The King's Avatar Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695 A Glimmering Technique

Was it a problem with Samsara’s arrangements?

After Pan Lin and Li Yibo analyzed the present situation, most of the viewers thought so. If Jiang Botao were there, the situation would be much better. However, Jiang Botao wasn’t there. If that wasn’t a problem with their arrangements, then what was it?

But the pro players disagreed.

Saying that it was an issue with Samsara’s arrangements was like giving advice in hindsight. At that time, Samsara’s decision to send away Jiang Botao had been correct. On the other hand, their decision to ignore Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain at the start and have everyone go rescue Fang Minghua was questionable.

At this moment, because of Jiang Botao’s absence, Qiao Yifan posed an enormous problem for Samsara. Then again, if Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves had been there, Qiao Yifan probably wouldn’t have made the same play.

Instead of saying that it was a problem with Samsara’s arrangements, it would be better to say it was a timely decision from Qiao Yifan. Through his astute observations of the overall battle, he was able to create a new situation that looked as if it stemmed from an error on Samsara’s part.

“An outstanding team player,” the pro players praised. Every single time this happened, it was a form of torture to Tiny Herb. The profound stares from everyone said everything. No matter how calm they may be, they couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable.

Samsara had no time to admire Qiao Yifan’s incredible play. For them, this incredible play meant huge trouble for them.

Lord Grim and Soft Mist, should they chase them or not?

It was a difficult decision. Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf circled around the ghost boundary.


Sun Xiang saw it. After he and Wu Qi were blocked by Qiao Yifan, he saw Ye Xiu and Tang Rou slow down, waiting to see what he and Wu Qi did before taking the next step. If Samsara turned on One Inch Ash, those two would probably stop completely and focus on killing Laughing Song as fast as possible.

Samsara didn’t wish to see this happen. Whether or not they could catch up wasn’t important, they would at least be putting pressure on them. That way, Happy had to keep moving Laughing Song along, and perhaps those two might make a mistake.

Chase, he had to give chase. If the two of them couldn’t, then at least one of them should.

Sun Xiang understood this point, and immediately sent a message to Wu Qi through the team chat. The two split up. Qiao Yifan was left to Wu Qi, while Sun Xiang had One Autumn Leaf circle around to continue giving chase.

Suddenly, sword light flashed. Moonlight Slash into Full Moonlight Slash, the classic Ghostblade combo appeared in front of One Autumn Leaf. Sun Xiang wasn’t looking for trouble, but Qiao Yifan was. Postured like a Sword Demon, a Phantom Demon attacked.

How could Qiao Yifan, who excelled at reading the big picture, not recognize the severity of the situation? Little Cold Hands’ death was certain. Whether Ye Xiu and Tang Rou could finish off Fang Minghua’s Laughing Song was crucial. For this to happen, blocking Sun Xiang and Wu Qi from getting to them was essential. Qiao Yifan couldn’t let them through no matter what. Unfortunately, One Inch Ash’s CC skills were on cooldown. No matter how much damage Flame Boundary dealt, or how much defense Plague Boundary lowered, it wouldn’t stop the other side from getting through.

Out of choices, Qiao Yifan could only have One Inch Ash take the fight to One Autumn Leaf.

Sun Xiang’s reaction was quick. One Autumn Leaf sidestepped twice, evading One Inch Ash’s attacks. One Inch Ash was extremely close to him. Sun Xiang really wanted to beat him up with his Evil Annihilation. He suddenly had an idea, and quickly typed in the chat: switch!

Having Wu Qi, who was trapped in a ghost boundary, deal with Qiao Yifan wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Affected by both Ash Boundary and Silence Boundary, Cruel Silence’s combat prowess was extremely weak. In an actual 1v1 against One Inch Ash, he would certainly be on the losing side. He might even be completely dominated. Close-ranged classes claiming ghost boundaries as “BUGs” wasn’t without its reasoning.

But right now, Qiao Yifan was ignoring Wu Qi, instead going for Sun Xiang. If One Inch Ash were pinned down by One Autumn Leaf, then when Cruel Silence left the two ghost boundaries, it wouldn’t be too big of a delay considering an Assassin’s speed.

So, switch!

Sun Xiang was ecstatic seeing this opportunity appear. It seemed like the attentive Qiao Yifan had made a mistake because of his heavy responsibilities.

Tyrant’s Destruction!

