The King's Avatar Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693 Dual Guns Erupt

Block, counterattack, and taunt in the chat.

Ye Xiu’s response seemed so casual. An Wenyi was so moved he almost cried.

This was his teammate, a teammate that couldn’t be more reliable. He might not have been able to stop Zhou Zekai from attacking, but his teammates weren’t going to be done in so easily. His teammates were all far stronger than him. It was precisely because he had such amazing teammates that his reckless interference was especially meaningful.

I have to keep going! An Wenyi grit his teeth.

But at this moment, a bullet flew over over. Finally, it wasn’t Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer harassing others, but someone harassing him.

The speed of the bullet wasn’t fast, which let Zhou Zekai know that this was a Stun Bullet.

It moved slowly and had low damage, but its secondary effect was frightening. The attack had to be avoided. However, Cloud Piercer was currently airborne, making it much more difficult for him to dodge. Zhou Zekai looked at the direction of the bullet. Then, Cloud Piercer fired rapidly towards the ground, using Aerial Gun to force Cloud Piercer to the side. The Stun Bullet brushed past him just like that.



The sound of a bullet hitting flesh could be heard clearly.


Zhou Zekai was startled. He saw it clearly. Cloud Piercer should have been outside of the bullet’s trajectory. But what hit Cloud Piercer was unmistakably a Stun Bullet.


Zhou Zekai realized what had happened.

But Cloud Piercer was stunned now. There was nothing he could do as he fell from the skies.

Dancing Rain!

Countless people only realized it after the replay. When Ye Xiu counterattacked, Su Mucheng coordinated with him, and fired a Stun Bullet from behind Cloud Piercer.

The two of them timed it perfectly. The Stun Bullets were fired at the exact same time. Even a godly Sharpshooter like Zhou Zekai hadn’t noticed that two bullets had been fired at that moment. As for the others on Samsara, they had been waiting for Zhou Zekai to create an opportunity for them to rescue Laughing Song. How could they have known Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng would work together to attack Zhou Zekai? Even now, they were still lamenting that the attempt to block Ye Xiu had failed. They were still hoping for Zhou Zekai to try again, and hadn’t noticed that a Stun Bullet had hit Cloud Piercer.

An Wenyi didn’t know either. All he saw was Cloud Piercer dodging Lord Grim’s Stun Bullet.

I can’t only rely on my teammates. I have to work even harder!

An Wenyi strengthened his resolve, but immediately afterwards, he noticed that Cloud Piercer was stunned!


An Wenyi’s mind worked quickly. He didn’t understand how, but Cloud Piercer was stunned.

The Stun Bullet hit?

An Wenyi was puzzled. He had clearly seen the bullet miss. How did he get hit? Ye Xiu… how did he pull that off?

An Wenyi was thinking too much, but he knew that he had to seize this opening. He had been working as a meat shield the entire time, but now, there was an opportunity for him to attack back.

Little Cold Hands was covered in blood, yet the light of her holy cross shone as pure and bright as ever.


An Wenyi wanted to use this skill the most. However, although Hypnosis had a powerful CC effect, it had a long cast time. The stun duration wasn’t enough for Little Cold Hands to complete Hypnosis.

The next best thing was Sacred Fire.

Five seconds of reduced damage, and three seconds of Silence. Sharpshooters utilized their normal attacks far more than other classes, so being silenced wasn’t as terrifying for them. However, it would still greatly reduce his combat strength. More importantly, Clerics didn’t have any better CC skills available.

No matter how great Zhou Zekai was, he couldn’t cleanse the Stun. He could only watch as Little Cold Hands summoned a Sacred Fire.

The spell was cast, and holy fire engulfed Cloud Piercer. It wasn’t until these flames blazed that the others on Samsara realized that something had happened to Zhou Zekai. Everyone turned to look, and saw Little Cold Hands lighting Cloud Piercer on fire…

At that distance, a Cleric without any protection was actually able to land Sacred Fire on Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer?





In any case, the others on Samsara could ascertain that Cloud Piercer had definitely suffered some immobilizing effect.

Help him?

The thought popped into everyone’s minds, but it was quickly thrown aside.

No matter what status he was affected by, it wouldn’t last long. Zhou Zekai was only facing a Cleric, who posed no threat to him. Cloud Piercer was also a long-ranged attacker. Even if An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands ran away during this time, he wouldn’t be able to escape from Cloud Piercer’s attack range.

There’s no need to help him.

Everyone came to the same conclusion. However, they had to face the effects of Zhou Zekai temporarily gone.

An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands didn’t run away because he knew that he couldn’t. The key was Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash. He had been pinned down by Zhou Zekai the entire time. The Heroic Leap from An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands had helped him win a small opening, but that had only happened once. Afterwards, as Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer attacked Little Cold Hands, he also took care of Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash, preventing him from setting up any ghost boundaries. An Wenyi obviously wanted to protect him, but close combat was never a Cleric’s specialty in the first place. When Zhou Zekai truly focused on him, there was only so much he could do. When he blocked the bullet for Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, he had gotten lucky.

One Inch Ash?

Samsara’s players shifted their attention to One Inch Ash. But soon afterwards, they discovered that One Inch Ash had disappeared!

To the side of the lofty pyramid were the remains of an ancient city. Destroyed walls and pillars were scattered throughout the ruins. When Cloud Piercer had been hit by the Stun Bullet, Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash had taken the opportunity to hide who knew where.

Zhou Zekai hadn’t noticed.

No one on Samsara had noticed.

Even An Wenyi hadn’t noticed.

Many of the spectators hadn’t noticed Su Mucheng’s Stun Bullet until the replay, but Qiao Yifan had noticed it.

Because he was always paying attention to the entire battlefield. He was always observing each and every teammate and opponent.

The simultaneous Stun Bullets from Lord Grim and Dancing Rain.

Apart from Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng themselves, he was the only player on the battlefield to have noticed their teamwork.

It’ll hit!

Qiao Yifan determined at that moment.

Should he place down a ghost boundary to further suppress Cloud Piercer?

He quickly dispelled the thought.

Because Qiao Yifan didn’t have any ghost boundaries available that would suppress Cloud Piercer effectively.

Darkness Boundary and Ice Boundary were on cooldown.

Ash Boundary, Silence Boundary wouldn’t be effective on Cloud Piercer. It would be somewhat of a waste of an opportunity.

As for Flame Boundary, which dealt damage, and Plague Boundary, which changed the opponent’s stats, those were even more meaningless.

In the end, Qiao Yifan chose to move away.

Using this opportunity, One Inch Ash escaped from Cloud Piercer’s firing range.

Little Cold Hands and Cloud Piercer were too close, so the stun duration wasn’t long enough for Little Cold Hands to run away. However, Qiao Yifan had been trying to run away from Zhou Zekai for a long time and was farther away from him. Now that such a huge opening had appeared, escaping would be easy.

Cloud Piercer’s bullet didn’t chase after him. In fact, none of the other Samsara players had looked towards One Inch Ash.

Qiao Yifan’s heart was beating like crazy. He knew that he had to take advantage of this opportunity no matter what.

He contacted Ye Xiu in the chat, and the two had a brief conversation.

One Inch Ash carefully hid himself behind a crumbling wall. His Silver weapon, Snow Stripe, started to glow

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