The King's Avatar Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679 Interrupt

The sound of a gunshot wasn’t surprising to anyone.

Long-ranged classes almost always made the first attack. However, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer didn’t just attack, he charged forward. In the blink of an eye, Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf was left behind.

What kind of rhythm was this?

Everyone watching was astonished, but their doubts didn’t last long. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer started attacking, and the rest of Team Samsara soon followed.

Did they attack too?


None of the other four players coordinated attacks with Zhou Zekai. The four characters contracted the formation.

One Autumn Leaf, Laughing Song, Cruel Silence, the three of them formed a triangle, protecting the one in the center: Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves.

Empty Waves began casting. Magic started to emanate around his shortsword, Divine Chain, as if it were trying to establish a connection with some sort of power.

Lightning Wave Formation!

The experienced players noticed the sparks of lightning flashing from Divine Chain and its surroundings, and deduced what Empty Waves was casting.

The pro players immediately figured out Samsara’s plans.

It didn’t matter whether Happy was trying to surround or separate them with a pincer. Under the protection of the Spellblade’s Lightning Formation, Samsara would not be in danger. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer became Samsara’s main attacker, while the other four became his support. Samsara wasn’t going to give Happy even the slightest opportunity.

“Can Happy interrupt it?” Pan Lin spoke. He realized where the crucial point lay.

The cameraman quickly switched viewpoints. The focus was first given to Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain. Then, the camera moved towards Empty Waves. Empty Waves’ position was very subtle. It was just outside of Dancing Rain’s range.

The camera turned again to Happy’s other long-ranged character: Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu. Countless people were looking forward to what he would do. He always seemed to be able to do the impossible. Sure enough, Lord Grim started to move. He had originally been hiding in the ruins. Suddenly, with a flicker, he came out from behind a broken wall.


But no sound could be heard.

Because gunshots had been ringing the entire time. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had open fired. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim sudden gunshot was perfectly in line with one of Cloud Piercer’s gunshots. The two overlapped, one obscuring the other. The only sign that Lord Grim had fired his gun was a flash of light.

Everything had happened in an instant. The broadcast couldn’t keep up with these changes just by switching between viewpoints.

Fortunately, for the live audience, the stadium’s projection technology allowed them to see a more comprehensive view of the battlefield. It was just that the details needed to be caught by the viewer themselves.


A seemingly silent bullet shot out and exploded.

Lightning was still crackling around Empty Waves’ Divine Chains. Lightning began to gather around, creating a net of electricity.

The interrupt failed!

The bullet had been blocked by a jet-black streak of light.

Spear, Evil Annihilation!

The awe-inspiring One Autumn Leaf stood in Ye Xiu’s way, putting a stop to his plans. This wasn’t the first time, but no matter how many times Chen Guo saw this scene, she would always feel uncomfortable.

The gunshot was blocked, and it was no longer possible for Ye Xiu to try again. Lord Grim couldn’t even see Empty Waves anymore from his position.

Move, get to another position…

But the cast time for Lightning Wave Formation wasn’t very long. There wasn’t much Ye Xiu could do in that short window.

There wasn’t anything more Lord Grim could do…

But Happy’s plan was to pincer Samsara from two sides. The left wing had been blocked, but the right wing had only just started.

The two players on the right wing didn’t have long-ranged capabilities. To interrupt Empty Waves, they needed to get close.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist rushed forward!

“Too impulsive!”

“How crazy!”

The pro players let out sighs. They clearly didn’t agree with Tang Rou’s decision. The other side had four people in a fully defensive formation, yet she wanted to get close and break through it? She was practically sending herself into the tiger’s mouth. Even if she successfully interrupted Empty Waves, what next? Soft Mist would be surrounded by four players. Even if Ye Xiu and Qiao Yifan were close by, Happy would be in a very bad position.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Soft Mist charged forward as if she were unstoppable, bringing her unrelenting momentum from her 1v3 in the group arena.

“Uh, maybe actually?”

Seeing her grandeur, some of the people who felt like Tang Rou had been too impulsive suddenly weren’t sure anymore. They felt like maybe she really could break through Samsara.

Samsara responded as if they were facing a huge threat. They needed to put their all into their defense, but the one who stepped forward to face Soft Mist made everyone surprised.

Laughing Song?

Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song, Samsara’s healer, looked like he was planning on stopping Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

“How is that possible?” Countless people cried out in astonishment. Laughing Song raised his cross, Angel’s Protection, and began casting a spell.

This is…

A white light flew out in front of Laughing Song.

Halo Smash!

A Paladin skill. At max rank, it was an unbreakable shield whether it was magic or physical, no attack could break past it.

But Laughing Song was a Cleric. This Halo Smash was a bonus skill on his weapon, and could only be at rank one. How could a rank one Halo Smash stop Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks?

The pro players quickly calculated in their heads.

Halo Smash. Even at max rank, it would only be able to just barely block the attack. But at rank one? Dragon Breaks the Ranks would be mitigated somewhat, but Laughing Song would certainly take a huge hit.

But then again, looking at his positioning, as long as he could mitigate the blow, Empty Waves would be protected. Soft Mist would no longer be able to interrupt Empty Waves’ cast. Then… there was no then. Her attempt would be done. The cast would be completed. Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks would be stopped, and she would no longer have any more opportunities.

Samsara was different though. Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence had his dagger ready for when Soft Mist and Laughing Song collided.

Silent Thunder!

This was the name of the dagger in his hands. It kept a low-profile, almost invisible inside Cruel Silence’s sleeves.

“As expected, it won’t work…”

Seeing Samsara’s response, everyone who had thought that maybe Tang Rou could do it suddenly changed their minds.

But to everyone’s surprise, just before Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks collided with Laughing Song’s Halo Smash, Tang Rou cancelled the skill.

Turn, sidestep…

Using the leftover momentum from Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Soft Mist suddenly slid to the side.

Was there an opening there?

The sudden change had astonished everyone. The others on Samsara had to put their attention on Soft Mist.

But Empty Waves wouldn’t be interrupted!

The surrounding electricity suddenly formed a net. Lightning Wave Formation had been set down.

But at the same time, on the ground where the lightning crackled, a flower of darkness quietly unfurled.

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