The King's Avatar Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698 Steamed Buns Sand Toss


Fang Minghua had been searching for an opening the entire time, but this one was by far the closest to him yet.

Cloud Piercer’s bullets rained down. Fang Minghua could practically see the bullets flying past Laughing Song’s eyes. Happy wouldn’t retreat. Even if they had to take damage, they had to kill Laughing Song.

But under Cloud Piercer’s firepower, how could it be so easy to just tank the damage?

Reinforced Iron Bones!

The newly subbed in Steamed Bun was quick-witted. The moment Zhou Zekai attacked, his Steamed Bun Invasion activated Reinforced Iron Bones. With Super Armor, his rhythm wouldn’t be broken no matter how dense the rain of bullets. At worst, he would take more damage.

The breakthrough point would have to be Soft Mist.

Fang Minghua began paying more attention to Soft Mist’s side. He watched Laughing Song’s health carefully. Every second felt like a year.

This was a match point. If Samsara could successfully rescue Laughing Song, Samsara would almost certainly win. The countless Samsara fans among the crowd stood up from their seats. Whether or not their team could lock in the win gripped their hearts.

Closer, closer!

They prayed in their hearts. Because they could see that at this distance, Cloud Piercer’s offense wasn’t threatening enough. A bit closer… a bit closer and his gunfire would be more dense, and he would be able to rely on chaining together his attacks to fully suppress Soft Mist’s attacks. Or perhaps because she tried too hard to dodge, her rhythm would get messed up, and Fang Minghua would be able to find an opportunity to rescue himself.

Advance! This was the conviction in Zhou Zekai’s heart.

Opening! This was what Fang Minghua hoped for. He would never give up until the end.

Tang Rou began feeling the pressure.

Steamed Bun immediately activated Reinforced Iron Bones. He wasn’t feeling any pressure on his end, but that also meant that he was pushing it all onto Tang Rou. Zhou Zekai obviously wasn’t going to waste his time trying to stop a Super Armored character.

“Maybe Bao Rongxing shouldn’t have activated Reinforced Iron Bones,” Pan Lin said.

“Maybe… but even if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have stopped Zhou Zekai from focusing on a single target,” Li Yibo said.

“That’s true,” Pan Lin nodded his head.

“Maybe Bao Rongxing should try and protect Tang Rou!” Li Yibo said.

“Her protection’s already arrived,” Pan Lin said.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim rushed towards Cloud Piercer, firing at him.

Zhou Zekai obviously saw him, but he had the same mentality as Tang Rou and Steamed Bun right now. Offense was his number one priority. He would only deal with the attacks that would interfere with his offense.


There wasn’t much time left. Once Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim got close to him, Zhou Zekai was certain that everything would end there. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim sticking onto him was far more threatening than An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands.

He moved away, doing what he could to delay Lord Grim. He open fired. This was the final sprint. There was only one chance left.

Rapid Firing, Random Firing, Berserk Firing…

At this moment, Cloud Piercer activated every buff he had. Zhou Zekai didn’t hold back, pushing his firepower to its peak.

Success or failure would be decided here, Gatling Gun!

Cloud Piercer suddenly stood his ground. He stopped firing with his dual guns, instead pulling out a heavy machine gun. Under the various Sharpshooter buffs, the bullets from Gatling Gun were practically connected as they flew out like a ray of light.

Tang Rou immediately recognized that she had to dodge no matter what. If the laser-like rain of bullets landed, she would likely be knocked back.

Soft Mist dodged. The Gatling Gun followed her. As the gun turned, the bullets were like an orderly flight of steps, creating an arc.

The arc forced Soft Mist to move in one direction. An opening finally appeared in front of Laughing Song.


The opening that he had been waiting for who knew how long had come.

At this moment, Fang Minghua’s attention was entirely on Steamed Bun Invasion. He knew that the only one who could attack and stop him was Steamed Bun Invasion. He didn’t have the ability to fight against Steamed Bun Invasion, but he could avoid him. He had to avoid him.


