The King's Avatar Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700 Red Black Clash

The players laughed up their sleeves.

Tang Hao was a rather haughty person. Let alone a rookie, he even looked down on many of the famous pro players. Steamed Bun had triggered him. It was as if he were Happy’s coach. Seeing Steamed Bun’s performance turned his expression unsightly.

Steamed Bun Invasion’s “brainless” Molotov Cocktail ended up just like what everyone had expected. It was barely an inconvenience for Zhou Zekai. However, without a healer, health became much more precious, so Zhou Zekai didn’t let the Molotov Cocktail hit him. Cloud Piercer raised his guns. This time, he didn’t even need two shots. He sniped the Molotov Cocktail from the air with just one shot.


The Molotov Cocktail shattered and burst into an enormous fireball. The fire spread outwards.

Zhou Zekai’s expression turned pale. Even though it was only for an instant, he clearly felt that the instant the fireball spread outwards, Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion had been enveloped by it.

This was a form of cover!

Zhou Zekai reacted swiftly, immediately realizing that he had been a bit careless. But that was also in part because of how sloppy Steamed Bun’s Molotov Cocktail was. No one had expected this sloppiness to have such a huge effect. The Molotov Cocktail provided large-scale cover for Happy.

At this moment, there was no time for Zhou Zekai to think about too many things. He tanked Lord Grim’s attack, while moving to the side. He was repositioning himself to find a new angle of attack, and to avoid Steamed Bun’s and Tang Rou’s potential follow-ups.

They’re here!

Zhou Zekai was mainly looking in Soft Mist’s and Steamed Bun’s direction. Sure enough, the blazing fireball was split apart in the center by a flash of red.

Soft Mist, Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

That was close!

It was a good thing Zhou Zekai reacted quick enough, predicting what might happen next. If not, Cloud Piercer wouldn’t have been able to dodge Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

Soft Mist closed the distance in an instant. Ye Xiu had coordinated with Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, making sure that Lord Grim wouldn’t obstruct Soft Mist’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks. Unfortunately, Zhou Zekai had reacted too fast, preemptively dodging it.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks missed!

After all, with that type of cover, neither side could see each other. Tang Rou immediately rushed out with Dragon Breaks the Ranks, but she didn’t know that Zhou Zekai had moved away. By the time Soft Mist pierced through the fireball, it was too late for her to adjust her attack.


Tang Rou didn’t feel bad about wasting the skill. She cancelled Dragon Breaks the Ranks. However, the momentum brought by the skill wasn’t small. Cancelling wasn’t the same as finishing the move. There wasn’t as much control over her movements. As a result, Soft Mist continued to be pushed forward. Tang Rou had Soft Mist forcefully turn. Her sliding feet pressed a hole into the ground.

Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!

Another high-level skill! Even when facing Zhou Zekai, Tang Rou didn’t back down. In the blink of an eye, her Soft Mist switched places with Lord Grim, taking the role as the main attacker. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim moved to her side, becoming her support.

Not good!

When the pro players saw Ye Xiu and Tang Rou switch positions, they knew that the two of them together would be extremely difficult to defend against. No matter how capable Zhou Zekai was, Cloud Piercer was still a Sharpshooter. A 1v2 in close quarters wasn’t just a difficult situation, but a dangerous situation. What’s more, Steamed Bun Invasion had also charged through the fireball. His hands were waving around in the air. Who knew what ridiculous play he would pull off next.

Everyone’s attention was focused on this side. Everyone was wondering whether Happy would be able to kill Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer. The other parts of the battle didn’t seem as important. Soft Mist’s Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart was just about to pierce into Cloud Piercer. Cloud Piercer was trying to dodge, but no one knew if he would be able to. Suddenly, a black shadow flickered between the two.


Two spears, one red, one black, clashed. The unstoppable Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart was knocked askew by the collision. The collision had been created by an attack with even higher priority than Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart. It was the attack that Soft Mist had just used.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

One Autumn Leaf!

Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf suddenly returned. He hadn’t targeted anyone with Dragon Breaks the Ranks. Instead, he put himself between two characters to protect Cloud Piercer.

Tyrant’s Destruction!

One Autumn Leaf knocked aside Soft Mist’s spear. Then, he cancelled Dragon Breaks the Ranks, and followed with Tyrant’s Destruction. He was planning on sweeping aside both Soft Mist and Lord Grim.

Tang Rou refused to back down. She cancelled her Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, and followed with a Tyrant’s Destruction of her own.

The two spears collided again. The same skill against the same skill. With both skills maxed, their damage and priority were the same. The winner of the clash would be decided by the character’s stats.

