The King's Avatar Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687 The Weakling's Counterattack

No matter how bad I am, I’m Happy’s healer!

An Wenyi regained his calm, regained his reason. He quickly observed the present situation.

Things weren’t going well for Happy. Everyone on the team had been separated. Even Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain, with her ultra long-range, had lost contact with the team.

Which side needed the most help?

An Wenyi immediately examined each of the battles taking place.

Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain was pinned down by Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf. Even if he tried to help, a Launcher would have a hard time forcefully breaking past a Battle Mage.

What about Ye Xiu and Tang Rou?

It was a 2v2 against Jiang Botao and Wu Qi. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves had escaped from their grasps. Wu Qi had joined up with him, and now, the two sides were going back and forth. For a moment, neither side seemed to be able to gain the upper hand. However, behind Jiang Botao and Wu Qi was Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song, who was providing support to them. Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer would also help from time to time. In the long-term, it seemed like he would be needed there.

However, An Wenyi didn’t immediately go over to help. He turned towards Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash.

Although Su Mucheng was pinned down by Sun Xiang, the one in the worst shape was actually Qiao Yifan.

Qiao Yifan had no way to use any of his skills. Ghost boundaries had cast times. Without any place to hide, any attempts to place down a ghost boundary would be interrupted. Zhou Zekai wouldn’t let him out of his sight. With Random Firing and Rapid Firing active, the previous wave of attacks had sent One Inch Ash fleeing like a mouse. The duration of those two skills had ended, but Zhou Zekai was still keeping Qiao Yifan in check. Any time One Inch Ash tried to swing his sword, a bullet would fly his way.

Qiao Yifan was helpless. He could only keep moving, while searching for an opening or a place for him to hide. However, Zhou Zekai never let up. If One Inch Ash moved, he would move too. Utilizing the Sharpshooter’s range, Cloud Piercer had an exceptional radius of defense. Against many classes, this defense would appear somewhat lacking, but for a spell-based class like a Phantom Demon, it was more than enough.

Qiao Yifan needs help!

Seeing One Inch Ash struggling to break free from Cloud Piercer’s pursuit, An Wenyi reached a conclusion.

As a result, An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands started moving.

“What is he thinking?”

The pro players had seen Ye Xiu’s words to An Wenyi, but they didn’t know how much help those words would be to An Wenyi. When they saw Little Cold Hands suddenly start moving, they had no idea what he was thinking. It didn’t seem like he was trying to reach a place where he could cast spells.


As Little Cold Hands approached his target, everyone started to see.

Cloud Piercer!

An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands was actually charging straight towards Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer.

“What is he thinking?!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this upside-down? The weakling that Samsara had chosen to ignore was actually running towards Samsara’s greatest, most dazzling player? Had he gone insane?

“Is he planning on giving up his life to block the bullets?” someone guessed. An Wenyi had done this many times in previous matches. The other teams would regard their healer as the target that needed the most protection. On the other hand, Happy would sometimes throw their healer out to the wolves to act as a meat shield.

“What’s wrong with that? The healer’s job is to protect the team!” Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie said.


Protect the team. Everyone understood the healer’s responsibility, but was this sort of method really that effective? Zhou Zekai just needed to turn his attention to him for a second to stop him, no?

An Wenyi obviously understood this reality. This was also why he chose to charge directly towards Cloud Piercer.

Ignoring me?


I’m going to run at you, so keep on ignoring me!

An Wenyi thought to himself. He wasn’t sulking though. It was a logical decision. He was certain that by doing this, he would lure away Zhou Zekai’s attention. Switch targets to him? Stop him from approaching? All of those could happen, but An Wenyi believed firmly that if Zhou Zekai had Cloud Piercer aim his guns at him, Qiao Yifan, Ye Xiu, and Tang Rou would definitely seize this window of opportunity to do something.

This was the way he survived in Happy. This was the way he survived in the pro scene. If it was just his healing, then there was only so much he could contribute. He needed to do other things to make up for his lack of skill, such as using his own character’s health.

The crowd began letting out cries of surprise.

Happy’s weakest member was actually running straight into the jaws of Samsara’s strongest, and he was a healer too.

What is he thinking?

Is he trying to kill himself?

