The King's Avatar Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699 What A Brawler

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Today, the tenth server players were no longer noobs. Many of them had reached the Heavenly Domain, and begun their higher-level journey there.

But whether they’d gone to the Heavenly Domain or remained in the tenth server, any gamer who had experienced that pioneering period in the tenth server could never forget the dungeon record war at that time. Even if every server would experience a period like that, even if most people were only bystanders, no new server’s dungeon records had ever been so thoroughly dominated by the same people. The records they achieved seemed to symbolize eternity.

And now, the names that had left these records appeared in the ultimate battle of the finals. Neat and orderly, just like the original, a team with no healer, only DPS.

Dancing Rain, Cleansing Mist, the names of these two accounts weren’t the same. But they were the same class, the names used the same characters. By now, everyone had basically guessed that the Cleansing Mist of that time had been used by the person currently playing Dancing Rain, Su Mucheng.

For a pro player to go for a normal server’s dungeon record, many people would suspect them of bullying normal players. If this had been exposed at that time, Su Mucheng probably would have suffered all sorts of condemnation. But now, the situation was different. Everyone had witnessed Happy as this team grew, step by step. The dungeoning team that had swept those records, that had been their earliest form. Now, they stood upon Glory’s highest stage.

The players who had started in the tenth server, who had been only noobs back then, were thoroughly moved. They had never experienced any Glory history before the tenth server. They had only heard about the past, they had never really been deeply affected by it, because it was at a distance. But Happy had risen suddenly from their tenth server, to stand on Glory’s ultimate battlefield. In their eyes, this team was a symbol of their era. This was a new team, who, in the middle of their era, had grown up with them, and burst forth.

In this moment, countless tenth server players were blazing with passion. With Team Happy, they could truly feel immersed in this moment. Never before had a team left such a clear and heavy mark upon a server – never before, never until now.

This is our era, this is our symbol!

Tenth server!

Many gamers who had come from the tenth server suddenly erupted with this cheer, confusing many other players. This kind of immersion, this kind of significance of a symbol – without experiencing it themselves, they could never understand.

Even in the live audience, Samsara’s home stadium, a commotion rose up. Of course, a number of Samsara fans had come from the tenth server as well.

However, although the sight of these names may have caused memories to resurface, these gamers would not change sides because of this.

The match continued. A list of characters could not kill an opponent.

Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai were fighting, and it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.

Su Mucheng and Jiang Botao were circling, although Dancing Rain was clearly moving closer to Lord Grim’s side, trying to establish a connection.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun had finally taken care of Laughing Song, and the two of them were swiftly rushing toward Lord Grim.

Happy’s next target was Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer?

That seemed to be the case. Happy was not a team that could be predicted through common principles, and it wasn’t like they hadn’t focused the opponent’s core before. In that team battle against Tiny Herb in the regular season, they had focused and killed Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria, which had become a textbook example of this strategy.

And in conditions where both sides no longer had a healer, attacking the absolute core of the “one-man team” Samsara, Zhou Zekai, was simply following a logical train of thought. In the Tiny Herb match, when they’d focused Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria, even trading two for one was worth it.

However, Samsara immediately detected this clear intention.

This confrontation between Zhou Zekai and Ye Xiu right now was no less intense than their 1v1 had been last round. On one side, bullets flew; on the other, a weapon shifted between a thousand forms. But when he saw more of Happy’s players running toward him, Zhou Zekai knew this couldn’t continue.

Cloud Piercer began to fight while falling back.

If only talking about movement speed, no character could keep up with Lord Grim. But when a sharpshooter used Aerial Fire to move, the technique came with a natural protection of firepower. If the opponent wanted to give chase, they had to defend against the bullets that came their way.

Neither side had a healer anymore. Decisions like blindly tanking damage now had to be weighed carefully. But Ye Xiu completely ignored this fact about the present situation. Lord Grim opened his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, Charge!

Lifting a shield only decreased the damage, it didn’t completely negate it. Such a move still meant that he was tanking the damage to attack.

But Ye Xiu had other reasons for doing this. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were just about to arrive, so at this moment, it was of course crucial that he stick to Cloud Piercer so that they had a beautiful 3v1 situation. Even if Cloud Piercer didn’t die, any amount of damage was helpful. Right now, the situation was that there were no healers. His Lord Grim would sacrifice some blood now to see more blood spill from Cloud Piercer later.

The Charge instantly closed the distance between the two characters. Even Zhou Zekai himself knew that there was no way his Cloud Piercer could shake off Lord Grim in the span of a few steps. When the Charge activated, he was already controlling Cloud Piercer to change directions.