For Soft Mist, apart from Dancing Fire Flowing Flames, she had other Silver equipment that Happy had scrambled together. Soft Mist’s stats wouldn’t lose to most other Battle Mages in the pro scene, but compared to the Battle God, One Autumn Leaf, there was still a clear disparity. The two skills collided, and Soft Mist clearly lost. Not only did One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation stop the momentum from Soft Mist’s Dancing Fire Flowing Flames, it continued along its original trajectory.

Even so, the power of One Autumn Leaf’s attack was reduced significantly. Whether it was speed or damage, the skill was no longer a threat.

But One Autumn Leaf had the upper hand. If he switched moves, his would come out before Soft Mist’s.

Sky Strike!

Evil Annihilation suddenly swung upwards. The Tyrant’s Destruction changed into Sky Strike. The slow spear suddenly accelerated.

Soft Mist’s Dancing Fire Flowing Flames had been knocked aside. It wouldn’t be easy for her to block this Sky Strike from her position. This was obviously why Sun Xiang had chosen to switch to Sky Strike. The average viewer wouldn’t be able to understand this tiny detail.

Even if the Sky Strike wouldn’t be easy to parry, Tang Rou still didn’t back down. She struck back with a Sky Strike of her own. This time, there wouldn’t be a collision. It would be a trade.

It was a trade, but one came before the other. One Autumn Leaf’s was faster. Once Soft Mist was launched into the air, it was hard to say if her Sky Strike would reach One Autumn Leaf. Tang Rou wasn’t sure either, but she continued onwards.


She hadn’t parried, but the sound of a parry could be heard. Soft Mist’s Sky Strike swept forward, but One Autumn Leaf’s Sky Strike had been blocked by Lord Grim’s Dragon Tooth from the side. Tang Rou didn’t back down, not only because of her confidence in herself, but her confidence in Ye Xiu. She trusted that Ye Xiu would help her when she needed it.

One Autumn Leaf’s Sky Strike was blocked. It was too late for him to dodge Soft Mist’s Sky Strike. After being hit by Dancing Fire Flowing Flames, he was launched into the air.

But Tang Rou had Ye Xiu, and Sun Xiang had Zhou Zekai. After being protected by One Autumn Leaf, Cloud Piercer didn’t immediately run off. As soon as One Autumn Leaf was launched into the air, a figure appeared behind him. Cloud Piercer had a long sniper rifle aimed steady.

Thunder Snipe!

Zhou Zekai had Cloud Piercer take out this powerful skill. The long sniper rifle was aimed right at Soft Mist’s head.

The sparks flying out from the muzzle of the gun seemed to stick to Soft Mist. At this distance, it was impossible for Soft Mist to dodge the Thunder Snipe. Blood burst from Soft Mist’s head.

A huge loss!

The spectators all thought the same. Both sides had gone back and forth. Even though Soft Mist had successfully knocked One Autumn Leaf into the air, the damage from Thunder Snipe was on an entirely different level. What’s worse was that One Autumn Leaf was in the perfect position to be attacked, but with the Thunder Snipe, there was no possibility of Soft Mist following up. The knockback from Thunder Snipe was massive. Soft Mist was still stumbling back.

Ye Xiu was still there.

But Lord Grim didn’t have any attacks that could match Thunder Snipe’s damage. The damage from that one snipe wasn’t something that he could regain with a single attack.

Sword Draw!

Cold light flickered, a blade unsheathed. Lord Grim attacked both Cloud Piercer and One Autumn Leaf, while also protecting Soft Mist. It was the best he could do.

One Autumn Leaf couldn’t dodge while in the air. The Sword Draw was fast too. He had no time to parry it either. He could only take the hit. However, Zhou Zekai had predicted that Ye Xiu would respond in some way. After successfully landing Thunder Snipe, he retreated. It was almost as if Lord Grim and Cloud Piercer were in sync. The Sword Draw was dodged cleanly.

Cloud Piercer retreated. Close combat against close-ranged classes was very unfavorable for a Sharpshooter. Zhou Zekai took this opportunity to pull apart from Happy’s characters. As he retreated, he continued to attack and protect One Autumn Leaf. At the same time, their sixth player, Du Ming’s Moon Luring Frost, had finally arrived, and was about to enter the fray.

But he was still a bit far from this side of the battle.

“I’m here!” Steamed Bun typed into the chat. This was a common habit amongst in-game players. Once Steamed Bun became a pro player, he didn’t throw this habit away. In the competitive scene, others might be using the chat to wage psychological warfare on the opponents. On the other hand, Steamed Bun used the chat to say meaningless nonsense.

Okay, you’re here. So what?

Many of the viewers replied back inwardly.

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