the right mentality.

He walked back to his seat quietly. Facing the comforting from his teammates, he could only squeeze out a smile.

The match continued. Du Ming was all ready to go. Before he went onto the stage, he couldn’t help but glance at the players on Happy’s side. Of course, he didn’t see the person he was looking for.

Because she was on stage!

Du Ming was getting excited. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and today, it had finally come.

Du Ming hadn’t forgotten his previous exchange with Tang Rou. It had been a very short one, though, so there wasn’t much to recall.

In that exchange, he had been distracted, thinking about other things. On the other hand, Tang Rou had been completely focused on the match, demolishing him.

Du Ming felt extremely ashamed.

He had let down the team, and let down such a rare opportunity.

That was why he had been hoping for a second chance. He had to have another try. He had to focus on the match, and complete a brilliant conversation by winning.

Du Ming walked onto the stage and into the player booth.

The eighth round of the group arena began. Samsara’s Du Ming versus Happy’s Tang Rou.

The map loaded. The characters loaded.


Soft Mist, Moon Luring Frost.

The two players didn’t hesitate and immediately rushed forward. Soon, the two would meet at the center of the canyon.

Neither of them paused to take a rest. The two were both charging towards each other.

Sword raised, spear out, clash!

The sound of their weapons colliding echoed through the canyon. The two started their attack at practically the same time. Then, both of them adjusted their attacks. In the end, when their weapons collided, it became one of them attacking, while the other parrying.

The second, third, and fourth attacks followed!

Both players were playing fast. It was an intense confrontation as soon as the fighting began.

“He’s playing well.”

On Samsara’s side, everyone was paying attention to Du Ming’s performance. They were very pleased with his playing.

“His dream’s come true. How could he not be playing well?” Fang Minghua laughed.

Everyone nodded their heads. Du Ming was playing exceptionally well this finals. It was clearly related to their opponents being Team Happy.

This time, Du Ming wasn’t as distracted as last time. He had turned these distractions into motivation. As a result, he was always able to perform at his best. That was why Samsara was at ease sending him out onto the stage.

And now, he was fighting Tang Rou on stage once again. He didn’t think about their encounter the last time, or the time before that, or the first time.

In his eyes, there was only the match in front of him. In his heart, there was only victory.

He became extremely focused. It was perhaps the most focused he’d ever been in his entire professional career.

Openings that he usually wouldn’t be able to see were clear as day to Du Ming right now.

He saw the tiniest of openings and took it.

Downwind Sword Slash!

The sharp sword wind came out of the blue. A split suddenly appeared in the tight battle. Tang Rou could only have Soft Mist hastily raise her spear to parry with a normal attack, but it couldn’t resist the powerful force from Downwind Sword Slash. Her spear, Dancing Fire Flowing Flame, was knocked aside. Soft Mist was already retreating, but she couldn’t escape from the sword slash!

Blood flew into the air, splashing onto the sword light.

Tang Rou did the best she could to defend against the attack and reduce the damage she took.

But the previous equilibrium had been broken. Sword light flashed, Triple Slash!

Moon Luring Frost suddenly appeared by Soft Mist’s side. This was only the second slash from Triple Slash.

“Amazing!” The expert Blade Master, Huang Shaotian, couldn’t help but give a shout of praise. The attack, distance, angle, and timing, all of it had been perfect. It was impossible to dodge this attack. It didn’t matter how fast Tang Rou reacted, it couldn’t be done.

Another injury was added. Du Ming had the initiative. Sword light flashed, mercilessly flying towards Soft Mist.

The Samsara fans were excited. The previous gloom had been swept away. Du Ming looked as unstoppable as Zhou Zekai!

They began waving their arms and shouting, cheering for Du Ming.

“One wave kill!!!”

They shouted. It would be the greatest response to Lu Boyuan getting dismantled last round.


“One wave…”

By the second word of the second shout, they had to stop.

Soft Mist pointed her spear towards the sky. With a Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, she stopped Moon Luring Frost’s advance.

Even the pro players were dumbstruck. They discovered that they could no longer predict who would win this match. No one knew what the two on stage could do. They were both playing well beyond themselves. Du Ming was playing incredibly well, but Tang Rou was playing even better. She had been suppressed by Du Ming’s offense, yet just when everyone was wondering how she would be able to get out, she used one attack to turn things around, and start her counterattack.

This wasn’t normal.

This wasn’t something that could be explained through logic.

The stadium screens showed a replay of the Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, but even the pro players furrowed their brows in thought. How was she able to pull off the attack? How was she able to achieve the outcome she got?

The match wouldn’t stop because they were thinking. Now, it was Tang Rou’s turn to be on the offensive, and Du Ming’s turn to defend. Du Ming had the upper hand before, but in an instant, Tang Rou took it from him.

Du Ming didn’t panic. He calmly observed the situation.

His offensive had been cut off. No worries! Just get it back!

Du Ming’s thoughts were simple but determined. At this moment, he wasn’t thinking of anything else. Even though he was playing well because of Tang Rou, he wasn’t distracted by her. All of his attention was on how to win this battle.

Facing the fiery assault from Soft Mist’s Dancing Fire Flowing Flame, Moon Luring Frost fought back with his Lingering Ice, a clash between fire and ice.

He was only defending, but he would always strike at the most critical time, like a fireman staving off a fire.

He was waiting for an opening.

He didn’t know when the opening would come, but he knew that it would come eventually.

Formless Phantom Blade!

His sword, Lingering Ice, suddenly split apart. Du Ming’s patience was finally about to be rewarded. He seized an opening, and used the Level 70 Formless Phantom Blade.

Sword light weaved into a net, enshrouding Soft Mist.

Her offense was suddenly put to an abrupt stop.

But Soft Mist didn’t retreat!

If her offense had been broken, then just start another one.

Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike!

Soft Mist also used a high-level skill. Her spear blurred into countless afterimages. Tang Rou focused the attacks towards a single direction to clash with Moon Luring Frost’s Formlesse Phantom Blade.

The sounds of collisions rang endlessly.

Under the inconceivable microing by the two players, neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

But the experts had noticed that this balance wouldn’t last forever.

Because there would be a final hit!

Formless Phantom Blade had a final strike. It was the skill’s most powerful strike, dealing high damage and having high priority, knocking the target flying back. On the other hand, Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike didn’t have such a tyrannical effect.

Because of this final strike, Formless Phantom Blade’s attack priority would reach a height that Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike couldn’t contest with. Moreover, Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike would end before Formless Phantom Blade dealt its final blow.

Who won this clash depended on how the two sides managed this final strike, and this moment was about to arrive!

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