The King's Avatar Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 Hitting The Mountain To Warn The Tiger

Everyone was stunned!

This was the finals, the final battle, the moment that would decide the outcome of a year of hard work!

Unity, tension, seriousness, those should all be expected, but surely they could pass on liveliness?

Yet now, while Samsara was very seriously studying the environment and preparing for battle, what was Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim doing? He was like a hooligan. A hooligan would be squatting at the intersection just next to the school and whistling at the cute girls that passed by; Lord Grim was sitting on the pyramid and throwing all sorts of critical comments at Samsara.

This scene wasn’t right. It wasn’t serious!

But no matter how wrong it was, Ye Xiu was doing just this, and the words were already spoken. This match simply had this kind of style and rhythm. It still had to be watched, and the explanation and analysis still had to be made, no?

And so the broadcast followed what Ye Xiu said, cutting to a close-up shot of the 3 o’clock direction behind Cloud Piercer, particularly that “platform” that Ye Xiu mentioned.

Once this close-up was given, everyone took a look, and those that understood realized that Ye Xiu’s words were completely correct. This location really was a very good sniping point.

“Ah, Little Jiang, your Wave Slash can completely lock that path on your left, did you realize?”

“Wu Qi, that ambush point in the 11 o’clock direction is a pretty good place to hide!”

“Minghua, did you find the best place to heal from? If you found it, then go and stand there, what are you still spinning around for?

“And also, guy using One Autumn Leaf, did you notice the distance between those two broken walls behind One Autumn Leaf? If Evil Annihilation is held horizontally, it can’t pass through that space. Did you guys increase Evil Annihilation’s length? It wouldn’t have been like this before.”

In an instant, one sentence per person. The broadcast couldn’t even keep up switching back and forth between shots, and ultimately just split the screen into multiple sections. These four people who were pointed out by Ye Xiu, each got their own section of the screen…

Everyone immediately realized, just like when he’d been talking to Zhou Zekai, Ye Xiu wasn’t just making things up. The things he’d pointed out about these four players, whether big or small, were all very real issues.

But would the Samsara pros really be incapable of discovering these things themselves? Of course not. After all, they’d been investigating this area for longer than Ye Xiu had. But the thing was, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had just casually sat down on the pyramid and casually said these things, yet every needle he’d sent had drawn blood. This demonstrated his skill. Added on to his bearing, it really felt like he was giving pointers to Samsara.




A few Samsara fans decried Ye Xiu’s actions. It had to be said, trash talk could sometimes attack even the audience.

But those who were at a higher level, especially the pro players, knew that this wasn’t that simple. Ye Xiu’s actions weren’t just to show off from above. He was hitting the mountain to startle the tiger, warning Samsara by saying: be careful, I can see through all of your plans.

And to be able to do this, Ye Xiu had made good use of the map.

The two pyramids on this map could be called the high points, but because they were so large, even a Launcher, the class with the longest attack range, could not effectively use supportive attacks when standing on the very peak. Furthermore, attacks from halfway up the pyramid would be extremely limited. Therefore, the high points of these pyramids could only be used as observation points, not any strategic points.

Thus, Ye Xiu discovered the reconnaissance use of this location, and looking down upon them, he began to analyze Samsara’s deployment. Before anything else, he was attacking Samsara on a psychological level. If Samsara could not restrain themselves and immediately came to attack Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, then they would definitely suffer for it.

Lord Grim didn’t need to be mentioned, and the other four Happy players were already prepared at another side of the pyramid. If Samsara came their way to attack, Happy would have the map advantage.

But when it came to pro players, the chances of that happening were far too small. In this kind of critical battle, Samsara definitely would not take an action like this that would put them at a clear disadvantage.

But Happy still prepared for this possibility. Even though this was such a small chance, they would not pass it up.

Samsara, as expected, was not so hasty. After being criticized by Ye Xiu, they only hesitated for a moment, but afterward, everyone began to carefully discuss in their team chat. Directly charge Lord Grim, sitting halfway up the pyramid? That possibility wasn’t even mentioned.

The match seemed to be locked in a stalemate.

The small chance that Happy had hoped for didn’t happen, and Samsara, having had all their plans and strategies exposed by the opponent, weren’t sure how to continue.

Switch to an area that Happy couldn’t observe? Then what if Happy just didn’t come? Would this battle of this match be triggered by the judge getting involved and forcing the two teams to meet?

Happy was patiently waiting for Samsara’s movements, and Ye Xiu wasn’t idle. He helpfully named another few places on the map for Samsara to use, even some that accounted for strategic coordination between the players.

Samsara was finally no longer silent.

“God Ye has seen through us completely!” Vice-captain Jiang Botao spoke.

“What, like it’s hard?” Ye Xiu said.

“Since you’ve seen through us, why not come give it a try and attack?” Jiang Botao said.

It was a very clear provocation, so clear that it was uninteresting.

“Sure, coming.”

Who would have thought that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim actually just stood up, and Happy’s other four players immediately appeared on the side of the pyramid and began to charge down.

“Beat them at their own game, make the opponents second-guess.” Watching the match, Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi guessed at the intent behind Ye Xiu’s actions.

Such a clear provocation, yet Happy had actually directly accepted it. In Samsara’s shoes, who wouldn’t be second-guessing? Wang Jiexi had the omniscient view, and could see Happy’s team chat, so he knew that Ye Xiu hadn’t given any detailed strategic instructions to Happy. If not for that, he might also be wondering whether Ye Xiu actually had a strategy that could break through their arrangement.

“He definitely doesn’t. If he did, he would have attacked way earlier.”

“Right, and Happy doesn’t have any plans in their team chat. This is a random map, they only just saw this map for a bit from above. Their communication through glances isn’t that incredible, right?”

“Yeah, it’s just a false show of strength, to make Samsara worry.”

“Then after that?”

The pro players were all discussing, and their opinions were essentially the same as Wang Jiexi’s. But after that, they all got stuck on this question.

After that?

Let Samsara second-guess, and then? And then Happy would just charge forth and chaotically fight, without any sort of plan?

That was completely illogical!

This was an advantage of random maps for the audience. Because the teams couldn’t make any secret preparations before the match, more directions were needed during the battle. The strategic plans of the two teams could be completely seen from their team chats.

But right now, Happy had actually had no plans. This was simply too irrational.

What were they trying to do?

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