The King's Avatar Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691 Flexibility


Laughing Song’s neck was split open. Lord Grim had given a solid cut. But no matter how bad it looked, since this was a level one skill, its damage wasn’t high. The purpose of the skill wasn’t the damage, though. Lord Grim had used the underground effect to avoid Angel’s Might, allowing him to close the distance on Laughing Song.

Not good!

Fang Minghua immediately thought. In reality, Laughing Song was still quite healthy, and although the enemy ace had closed in on him, it wasn’t a fatal situation. His team could still rescue him.

Fang Minghua understood this reasoning, but he couldn’t control the sense of crisis rising in his heart. It was as if Lord Grim had given Laughing Song a fatal blow.

This was pressure.

Even if he had won two championships, when Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim got close, Fang Minghua could still feel the stifling pressure bearing down on him.

He wanted to hurry and get away. He wanted to hurry and find a way to get to his team. He hastily looked around, but his eyes were already facing the sky.

Lord Grim quickly followed with another attack. After Underground Tunneling Technique was a knock-up skill, launching Laughing Song into the air.

This didn’t mean that Fang Minghua had to give up on his original plans. He could still observe the surroundings and make decisions while in the air! Fang Minghua hastily adjusted his view, but as soon as he turned, the ground was now rapidly retreating away along with the sword pressed against Laughing Song’s stomach.

Colliding Stab!

Before Laughing Song was fully airborne, Lord Grim attacked. By doing this, with Laughing Song’s feet off the ground, the knockback from Colliding Stab would be at its fastest and its farthest.

Where is he taking me?

Fang Minghua quickly thought. The damage from Colliding Stab wasn’t significant. It was also rarely used as part of a combo. It had two main uses. Its first use was as a movement skill. The second use was to displace the opponent. In a team competition, its second usage was more commonly seen. When focusing on a certain target, you always wanted to bring the target to an appropriate location.

Including the Underground Tunneling Technique, Lord Grim had only used a total of two skills before coming out with Colliding Stab. Along with the fact that was still in the air, it definitely seemed like Ye Xiu was taking him somewhere.

Is Happy planning on focusing me?

Fang Minghua felt that it seemed unlikely. From what he remembered, Happy didn’t have anyone nearby who could get to him. Unless they planned on forcing their way over?

So that’s their plan!

Fang Minghua couldn’t help but look around again. He quickly noticed another figure coming into view.

From afar, Dancing Rain had thrown a burning beacon onto him. The mushroom cloud from the Heat-Seeking Missile instantly engulfed him, but during this process, Lord Grim took care of him very dearly. He didn’t let Laughing Song get sent flying away from the shockwave.

But honestly, Fang Minghua didn’t want Ye Xiu’s concern for him. He could understand Su Mucheng providing support with an attack over here, but soon after the dense smoke dispersed, a red shadow flickered in front of him.

Soft Mist?

With help from Su Mucheng, Tang Rou had been fighting against Jiang Botao and Wu Qi, yet in the blink of an eye, she had reached Laughing Song. This was an aggression without regard for anything else!

But because of this, Fang Minghua wasn’t as flustered as before.

Happy’s sudden shift in targets was rather crude. Happy had directly left Jiang Botao and Wu Qi open. The two of them weren’t outside bystanders. They would quickly be in pursuit. The balance wasn’t so easily grasped.

Just when he was thinking this, he saw Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence close behind Soft Mist, not giving an inch to her.

But soon afterwards, the distance between them suddenly widened.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Soft Mist suddenly used this high-level skill. Laughing Song was still airborne, and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was still taking care of him. There was no way he could dodge this attack. Suddenly, he was sent flying into the air again.

Soft Mist instantly closed in onto Laughing Song. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim followed close behind with a Shining Cut.

They wanted to avoid Samsara’s rescue team.

Fang Minghua saw through it, but wasn’t that being too naive?

Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves had fewer movement options, so the distance between them widened by quite a bit. But Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence was an Assassin, the best out of all 24 classes in terms of mobility. He immediately went in pursuit with a Shining Cut. Then, he activated Swift Movements and sprinted. It wouldn’t take long for him to catch up.

Laughing Song could completely survive until then. After all, Happy was mainly trying to move him away. Their DPS wasn’t nearly as high as it could be.

Right when Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks ended, Laughing Song was picked up by Lord Grim.


Laughing Song was thrown out.


Fang Minghua was puzzled. Then, he saw magic ripple outwards from Soft Mist. Then, she blinked away.


Soft Mist teleported to where Laughing Song would fall and then followed with an attack.

Cruel Silence, who was just about to catch up, was suddenly thrown behind, let alone Jiang Botao who was even farther away. He was even farther away than Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf.

This… isn’t good!

Fang Minghua was startled by Ye Xiu’s and Tang Rou’s practiced coordination. This meant that the two weren’t doing this on the spur of the moment. Happy had practiced this tactic before.

This was a set-up!

Anyone with a bit of experience would understand. Oftentimes, pre-planned set-ups couldn’t keep up with the constant changes of a match, but if this sort of set-up was able to be implemented smoothly, the other side would always have the upper hand. From the coordination between Ye Xiu and Tang Rou and the interference towards the pursuers from Su Mucheng, he could see hints of it.

Happy wasn’t recklessly charging at him. They were planning on moving him around until he died!

As soon as he thought of this, he looked at the two characters carrying out this task.

Lord Grim didn’t need to be mentioned. With so many movement skills at his disposal, his unspecialized sat comfortably as king in terms of mobility.

As for Soft Mist? He could see the buff from the Neutral Chasers around her legs, drastically increasing her movement speed. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf had been left in the dust because he didn’t have the buff from Neutral Chasers.

Bad! Happy’s tactic was bad news for them!

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