Cloud Piercer stepped to the side, letting Lord Grim’s Charge go past him. The skill allowed the user to move very fast, but because it was so fast, it was difficult to adjust or control the movement.

But Ye Xiu was no ordinary person. When he saw Cloud Piercer dodging, he immediately cancelled the Charge. Against his own inertia, Lord Grim twisted his body to change directions. However, Zhou Zekai had also predicted that he might be able to make this kind of response, and his character was already backing even further away. He wanted to use these kinds of nonstop direction changes to shake off Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

This match had seen a Cleric brawl, it had seen the cheap trick of Steamed Bun Invasion tossing a handful of sand. It had been almost embarrassing for the audience to watch. But when they saw the direct confrontation between Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai, this level, this skill, this technique demonstrated was just going up and up.

Changing directions to get away, it was a very foundational technique. But when it came to Ye Xiu and Zhou Zekai, with the speed and frequency of these changes, not to mention the feints thrown in, it was almost too much for the eye to see. On the pro players’ side, the seniors of the various teams all treated this as teaching material for their rookies to watch and learn. At the same time, their hearts were trembling as well.

Zhou Zekai didn’t manage to have Cloud Piercer shake off Lord Grim, but Ye Xiu hadn’t been able to let Lord Grim get a solid control of Cloud Piercer. But reaching this point was already extremely difficult. For a Sharpshooter to be tangled with Lord Grim to this extent and still avoid being at a disadvantage, perhaps only Zhou Zekai could pull that off. And for someone to struggle with Cloud Piercer like this without letting him slip away, aside from Ye Xiu there weren’t very many who could.

But overall, if this situation continued, it was Zhou Zekai who would be at a disadvantage. As long as Ye Xiu could pin down Cloud Piercer like this, he was achieving his goal. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun’s characters were growing closer and closer. A Brawler had mid-range attack skills, and Steamed Bun Invasion was already preparing his move. Most people had no way of guessing what attack this guy would use. If you thought too deeply, you would end up like Fang Minghua. If your thoughts were too shallow, then, well! Steamed Bun’s skill was right there, he could use any number of high-level techniques.


In the end, when Steamed Bun Invasion stepped within attack range, in his hand was still his favorite, Brick.

The Brick flew, but the distance was a bit far. While Cloud Piercer was struggling with Lord Grim, he lifted his guns – bang bang, and that Brick was shattered in midair.

“Whoa, you’ve got some skill!” Steamed Bun’s strange words immediately arrived. In all of Glory, everyone knew that Zhou Zekai very much had some skill. Truly, everyone found Steamed Bun’s shocked tone incomprehensible.

“Boss I’m coming, watch me!” Steamed Bun was still shouting. With this tone, it really seemed as though there were some powerful attack in the making. But if you wanted to say that this was him giving a signal to coordinate with Ye Xiu, that didn’t seem too right. A signal for cooperation, it wouldn’t come with such a grandiose announcement in the public chat.

And so, Steamed Bun Invasion attacked again.

Molotov Cocktail!

Another flying projectile, what use was that?

The high-level pro players could no longer take any of Steamed Bun’s crude actions seriously. The Brick had been shattered by Zhou Zekai’s fire in midair, what could this Molotov Cocktail do? What’s more, even if Zhou Zekai didn’t manage to shoot it down, then if it hit, it would just cause some AoE burn damage. Cloud Piercer would just lose some health, that was all. It wouldn’t help control the opponent at all!

Every class type had a subclass that excelled in control.

For the Swordsman class, that was the Ghostblade. For the Gunner, the Spitfire; the Mage, Witch; the Nightwalker, Warlock; the Priest, Exorcist. And among the Fighter classes, the Grappler’s so-called control revolved around the strong priority of that class’s grab skills, which would simply bind the opponent. If talking about the true meaning of “control,” the one at the front of the Fighters was still the Brawler class.

Right now, Happy just needed to control Cloud Piercer. But then, Steamed Bun Invasion came in with a Brick, which was too far and posed no threat. And then, a Molotov Cocktail, which, even if it hit the opponent, would pose no threat of control.

“What kind of bullshit is this.” Among the pro players, Tang Hao could barely stay seated. He felt that this kind of Brawler level was embarrassing to the Brawler class as a whole. Even though Steamed Bun had played a big role in killing Laughing Song, the skill he’d displayed then was nothing impressive. Everyone sympathized with Laughing Song; no one praised Steamed Bun for being exceptional.

And now, in such a critical moment, Ye Xiu was working so hard to keep Zhou Zekai from escaping! Steamed Bun Invasion had mid-range attack options, he could start supporting early, but these two attacks didn’t give Zhou Zekai any difficulty at all.

“Get a brain, won’t you!!” Tang Hao couldn’t help but begin shouting.

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