The King's Avatar Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688 Heroic Leap

How did it turn into two Clerics beating each other up?

This scene could occasionally be seen in the game, usually when players were bored, but it was unheard of in pro play. There were times when healers were forced to fight, but those were out of helplessness, for self-defense. However, this was likely the first time a Cleric had intentionally rushed in to attack another Cleric.

When a cross swung, there would be a sound effect as well. This sound seemed incredibly unfamiliar to everyone’s ears.

Laughing Song, Little Cold Hands. The two Clerics traded blows. The two characters happened to be male and female, an almost tragic sight to witness, like a family fight in the streets.

Who studied how to fight at close combat as a Cleric? Even Fang Minghua, who was an experienced player, hadn’t. An Wenyi didn’t need to be said. Although he had been scouted from the game, with his rational mind, he never participated in something as boring as a Cleric brawl, let alone studied it.

Pipipi! Papapa!

The crosses flashed with white light, weaving back and forth, occasionally colliding. A rain of white light poured down, pelting the two Clerics. However, their health barely moved. They were Clerics. How much attack power could they have?

Fang Minghua was starting to feel a bit of regret. He was regretting how he had used Charge to get close.

Charge was a Knight skill. Because it was a pre-advancement Priest skill, he could also learn it. Using it to attack wasn’t something a Cleric wanted to use it for, after all, it was an effective skill for movement and escaping. And because of this, no Priest class would let go of this skill.

It had become a habit for Fang Minghua. He had needed to get to An Wenyi quickly, so he had instinctively used the skill. Now that he and An Wenyi were fighting, he realized how useful Charge would have been now.

I’m not experienced enough!

Fang Minghua didn’t have any experience closing in on an opponent and attacking.

But just when he remembered Charge, he suddenly realized: not good!

Laughing Song had used Charge, but what about Little Cold Hands?

He hadn’t seen Little Cold Hands use it.

Just when he had this thought, he immediately saw Little Cold Hands pause, Charge!


Little Cold Hands lowered his head, ready to ram into Laughing Song. The cross looked completely useless in his hands. Although it was clearly an attack skill, it looked like he was making a fool of himself.

But no matter how stupid it looked, it was a Charge, and one at a very close distance to the target.

Laughing Song was suddenly sent flying, but Little Cold Hands didn’t stop. He was unexpectedly chasing after Laughing Song.

Had he gotten addicted to the thrill of close combat?


That wasn’t the reason.

Little Cold Hands had his Charge off cooldown the entire time, but An Wenyi didn’t immediately use it. He had been waiting for an opportunity.

Finding the right timing was An Wenyi’s specialty. Even if Fang Minghua had been ready for it since the start, stopping Little Cold Hands from using it wouldn’t have been so easy.

Laughing Song was sent flying.

Little Cold Hands rushed out.

His direction, Cloud Piercer!

An Wenyi hadn’t forgotten his original intention. He hadn’t come here to fight the enemy Cleric. He had come to interfere with Zhou Zekai. He had come to create opportunities for his team. He had come to turn things around so that the team could win!

Fang Minghua had relieved the pressure from Zhou Zekai, allowing him to continue controlling the battlefield. Zhou Zekai had wanted to provide some assistance to Fang Minghua, but before the appropriate opportunity came, Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song shot towards his Cloud Piercer like a bullet.

It had been too sudden. Zhou Zekai hastily had Cloud Piercer dodge to the side, but then, he saw Little Cold Hands following close behind, rushing towards him with Charge.


At this instant, countless people shrieked.

An Wenyi, Little Cold Hands, this flimsy Cleric had unexpectedly attacked Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer? That bastard! It’d probably be the greatest achievement in his career!

But, no!

Zhou Zekai’s reaction speed was incomparably quick. His hand speed was even quicker. He had been getting out of Laughing Song’s way when he suddenly noticed Little Cold Hands. At that point, Little Cold Hands had practically reached him already, yet he had actually been able to react in time.

Bang bang bang bang!

Cloud Piercer fired his dual guns, using the recoil to increase his speed. In the end, he was able to avoid the Charge.

How close!

Zhou Zekai felt a cold sweat dripping down his back. If the Charge had hit him, his tempo would have been disrupted. Now… it was still fine. Even though it would be a bit troublesome, he could still keep things in control.

While he had been dodging, he had looked around, particularly at Qiao Yifan’s side. Sure enough, Qiao Yifan had seized this opportunity to start casting a ghost boundary. Cloud Piercer had only barely dodged the attack from Little Cold Hands. His balance wasn’t the best, but Zhou Zekai was confident. Even in this situation, he could accurately hit One Inch Ash in the chest.


He lifted his gun. Cloud Piercer readied the trigger, when a shadow suddenly descended from the sky. In this shadow’s hands was a white light, dim and insignificant. Yet at this moment, this white light was invincible!

Heroic Leap!

An Wenyi saw that his Charge would miss, so he cancelled it and turned around, Heroic Leap!

An Wenyi knew that his reaction speed was slow. He knew that his hands weren’t quick. But at this instant, he put everything he had to be as fast as possible. He was pushing himself to his limits. He didn’t even know if what he was doing was accurate, or if he would hit his opponent.

Heroic Leap.

This was the skill that An Wenyi had placed on Little Cold Hands’ weapon. The skill name was mighty, but An Wenyi knew that the purpose of this skill wasn’t its might. It was similar to Charge. It was supposed to give Little Cold Hands another escape tool.

However, right now, he wasn’t running away. He wasn’t trying to survive. His Little Cold Hands swung his cross, using Heroic Leap to smash into Cloud Piercer, smash into Glory’s number one player, smash that being high above him. If he could hit him, it would probably be his greatest achievement.

An Wenyi didn’t object at all to this point.

This moment was indeed the greatest highlight of his career.

Heroic Leap!

Little Cold Hands jumped up. Little Cold Hands fell. The feeble light knocked down Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer, this existence at Glory’s summit.

At this moment, Little Cold Hands had Cloud Piercer beneath his feet.

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