The King's Avatar Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705 Pull One Hair And The Whole Body Moves

The crowd erupted into fervent applause. How could the Samsara fans not be excited seeing Wu Qi suddenly find a killing opportunity? They didn’t look into the details too clearly. Just the outcome alone made them extremely pleased.

The pro players let out expressions of astonishment.

They had spectator views, allowing them to see everything that was happening in the match. Had Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence done anything exceptional?


No one thought so.

They knew that he had been moving around on the battlefield, but their attention had been on Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer, then Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves, then Du Ming’s Moon Luring Frost.

Similar to how Qiao Yifan had dismissed him, the spectating pro players had as well.

Wu Qi wasn’t a threat?

The answer to that question was no. The present situation was the best proof. Cruel Silence had gotten behind One Inch Ash, delivering back attack after back attack. He was in the perfect position to deal damage. If he wasn’t a threat, then what was a threat?

Yet no one had noticed the threat.

An unremarkable Assassin was the perfect Assassin.

Was Wu Qi an unremarkable player? No one really thought so. A main roster player in a two-time championship team could never be disregarded. However, compared to the other stars in the roster, Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, Sun Xiang, Lu Boyuan, four All-Stars, Wu Qi paled in comparison even if his popularity wasn’t bad.

He wasn’t an unremarkable player, but when he was put into Samsara’s roster, he became unremarkable.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been a threat before, but rather that the pressure put on by the others on Samsara covered his threat.

He wasn’t as proactive as the others, but he never went out of his way to hide his tracks. He found the perfect balance, making his Cruel Silence appear invisible in this intense battle.

Then, he made his move!

From the start, Happy’s healer hadn’t really undertaken any actual healer work. Whatever health was lost on Happy’s side was lost forever. Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash had been focused by Zhou Zekai for a lengthy period of time. As a result, he had lost quite a bit of health. Now that Wu Qi had successfully closed in, mercilessly stabbing him in the back, his health instantly dropped below 50%.

Qiao Yifan recalled Wang Jiexi’s words. Wu Qi seemed to possess the rare talent his former senior had sought. He was certain that he hadn’t ignored Wu Qi. He really had taken note of his Cruel Silence, but… he hadn’t noticed Cruel Silence’s threat. Or perhaps the threat hadn’t caught his attention. He had felt like the others on Samsara had been a higher priority.

Was this the sort of Assassin player that Tiny Herb had hoped he would become?

Qiao Yifan didn’t know the answer, but he didn’t feel too regretful over it. He had fully transitioned into a Phantom Demon, and the class suited him perfectly. For him, Assassins were of the past. He hadn’t given up on the things that he had learned as an Assassin, but that didn’t mean he had any intentions of going back.

Perhaps he really had missed an opportunity at Tiny Herb, but he didn’t feel upset over the past. It only made him treasure the present even more.

It hadn’t been easy getting to where he was now, and he was very happy with what he had. He needed to do everything he could to protect all of this.

One Inch Ash rolled and jumped.

Turn, stop, sprint…

Qiao Yifan did everything he could to escape, but Wu Qi was like a maggot feeding on a corpse, refusing to let him go.

Tang Rou was closest to Qiao Yifan.

She had just forced away Sun Xiang and Du Ming to create an opening for Qiao Yifan, but in the blink of an eye, the situation flipped. She was now being suppressed by the two on Samsara. She wanted to help One Inch Ash, but for now, she wouldn’t be able to.


Du Ming and Sun Xiang switched positions. Sun Xiang wanted Du Ming to deal with Tang Rou, while his One Autumn Leaf turned to pincer One Inch Ash so that they could kill him sooner.

Tang Rou was already gloomy being suppressed by the two on Samsara, how could she let them do as they pleased so easily?

Downwind Sword Slash, ignore!

Her Dancing Fire Flowing Flame swung towards One Autumn Leaf. Soft Mist took Moon Luring Frost’s blow, but she wasn’t going to let One Autumn Leaf get past her.

One Autumn Leaf was forced back. However, Soft Mist stumbled and fell from the Downwind Sword Slash. Du Ming clearly hadn’t expected Tang Rou to ignore his attack, so his follow-up came a bit slow.

Tang Rou let the follow-up hit her, allowing the attack to push her towards One Inch Ash.

I don’t think so!

For Samsara, letting Wu Qi fight against Qiao Yifan 1v1 was fine. Wu Qi had the upper hand. Going over to help him wasn’t necessary. Stopping Happy from rescuing Qiao Yifan was a much higher priority.

Hundred Dragon Meteor Strike!

One Autumn Leaf dashed forward. His Evil Annihilation moved like a blur, the angle of attack cutting off Soft Mist’s path.

Boom boom boom!

Cannonfire sounded. The long-ranged support from Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain had arrived. However, there were simply too many places that needed her help. Qiao Yifan was in a dire situation, and because Tang Rou was in a hurry to rescue Qiao Yifan, their formation was thrown into disarray.

This was what the phrase “pull one hair and the whole body moves” meant. In the team competition, a single player falling into a passive position could cause the whole team to fall into a passive position. Keeping the balance steady during these situations required experience. Tang Rou was clearly lacking in this area. Her reaction to the change in situation had been poor. She panicked and tried to force her way through, immediately putting herself into a bad position.

Su Mucheng’s support clearly showed her richer experience.

She didn’t focus on the center of the issue, on One Inch Ash’s side. Instead, she focused on helping Tang Rou.

If she could help Tang Rou find an opening, Tang Rou would naturally be able to rescue Qiao Yifan. Moreover, while Sun Xiang and Du Ming blocked Tang Rou, they formed a clear defensive line. Not just Tang Rou, but if Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun wanted to rescue Qiao Yifan, they would need to break past this defensive line. Su Mucheng had chosen to focus this area because it would be valuable to everyone on the team.

She hadn’t completely ignored Qiao Yifan’s predicament either. While she focused supporting Soft Mist, she snuck in attacks at Cruel Silence to try disrupt Wu Qi’s rhythm and create an opening for Qiao Yifan.

Explosions erupted continuously, but even though Launcher attacks were fierce, their crowd control was lacking. Tough and unyielding weren’t traits unique to Tang Rou. Samsara’s Du Ming showed that he could be unyielding as well.

Formless Phantom Blade!

Du Ming’s Moon Luring Frost released the Level 70 Blade Master skill. Intersecting sword light intercepted the roaring artillery fire.

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