The King's Avatar Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697 Simple Detail

It was a bit too late for Lord Grim and Soft Mist to kill Laughing Song, but now, with Steamed Bun Invasion?

Ordinary viewers might have noticed how severe the problem was, but the pro players already couldn’t help but begin to applaud. Because they knew that this was definitely within Happy’s calculations.

They couldn’t fault Samsara for overlooking this, because they had only noticed anything when Steamed Bun Invasion had entered from the support zone and joined in on attacking Laughing Song. It was only because they were in the audience and had the omniscient view that they saw Steamed Bun Invasion sooner and recognized the problem faster.

And on Samsara’s side, even now, Zhou Zekai was the only one who had seen Steamed Bun Invasion, and only he had recognized this problem. Sun Xiang and Wu Qi’s views were blocked just perfectly, so they hadn’t yet seen the sixth player Steamed Bun Invasion, and they hadn’t realized that Happy had been running this whole time not just to avoid their pursuers and escape Cloud Piercer’s firing range, but also to place the final attack location right next to the support zone.

As soon as they began executing this exchange, Happy had realized that Little Cold Hands would definitely die before Laughing Song, so they had made preparations long before.

Happy had seen a little further. By the time Samsara realized the problem, it was already too late.


In Samsara’s chat, a message from Zhou Zekai suddenly appeared.

Zhou Zekai was extremely decisive. As soon as he realized the problem, he swiftly let go.

It was too late to save Laughing Song.

This was the conclusion he made, and so Cloud Piercer turned fire, suddenly attacking One Inch Ash.

Sun Xiang and Wu Qi were stunned. The two of them had still been desperately making their way their as fast as they could. Zhou Zekai’s message, Zhou Zekai’s intent, they instantly understood, but why?

Even now, the two of them still hadn’t realized that this was close to the support area. They hadn’t realized the problem that because Happy’s healer died first, their sixth player would appear and increase their DPS.

But right now, there was no time for them to hesitate, or ask an extra question.

Turn fire!

Instantly, these two firmly carried out their captain’s directions. On the battlefield, the players were mostly left to rely on their own judgment and initiative, but when there was a clear instruction or intent, cooperation came first. As for whether or not the players could instantly grasp the intent of an instruction, that depended on the tacit understanding between team members.

Sun Xiang and Wu Qi hadn’t seen Steamed Bun Invasion, so they didn’t understand the full situation. But the two cooperated with Zhou Zekai with unquestioning resolve.

One Autumn Leaf, Cruel Silence, the two characters suddenly spun around, swiftly charging toward One Inch Ash.

Qiao Yifan was startled. He had still been calculating which of One Inch Ash’s ghost boundaries were off cooldown so he could go sneak attack a few more of Samsara’s players, when all of a sudden, three of his opponents were suddenly charging toward him without warning.

Qiao Yifan’s situational awareness was excellent, he was cautious and attentive, but ultimately he still lacked battle experience. Samsara’s swift and decisive response caught him off-guard.

Cloud Piercer’s gunfire came toward One Inch Ash first, and One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence were converging upon him. Even though these two still didn’t understand the reason for turning their fire, their execution was clean and precise. When they switched their target, the first thing they did was cut off the path that One Inch Ash could have used to get support from Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and the others.

They wanted to force One Inch Ash into a corner. Qiao Yifan could see this, and he didn’t want to tangle with them. One Inch Ash turned tail and ran.

With Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer marking him, his One Inch Ash had no chance to cast any ghost boundaries. Moreover, when he’d been slowing down One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence earlier, One Inch Ash had been setting ghost boundaries one after another without any rhythm. Right now, many of them were still on cooldown!

“They’re on me!”

While Qiao Yifan had One Inch Ash to flee, he was also swiftly alerting everyone in Happy: Samsara was coming for him.

And the escaping Qiao Yifan wasn’t simply running way in any random path. There was no way he could race against three people. Besides, movement speed wasn’t a Ghostblade’s strength. One Inch Ash leapt forward, tumbling over a fallen stone pillar, and after that he didn’t stand up again. Hiding behind it, he frantically crept along.

Borrowing this cover, he could avoid at least some of the damage from Cloud Piercer’s fire for now. Qiao Yifan knew that he couldn’t escape completely. All he needed to do was stall, to hold on for as long as he could, until his own side could come help him.

The cover of the stone pillar also blocked his field of view, so Qiao Yifan couldn’t see the situation of his pursuers. However, some distance away, he could see the struggle between Su Mucheng and Jiang Botao.

If he crept closer, he could achieve a bit of support from Su Mucheng’s firepower!

Qiao Yifan saw very clearly that, right now, Su Mucheng might be the only one who could extend a hand of support.

But at this moment, Qiao Yifan heard a gunshot.

