The King's Avatar Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 The Center Of Cruelty


Fire Wave Slash landed!

Through Zhou Zekai’s concise tip in the team chat and his own intuition, Jiang Botao was able to land Fire Wave Slash on Soft Mist while blinded.

Although his Empty Waves wasn’t able to dodge Shattering the Lands, there was nothing else he could have done. He had been on the back foot, but was able to force a trade, and quite an impressive one too.

Battle magic erupted, raging flames blazed.

The two skills displayed their destructive power. The earthquake triggered by Shattering the Lands sent Empty Waves tumbling. At the same time, the Fire Wave Slash swallowed Soft Mist, sending her crashing to the ground in a blaze of fire.

“Fire hit”

Zhou Zekai confirmed the hit in the team chat. He was telling Jiang Botao that his Fire Wave Slash had hit. It was equivalent to telling Jiang Botao where Soft Mist was.

Jiang Botao understood. His stumbling Empty Waves raised his sword.

The crowd cheered and clapped excitedly at this play, but the pro players were truly stunned.

Not for the Fire Wave Slash, but for the raise of his sword.

Because this time, Empty Waves was bearing the brunt of Shattering the Lands. Battle magic battered him, sending Empty Waves stumbling the entire way through. Empty Waves was still blinded too! Even under these conditions, Jiang Botao was able to keep Empty Waves’ balance and prevent him from falling to the ground. This was incredible enough already, yet he was also able to keep his sense of direction!

Sword raised, gunshot!

Cloud Piercer fired.

Zhou Zekai wasn’t only paying attention to Tang Rou and Jiang Botao. As the only person on Samsara who could see, he needed to keep track of everything taking place on the battlefield.

Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence launched a sudden assault. To no one’s surprise, Su Mucheng and An Wenyi chose to retreat. They knew that once the two left the Darkness Boundary, it would be disastrous if they got too close. Thus, they might as well take precautions. As they retreated, they also took the opportunity to attack. Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain fired mercilessly towards the two blinded characters.

Boom boom boom!

Dancing Rain’s artillery shells bombarded One Autumn Leaf.

Samsara’s fans didn’t think much of it. However, many of Happy’s fans consisted of former Excellent Era fans. This scene made them feel quite uncomfortable.

One Autumn Leaf, Dancing Rain, Best Partners for four consecutive years. To the Excellent Era fans, they were used to seeing Dancing Rain providing cover for One Autumn Leaf, and One Autumn Leaf protecting Dancing Rain from enemies getting close.

But now, Dancing Rain was trying to kill One Autumn Leaf…

This wasn’t the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Perhaps the scene of the two characters fighting together shoulder-to-shoulder might never appear again. But no one knew how long it would take for them to get used to this scene. Maybe it would be like this forever. Whenever Dancing Rain and One Autumn Leaf appeared on the battlefield together, everyone’s first thought would be the two as partners, not enemies.


Every Glory fan who held a deep impression of these partners couldn’t help but repeat these words in their heads. Then, they saw One Autumn Leaf charging towards Dancing Rain, not to protect, but to pressure her. They saw Dancing Rain aiming at One Autumn Leaf, not to provide cover, but to stop his advance.

“I’m sure a lot of you are feeling sad seeing this scene…” Even Pan Lin couldn’t help but comment on something outside of the scope of the match. “But this is one of the cruelties of competition.”

The viewers watched the cruelty happening, and felt for the players on stage.


A bullet flew from Cloud Piercer’s gun towards Dancing Rain.

Zhou Zekai was pressuring Dancing Rain. It could be considered as an attempt to interrupt this cruelty. However, Su Mucheng was the center of this cruelty, and she needed to persevere and continue for her team. She dodged Cloud Piercer’s attack and continued to bombard One Autumn Leaf with artillery shells.

You really are strong…

Ye Xiu was also on stage. He could see everything as well. He knew that facing One Autumn Leaf was perhaps even more difficult for Su Mucheng. When Ye Xiu saw One Autumn Leaf, he at least knew that he himself wasn’t the one there. But to Su Mucheng, One Autumn Leaf had always standing beside her. He was still standing there, but now, his spear was pointed at her.

One Autumn Leaf might not be a friend anymore, but I still am!

Cloud Piercer fired at Dancing Rain. Empty Waves raised his sword. By relying on his intuition, he was going to attack Soft Mist again. A figure suddenly flickered in front of him without any warning.

Ye Xiu, Lord Grim!

Lord Grim had been wandering around the left side, mainly using long-ranged attacks to strike Samsara’s holes. Suddenly, a shadow clone was left there, his real body cutting to the center of the battle.

Colliding Stab!

Lord Grim made his move. Jiang Botao had no idea what was happening. Zhou Zekai, who was supporting Sun Xiang and Wu Qi, hastily shifted targets in response to this sudden change. Warning Jiang Botao in the team chat would be too late.


The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella struck the plate armor on Empty Waves.

Empty Waves still swung his Divine Chains, but the gathered magic brushed past Soft Mist’s side.

Jiang Botao felt Empty Waves move. He felt Empty Waves getting hit by an attack.

Who? By what?

Lord Grim pressed his sword against Empty Waves, planning on bringing him away with him using Colliding Stab.

Cloud Piercer’s gunfire arrived, but another person on Happy had arrived as well.

Qiao Yifan. He coordinated together with Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim from the right wing. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had entered the Darkness Boundary, but he didn’t. His One Inch Ash quietly circled around behind Cloud Piercer.

There was only one pair of eyes on Samsara. Zhou Zekai had too many things he needed to take care of. His vision was limited. Happy had intentionally been focusing the main battle in one location, leaving an opening for Qiao Yifan to take advantage of.

Get close, good enough, cast!

The ghost god’s power gathered around his blade. Qiao Yifan was extremely nervous.

Would his attack hit?

He stared intently at Cloud Piercer’s back. He was afraid that Cloud Piercer would suddenly turn around and aim his gun at him.

Cloud Piercer didn’t turn around, but he did suddenly move. As he moved, his dual guns erupted in a blaze of sparks. In an instant, his bullets reached every part of the map.

Rapid Fire! Random Firing!

Zhou Zekai was planning on using this type of burst to cover the entire battlefield by himself!

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