The King's Avatar Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681 The Response Of The Top Pros

In terms of damage taken, Samsara was actually doing quite well. The damage from Darkness Boundary was negligible. It was a prime example of a skill that was effective for its ability to create openings through its crowd control effects.

However, despite being Blinded in Qiao Yifan’s Darkness Boundary, Samsara didn’t take much damage. It wasn’t that Happy wasn’t trying. It was just that they had to respond to Samsara’s answers.

With four characters blinded, most teams would scatter to make it easier to escape from the Darkness Boundary. Even if one or two were focused down by the enemies and delayed, the others would quickly escape and be able to turn around and help their teammates escape.

But this wasn’t what Samsara did.

After being blinded, the four of them moved together as one unit. It seemed like a disaster in the making, but Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves created a beautiful protective barrier for them with Nebula Wave Slash, preventing Happy from reaching them.

They had made mistakes and overlooked certain players on the enemy team, but when it was time for them to take on the necessary burden, they didn’t panic. They maintained the confidence and calm that a championship team should possess. The four on Samsara couldn’t see what was going on around them, but they had their characters turn and move, calmly leaving the Darkness Boundary under the protection of Nebula Wave Slash.

The only one who hadn’t been blinded, Zhou Zekai, had also given them the greatest support possible. Under Su Mucheng’s barrage of artillery fire, he had miraculously interrupted Qiao Yifan’s follow-up ghost boundary.

Unfortunately, Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash wasn’t the only one with Phantom Demon capabilities.

Ye Xiu, Lord Grim.

While Zhou Zekai was completely preoccupied, Ye Xiu was easily able to set up a Darkness Boundary, linking it together with One Inch Ash’s. As soon as the four on Samsara exited the first, they stepped into the second.

The Nebula Wave Slash from Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves didn’t last forever. Providing protection for them until they left the first Darkness Boundary was its limit. Both the Lightning Wave Formation and Nebula Wave Slash were now out of the picture. Darkness surrounded them, and they were no longer protected.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist was already rushing towards them.

This time, how would Samsara stop Happy’s advance? Zhou Zekai? He was only one person. Happy was attacking from four directions. It was impossible for him to take care of all of them.

Pincer, go around three, follow two, fall back…

These were Happy’s initial arrangements. And at this moment, their characters were shining with brilliance after completing them. It was because of their positioning that Samsara had overlooked an enemy player twice. It was because of their positioning that the number one player, Zhou Zekai, had no way to protect the other four on Samsara.

The other four on Samsara had finally responded though. They had been a bit surprised at first, but they quickly regained their composure. Jiang Botao immediately shouted “Scatter” in the chat.

Samsara had moved together as one previously because of Nebula Wave Slash. The skill had provided them with a protective barrier that enabled them to push forward without worry. Once they left the Darkness Boundary, they would be able to launch a fierce assault towards Happy’s healer. However, they hadn’t expected Dual Linking Ghost Boundaries from Happy. Given their current situation, they had no way to protect everyone all at the same time while blinded. As a result, they could only go with the usual tactic, and scatter.

Everyone on Samsara was a top player. It might be the same tactic, but it was completely different when executed by Team Sasmara.

When normal players scattered, it would be every man for himself. The more that got away, the better.

However, when Samsara scattered, there was logic and order to it. They scattered to minimize the casualties.

The key: the healer!

If all four scattered, who would be the easiest for Happy to focus down? The healer.

No one mentioned it in Samsara’s team chat because no one needed to. Any one of the others could be focused, but if Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song was taken into Happy’s grasps, Samsara would be in an extremely terrible position.

This was the difference between pro players and normal players. Minimizing the damage taken wasn’t necessarily the most optimal goal. Keeping the situation balanced, maintaining intact formation, controlling the tempo, etc. All of these aspects needed to be considered.

The first thing Samsara did was provide support for Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song. This task obviously couldn’t be given to the other three who were blinded. Unless they had another skill similar to Nebula Wave Slash, they wouldn’t be able to protect him from all sides.

The only one who could take the task was Zhou Zekai.

Scatter! Attack!

All of these thoughts, all of these changes happened in a split second.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks! Shining Cut!

Two figures dashed out. One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence. Blind didn’t stop them from using skills. Both of them used movement skills. As for which direction they went in? Forward! Both of them went forward.

The order was to scatter, but neither One Autumn Leaf nor Cruel Silence did. The two characters rushed out towards the same direction.

They were running away, but in the process of doing so, they didn’t forget to keep up the pressure on Happy.

Of course, their aim wasn’t the most accurate because of the Blind. The direction that they went in might not have any targets, but even so, they might be able to escape from the Darkness Boundary. Even if they didn’t, they would be one step closer to their objectives.

Dancing Rain, Little Cold Hands.

The two were in this direction, and both were very afraid of an enemy getting close. Sun Xiang and Wu Qi coordinated their escape and rushed forward together. During their escape, they needed to keep up the pressure on Happy. At this moment, there was nothing they could do about Happy’s attacks towards them. However, by doing this, Happy would need to take into consideration how much of a threat Sun Xiang and Wu Qi would be to Su Mucheng and An Wenyi. Would they need to prepare countermeasures against this threat?

This was Samsara’s response.

This was a response befitting a top team.

Their response forced the enemy to answer back. Even if four of them were in a bad position, their reply back was filled with aggression.

At the same time, Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves swung his Divine Chain.

Ice Wave Slash!

Ice crystals swept forward without a target. Empty Waves stepped on the path of ice that he paved, moving in the opposite direction of One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence.

This direction, Shattering the Lands!

Tang Rou charged forward, the moment the four Samsara players scattered.

One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence dashed out, while Soft Mist used Shattering the Lands.

The two characters had used movement skills, allowing them to escape from Shattering the Land’s range. Unfortunately for Jiang Botao, he was heading straight towards it.

He couldn’t see, but there was one person in Samsara who could.

“Jiang, right 30′ Shattering the Lands” Zhou Zekai warned the moment Soft Mist attacked. His meaning: Jiang Botao, 30 degrees to the right, Shattering the Lands.

If the attack was there, then the character was there.

How to respond? Zhou Zekai didn’t say. He didn’t have the time to give too detailed of a response.’

Empty Waves hadn’t even taken two steps along the icy path that he paved, when Jiang Botao noticed Zhou Zekai’s warning.

Shattering the Lands was an AoE attack. It was 30 degrees to his right and had already come out. Empty Waves had taken two steps in that direction. His chances of avoiding it: zero.

I can’t dodge! I can only attack back!

Empty Waves turned around. He turned right 30 degrees and swung his sword!

Jiang Botao couldn’t see anything, but in his mind, he could see the Shattering the Lands descending.

Light Wave Slash!

The fastest wave slash shot out.

Would it hit?

Jiang Botao didn’t know, so he didn’t stop there. Empty Waves swung his sword again.

Fire Wave Slash!

The strongest of the wave slashes flew out at an angle slightly lower than the previous Light Wave Slash.


Shattering the Lands crashed down.

Magic swept the ground. However, at the same time, everyone could see that Soft Mist was engulfed in flames. The Fire Wave Slash had hit.

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