Different types of guns fired shots with different sound effects. Guns of the same type would sound more similar, but the differences between a rifle, a revolver, and a handcannon were simply too different.

The sound of this shot clearly had a lot of strength behind it, and there was no series of rapid sounds after it. This was very clearly characteristic of a rifle shot’s sound.

A rifle…

Right now, the only one on the battlefield with that type of gun was the gun form of Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

Ye Xiu was currently closing in on Laughing Song, Lord Grim didn’t have a reason to use firing attacks. So, was this shot meant to support him?

Qiao Yifan was indeed very attentive to detail. After hearing just this one shot, his mind considered many things. And on Su Mucheng’s end, he noticed that her Dancing Rain was currently moving toward his own position. But it wasn’t clear that it was to support him. It seemed more like she was simply making a strategic supporting movement.

Qiao Yifan didn’t act rashly. He continued along his chosen path. Only when One Inch Ash was furiously running did he hurriedly swivel his view to look back.

And so, he saw Lord Grim.

He thought that the others couldn’t come support him so quickly, but when he saw Lord Grim’s position, he realized that Lord Grim wasn’t just firing that one shot when he found the spare time. Lord Grim was actually charging straight out, chasing after the tails of those three Samsara players.

This is…

Qiao Yifan was stunned, but he quickly realized.

Stupid! How was he so stupid?

The reason why it would have been inconvenient for Ye Xiu and the others to come rescue him was because they had to focus fire to kill Laughing Song as fast as possible before Samsara could save him. But now, Samsara’s three had clearly changed their target. They were no longer trying to rescue their healer. With that, of course, killing off Laughing Song was no longer a pressing matter. Controlling and killing a Cleric, one person was enough for that. So, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim quickly broke away to leap at Samsara’s tails, without any delay.

As expected of a God!

Even though Qiao Yifan had been playing with Ye Xiu for over two years now, his feelings of worship had never faded. Just now, for example, the logic was as simple as adding one plus one, but under the intense conditions of battle, to be able to recognize and react so quickly, that definitely wasn’t as simple as one plus one.

At least, Qiao Yifan hadn’t thought of it, and Samsara had overlooked it too, no?

In the audience, the pro players were still praising Zhou Zekai’s decision to turn fire as unusually decisive! They were just like Qiao Yifan. In that moment, their minds hadn’t made the connection. But then, they saw Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim rushing forth ferociously. After everyone was stunned for a moment, they too all realized what was going on, and they were filled with mixed emotions. It was such a simple logic, how come they had all overlooked it?

The pro players all exchanged glances, and no one spoke.

But at that moment, just as it seemed that Cloud Piercer was closing in on One Inch Ash with single-minded focus, just as it seemed that he was going to seize him in his grasp, Cloud Piercer suddenly made a 180-degree turn. He lifted his dual revolvers, and they spat fire.

Turned fire!

Cloud Piercer actually turned fire once again, moving quickly at the same time. He actually threw One Inch Ash aside again, and charged back toward Laughing Song.

This is…

The audience was once again dumbfounded.

Had Samsara really overlooked such a simple logic? Perhaps some people would, but Zhou Zekai hadn’t. He had been using this simple principle to lure Happy into lessening their offense against Laughing Song, and then, using the range advantage of his Cloud Piercer, he turned fire yet again and break the offense that Happy had mounted against Laughing Song.

A small advance and retreat, a link that everyone had overlooked, yet Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai had set up so many schemes here.

“Perhaps these two really are on another level…” said honored guest Li Yibo in the broadcast. This was an extremely simple detail, but the real story lay within this simple detail.

Zhou Zekai controlled Cloud Piercer to charge in that direction. His long-range control was limited, but Fang Minghua wasn’t dead. If Zhou Zekai’s offense could allow him to seize the slightest opening, he would work as hard as he could to persist. But even so, Zhou Zekai wasn’t completely confident. Ideally, Happy would have only left one person to continue attacking Laughing Song. Judging from Happy’s bold and wild style today, he felt that that possibility was quite likely.

But although Happy was quite unrestrained when they were going wild, when Zhou Zekai hoped for them to go wild, to his surprise, Happy had in fact restrained themselves.

Perhaps they had seen through his intention? Zhou Zekai thought. After all, the other side had realized that they could loosen up and send an attacker away. With Ye Xiu’s knowledge and shrewdness, it was very likely that they had also prepared to defend against this strategy of baiting the tiger away from the mountain.

But if they had recognized this possibility of bait, and still sent out an attacker anyway, then it had to be said that Happy really was quite daring.

But to go wild like this all the time, there had to be some price to pay, no?

Cloud Piercer charged forth, his gunfire quick and biting. Zhou Zekai had thought very deeply, but he didn’t waver on his decision. He didn’t have a good handle on this situation, but he still firmly believed that this was worth an attempt. He believed in himself, and he believed in Fang Minghua.

Our healer is still here!

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