The King's Avatar Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 The Target To Shoot

Chapter 1684: The Target to Shoot

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Fang Minghua’s first thought was to interrupt Qiao Yifan’s cast. However, his Laughing Song was a Cleric. He didn’t have any skills that could instantly stop One Inch Ash from completing his spell. One Inch Ash was nearly done with the cast. When the ghost god’s power finished gathering, the Ghost Boundary would be complete.


All Fang Minghua could do was warn his teammates. However, Sun Xiang and Wu Qi were both close-ranged characters, and were far away from him. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves was Happy’s main focus. Empty Waves was even farther away. Even if Empty Waves had long-ranged skills, it wouldn’t be enough.

There was only Zhou Zekai and his Cloud Piercer.

Zhou Zekai’s full attention was on assisting Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves. He hoped to stop Happy from reaching their goal. If he could help Jiang Botao win even the slightest opening, Jiang Botao would be able to get out.

But he couldn’t!

Ye Xiu had Lord Grim dodge what attacks he could, and tank what attacks he couldn’t. All so that he could continue with the plan. In short, Zhou Zekai had to keep his focus there. He needed to keep trying. But at this moment, he received Fang Minghua’s warning.

Zhou Zekai was helpless. He could only have Cloud Piercer turn. He had to interrupt Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash. If not, the Ghost Boundary would certainly prevent him from attacking Lord Grim.

Zhou Zekai acted swiftly. Cloud Piercer turned quickly, but no matter how fast he acted, it would still affect his pressure towards Lord Grim.

The Ghost Boundary was interrupted again. This time, let alone Zhou Zekai, even the pro players outside felt like they had swallowed a housefly.

“These Ghost Boundaries are too tricky. Even if they fail, they mess up Zhou Zekai’s rhythm. It’s extremely helpful for Ye Xiu. If it were me, that would be the best I could do as well,” Glory’s number one Phantom Demon, Li Xuan, didn’t hide his admiration for Qiao Yifan. He was giving him praise in all regards.

“Stop sticking gold onto your own face. Have you noticed his positioning?” Chu Yunxiu added.

The pro players immediately paid attention to One Inch Ash’s positioning. Li Xuan continued: “Of course. He’s positioned behind One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence. He’s also lined up with Empty Waves and Cloud Piercer, using Cloud Piercer to block Empty Waves’ sight of him. If Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song had stepped out of the Darkness Boundary even a step later, the Ice Boundary would have likely succeeded.”

“What if it were Crying Devil?” Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie suddenly said.

“Ah, that’s the unfortunate part, ” Li Xuan nodded his head. His Crying Devil was the number one Phantom Demon, and all Phantom Demon skills required cast times. As a result, cast speed was a top priority. His Crying Devil was one tier above Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash in terms of stats. If One Inch Ash had been Crying Devil, Fang Minghua’s warning would have been too late.

The pro players only took a few seconds to discuss all this. However, Happy and Samsara hadn’t stopped to wait for them. Numerous changes had happened in these few seconds.

Samsara, who had been on the backfoot the whole time, were in a much better situation than before now that the two Darkness Boundaries had disappeared. Even if none of Samsara’s players had been inside the Darkness Boundaries, it still separated them from each other.

Now that this forbidden zone vanished, Samsara could finally move around freely between the two sides. The first thing that Fang Minghua did was step into the previous forbidden area. In the blink of an eye, only Sun Xiang remained to put pressure on Su Mucheng and An Wenyi. Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence had turned around and was moving towards Empty Waves.

Because of Qiao Yifan’s timely interference, Zhou Zekai wasn’t able to suppress Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. Once Tang Rou’s Soft Mist made her way over, it became impossible for Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer to hold them down alone.

However, the Darkness Boundaries were gone. Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence rushed over, and in an instant, Samsara splitting apart earlier looked even more beautiful. The separated Empty Waves had been linked back together with the team.

Happy opened the match with two Darkness Boundaries to trap four of Samsara’s players. Their opening was undoubtedly in their favor. However, despite their spectacular start, the outcome wasn’t as great as they would have liked.

They hadn’t been able to deal much damage while their opponents had been trapped by the Darkness Boundary. Their plan to separate Empty Waves seemed like it had failed after the two Darkness Boundaries disappeared.

Had Happy played it badly?

No one thought so.

Starting from their pincer formation, Happy’s tactics had been extremely effective. Every player had performed their task outstandingly.

However, Samsara’s responses weren’t inferior at all. They had been at an extreme disadvantage, yet they had minimized the losses. It was true that they had lost more health, but they didn’t let Happy take control of the battle.

Happy’s crucial Darkness Boundaries had disappeared. Samsara began to actively take back the initiative.

Zhou Zekai had been a huge reason that Samsara was able to keep things together during this period of time. Without his existence, without his strength, who knew how badly the situation would have spiralled out of control.

Cloud Piercer’s Rapid Firing was still active. However, the Random Firing skill duration had come to an end, reducing his firepower significantly. Samsara had finally stabilized the situation though. The next act was now beginning.

But to everyone’s surprise, Zhou Zekai used Dual Load, instantly refreshing Cloud Piercer’s Random Firing.

He’s going to keep it up?

Everyone was astonished.

The opening confrontation had been intense. Even though Happy wasn’t able to establish an overwhelming lead, they were winning right now. Samsara’s players were rather scattered about right now. It wasn’t the best time to counterattack. Samsara didn’t even have an immediate target to focus on.

In any case, Zhou Zekai had already started. Bullets rained down again on the battlefield, except this time, Zhou Zekai no longer took care of everyone. He was unexpectedly aiming mainly towards Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash. As he fired, he even started moving towards One Inch Ash. Qiao Yifan was clearly Zhou Zekai’s target.

There was Ye Xiu, who had beaten him in the 1v1. There was the All-Star support, Su Mucheng. There was the Best Rookie, Tang Rou, who had just 1v3ed Samsara in the group arena. However, Zhou Zekai’s target was actually Qiao Yifan.

Qiao Yifan hastily had One Inch Ash dodge and retreat, but Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer wasn’t letting up. When everyone looked again, at this rate, the two would be separated from the rest of their teams.

“Could it be… BOX-1?” Blue Rain’s captain, Yu Wenzhou, said doubtfully.

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