The moment he typed out “switch,” One Autumn Leaf unleashed a Tyrant’s Destruction to push One Inch Ash farther away from his ghost boundaries. Without ghost boundaries, a Phantom Demon would be at a huge disadvantage in close combat. A Phantom Demon’s essential tools, ghost boundaries, required cast times, but how could there be any time for them to cast anything in close combat? As for their remaining attacks, those would low-level Elementalist and Battle Mage skills. However, these skills were mainly reserved for survival, not actual combat.

But Qiao Yifan’s reaction was unexpectedly fast as well. When the Tyrant’s Destruction swung his way, One Inch Ash leapt backwards and then moved to the side. His rhythm was light and brisk. His movement gave people a sense of familiarity, but it seemed rather strange on One Inch Ash.

“What’s this?” The number one Phantom Demon, Li Xuan, blurted out. He was incomparably familiar with Phantom Demons, but his first thought was that his movements seemed strange.

The experienced pro players had the same feeling, but for a moment, they couldn’t quite pinpoint why. After this next step, One Inch Ash stepped to the side again.

“Overlapping Sidesteps,” someone shouted. When this name was said, everyone immediately understood where this sense of deja vu came from.

Overlapping Sidesteps wasn’t a rarely-seen technique. In fact, it was a very common one. However, because many classes had their own unique playstyles, many classes had their own unique techniques.

Overlapping Sidesteps was one such technique. It was a very basic movement technique. It was done by using small steps at a fast pace to circle around the opponent’s side or back to complete a back attack.

Back attacks dealt extra damage, which was a mechanic common to all classes. However, there was one particular class, which had additional bonuses for back attacks.


The Assassin class advancement skill “Assassination Arts”, buffed the damage from back attacks even further. Assassins were inherently fast and nimble, so players tried to go for back attacks whenever possible. Any class could perform Overlapping Sidesteps. It was just that Assassins made the best use of the technique. As a result, Assassins were usually the best at this movement technique.

One Inch Ash obviously wasn’t an Assassin. A few close-ranged classes would sometimes use it, but Ghostblades, particularly Phantom Demons, seemed to have no relation with this technique. But at this moment, One Inch Ash was using it, making the people watching feel like it was an unfamiliar sight. However, the distinct characteristics of the technique could clearly be seen. It didn’t look like he was doing it on a whim. Only a practiced and skilled Assassin had this level of mastery.

Why would a Ghostblade, a Phantom Demon, have practiced an Assassin’s technique to this extent? To the point that he could even execute it so smoothly at such a critical moment?

Many people felt puzzled, but those with an understanding of Qiao Yifan’s background, especially the Tiny Herb players, didn’t find it particularly strange. When Qiao Yifan had been a part of Tiny Herb, the team had him play an Assassin. It was a class that he had bitterly practiced with in the pro scene for half a year.

He had switched classes to a Phantom Demon, but he hadn’t abandoned the techniques that he had practiced as an Assassin. He had worked hard to learn those Assassin techniques. Even though his new class wasn’t suited for them, he felt like keeping them under his belt could never be a bad thing. After all, he had a teammate who was proficient with all classes, and Qiao Yifan had seen him use techniques from numerous classes, transforming the rotten into the miraculous. He didn’t have the talent to be proficient in all classes, but everything he had already practiced was a weapon. There would be a day, a moment, where it would be useful. Even a single time would be enough for it all to be worth it.

And this moment had come.

Overlapping Sidesteps!

A very ordinary technique that many Assassins were extremely familiar with. This technique was used to get to the side or behind an opponent as fast as possible, but this didn’t mean that the opponent would be unable to move. Against an opponent of Sun Xiang’s calibre, a two-step Overlapping Sidesteps was something that he could keep up with. What’s more, these Overlapping Sidesteps were being done by a Phantom Demon, not an Assassin.

No one could have expected a Phantom Demon to use Overlapping Sidesteps, let alone have such mastery over it. It was as if he were an actual Assassin.

When Sung Xian realized this and reacted, One Inch Ash completed his third step.

Three steps, three small steps, and One Inch Ash circled around from One Autumn Leaf’s front to his side. Only then did Sun Xiang react. Only then did One Autumn Leaf move. But One Inch Ash had already made his move.


A low-level Blade Master skill, an extremely fast stab.

It was too fast. It was impossible to dodge. One Autumn Leaf was hit.

The damage from the skill wasn’t high, but the skill had a knockback effect.

Sun Xiang’s expression changed. He realized what this knockback meant.

To One Autumn Leaf’s side was the Ash and Silence Boundary.

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