Laughing Song charged towards that opening. However, his gaze was locked firmly onto Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun Invasion swung his fist as if it were a conditioned reflex. He sent a punch to intercept the fleeing Laughing Song.

But no matter how fast his reaction speed was, it was just an ordinary punch, so ordinary that Fang Minghua nearly laughed.

How easy!

Fang Minghua quickly acted. Laughing Song leaned slightly to the side as he rushed forward. Steamed Bun Invasion missed.

Fang Minghua obviously didn’t think that it was over just because he had dodged this single punch. But with how easy it had been to avoid Steamed Bun Invasion’s first attempt, he suddenly felt like he could see another opening on Steamed Bun Invasion.

After one opening, another one followed. Fang Minghua surged with excitement. His fingers suddenly felt even lighter and nimbler than before. Laughing Song raised his cross, ready to cast an instant Holy Cure on himself. His situation before had been so dire that he hadn’t even been able to cast an instant-cast skill.

Holy light gathered around his cross. Just before it shone onto Laughing Song, Steamed Bun Invasion’s ordinary fist suddenly opened wide, releasing a handful of sand.

Sand Toss?

The holy light extinguished.

Fang Minghua couldn’t describe what he was feeling with words. That punch was a Sand Toss? You can Sand Toss like that? If it’s Sand Toss, then throw it earlier? Why would you clench your fists so tightly? If the hand holding the sand hit me, what would that have done?

Sand Toss. Fang Minghua suddenly had countless questions about this common Brawler skill. Laughing Song had already been hit by the sudden Sand Toss. Fang Minghua hadn’t been able to react to it in time.

His screen turned dark.

A max-leveled Sand Toss had a 100% chance to Blind if it hit the face. The effect lasted eight seconds.

The countless Samsara fans closed their eyes. Eight seconds of Blind. Laughing Song had no chance of escaping anymore. Zhou Zekai had created an opening for him, but Fang Minghua could only rely on himself to take it. However, with eight seconds of Blind, there was no hope left for Fang Minghua.

“What the fuck? He can’t even dodge a Sand Toss?” Countless players cursed.

The pro players were speechless.

This Sand Toss… what should they say! It felt like a joke. It could be considered a cheese, a cheap play by a normal player.

But Steamed Bun had brought this cheese to the highest stage on Glory, extinguishing Fang Minghua’s last hopes.


Everyone could sympathize with Fang Minghua. Now that everyone had seen it, everyone felt like they could easily deal with it. Against this delayed Sand Toss, you could dodge or interrupt it, easy as pie.

But Fang Minghua was the first to be cheesed. When he saw that punch, the thought of it being a Sand Toss probably hadn’t even crossed his mind, and because of that, what should have been child’s play ended his life.

Apart from sympathy, the pro players could only give him their sympathy. Pan Lin and Li Yibo didn’t know what to say. It was such an important match point, and it was resolved through a little trick? This decisive match was filled with all sorts of weirdness.

But in the end, Fang Minghua’s time was over. Praying for Zhou Zekai to pull off another miracle was hopeless. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had reached Cloud Piercer. With Lord Grim’s mobility, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had no way to kite him. The two began an intense duel.

Not long afterwards, Samsara’s Laughing Song died. For both teams, the first to die was the healer.

Everyone had faith in the words: whoever controlled the enemy healer, controlled the match. Now that both healers were dead, who knew what direction the match would move towards. At least, it would still be a 5v5.

However, many of the viewers felt somewhat strange when they saw the names of Happy’s characters. Coincidentally, all of these people happened to be players from the tenth server.

Lord Grim? Soft Mist? One Inch Ash? Steamed Bun Invasion? Only Dancing Rain was slightly off. But the others, wasn’t this the team in the tenth server that had set countless dungeon records?

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