The viewers had begun to notice, and so had the players on the battlefield.

“This guy…” Fang Minghua was a healer, and he needed to keep his eyes and ears open at all times. As a result, he was the first to notice An Wenyi’s surprising movements. At first, he thought that An Wenyi was acting like a child throwing a tantrum. Seeing how Samsara was ignoring him, An Wenyi was using this sort of method to force Samsara to pay attention to him.

But when he looked closer, he saw how steadily Little Cold Hands was moving. He saw how Little Cold Hands would look around from time to time. It made him realize that this definitely wasn’t him acting like a child. An Wenyi had made this decision in an attempt to turn the situation around.

What is he planning?

Little Cold Hands hadn’t done anything yet, but Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash suddenly acted.


He had been moving constantly, but after taking these two steps, when Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer adjusted his aim, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Little Cold Hands?

Zhou Zekai ignored him. It was just a Cleric. Even if he got closer, he was no threat.

Step to the side!

Cloud Piercer stepped to the side, opening his vision again, and fired.


A bullet flew out. Little Cold Hands also followed and stepped to the side.

Too slow…

Zhou Zekai saw Little Cold Hands and figured out An Wenyi’s intentions, but he knew what An Wenyi’s weakness was. He knew that his reaction speed and technique were lacking. As a result, if he moved and then attacked, An Wenyi wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Sure enough.

When Little Cold Hands moved to the side, the bullet had already been fired and it went right past him.

But there was no One Inch Ash in Zhou Zekai’s line of sight.

Move to the side again.

Zhou Zekai found a new angle and attacked again. An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands followed along again, but nothing changed. His reaction speed wasn’t fast enough to keep up.

However, Zhou Zekai was frowning.

Even though An Wenyi failed to block his attack, even though Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash still wasn’t able to place down a ghost boundary, An Wenyi was still an additional burden for Zhou Zekai, requiring him to put in extra effort. It was as if there was a moving obstacle between Cloud Piercer and One Inch Ash now. Zhou Zekai had no choice but to expend more energy to avoid this obstacle.

Switch targets and kill Little Cold Hands.

That was what most people were thinking he should do. However, if he did that, his attention would mainly be focused on Little Cold Hands. Qiao Yifan would likely seize this opportunity to escape.

Things weren’t so simple… if someone else could keep Qiao Yifan pinned down, then it wouldn’t take him long to get rid of that pesky Cleric!

But there was no one…

Because he had forced Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash away from everyone else. He was the only one nearby that could keep him under control.

This separation had originally been his advantage, but right now, it was being used against him.

Once you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, and the one who put him in this situation was Happy’s weakest member, the one Samsara had decided to ignore.

An Wenyi, Little Cold Hands…

Regardless, this situation could not continue. He had to get rid of him, even if it meant giving Qiao Yifan an opening. There was nothing else he could do.

Just when Zhou Zekai was about to act, a figure suddenly slammed into Little Cold Hands from the side.

Laughing Song?

Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song, Samsara’s Cleric, had unexpectedly brandished his cross and charged straight into Little Cold Hands.

Was this a… fight between Clerics?

Everyone was dumbfounded. What sort of match was this? What was going on with these two teams’ healers?

One of them ran straight towards the jaws of the enemy, while the other ran over to swing his cross…

Was that really the only way?

The viewers were a bit puzzled. This was supposed to be a match of the highest level, so why was it looking like a match of the lowest level?

Zhou Zekai let out a sigh of relief.

Fang Minghua had noticed his predicament, seeing that Zhou Zekai was having trouble because of Little Cold Hands.

Take over and pin down Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash? Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song wasn’t capable of doing that, but he could contend against Little Cold Hands. Both of them were Clerics, who didn’t have much combat capabilities. But if it was a 1v1, Fang Minghua felt like he should have the upper hand against An Wenyi, no?

Thus, in the finals that represented the highest level of pro play, the strange scene of two Clerics whacking each other appeared.

No skills were used. It was just the two of them swinging their crosses, using normal attacks to beat each other up.

It wasn’t that Clerics didn’t have crowd control skills. It was just that with An Wenyi’s determination and caution, Fang Minghua felt like this was the most reliable method.

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