The King's Avatar Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712 Fight Two Together

Chapter 1712: Fight Two Together



Had Happy already established the upper hand?

It was clear that Happy had the initiative on the field right now, causing many people to think this way. But while the situation on the battlefield was always fluctuating, the overall advantage could be seen from the data.


After such a long battle, the health of all eight of the characters still on the battlefield had been depleted. Especially since there were no healers left, comparing this stat became extremely clear.

Before this, in terms of total health, Happy was lagging behind. In the two exchanges earlier, Happy had been catching up under unfavorable situations. In order to catch up and complete their own attacks, they had no choice but to suffer some additional damage that may have been otherwise avoidable.

But after these two exchanges, Happy grasped the rhythm, and they had focused Jiang Botao's Empty Waves twice already.

Focusing fire was the main way of killing an opponent during a team battle, but when to focus, when not to focus, when to stop focusing, there was much to learn. Even if five players controlled their characters to fire all of their attacks toward one target, that didn't guarantee that this was a successfully threatening focus. If focused attacks weren't timed at a good opportunity, they might not even be able to successfully focus the target in the first place.

Right now, Happy had seized a good opportunity to focus. Lord Grim and Dancing Rain's attacks were already on display, and Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were close behind. Then now, how long this focus could last, when to stop focusing, these were the important questions. If they simply outputted damage without any thought, then they might discover that after dealing an amount of damage that they were satisfied with, the damage they suffered might be even greater than what they'd dealt.

But right now, Samsara didn't even want to give this question to Happy. They hoped to stop their focusing offensive before Soft Mist and Steamed Bun began attacking. Even though they had the upper hand when it came to overall health, Jiang Botao's Empty Waves had the lowest health remaining out of all eight characters still on the battlefield. He was the only one who had fallen below 50%. If Happy actually succeeded with this focus, and Samsara wasn't fast enough in disrupting them, he might actually die to this offensive wave.

Even if they saved him in the end, they had no healer. A character with extremely low health would be a great burden. In the team competition, 50% damage split between five characters, versus 50% damage taken by one character, those were two entirely different situations. The advantage would shift drastically.

Shadow Clone Technique!

With this kind of "I'd rather take damage as well than let Jiang Botao suffer alone" attitude, Wu Qi directly used his fastest movement skill. With a Shadow Clone Technique, Cruel Silence directly threw himself into the center of Happy's offensive.

This position was even more convenient for Happy to target than Empty Waves' current position. He was right at the center of Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion's lines of attack.

Switch targets?

Then this focus fire would be split, and Empty Waves and Cruel Silence would take it together.

Don't switch targets?

The position that Cruel Silence had taken now was an obstacle to Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion's offensives as well.

A choice dangled in front of Happy, sugar hiding poison.

Lord Grim attacked.

Did they switch?

Wu Qi was prepared. Of these two choices, switching targets brought more benefit. If they didn't switch, this focus fire might be broken; if they switched, at least they could take out a chunk of Cruel Silence's health.

But Wu Qi, of course, hadn't prepared to just obediently stand there for Happy to grab. He had made such a decision, so how could he not have made some plans? He wasn't Steamed Bun, who just randomly walked step by step. He was a proper pro player, who took one step and looked three steps ahead.

So, the position he'd taken with this Shadow Clone Technique was carefully selected from the start. He was slightly closer to Lord Grim, so that when Happy switched, Lord Grim would attack first, and Jiang Botao would immediately have a chance to breathe. And he wouldn't immediately facing a pincer on three sides. He and Jiang Botao could cooperate to deal with this situation, making things a bit more difficult for Happy.

Lord Grim lifted his hand.


Wu Qi saw it very clearly. He thought, Ye Xiu must be trying to throw his Cruel Silence away, and with that, Happy could continue to focus Empty Waves. As expected, Ye Xiu wasn't the type to settle with the way things were. He was an expert who created more opportunities from the options he was given.

But, how could it be so easy.

Wu Qi inputted controls as fast as he could. Cruel Silence moved horizontally. As he dodged, he wanted to lure Lord Grim toward him, to lighten up on Jiang Botao even more.

In his view, Ye Xiu had already taken the first step to switch targets. Then, no matter what, he wouldn't just give up again. Starting from this moment, he was leading Happy by the nose.

But to his surprise, when his Cruel Silence dodged, Lord Grim actually twisted back. That hand he extended ultimately landed on Empty Waves' body.


Empty Waves was tossed outward, but he wasn't thrown far, he was in fact thrown very close. Lord Grim just twisted his body, and Empty Waves was sent flying toward the nearby Cruel Silence.


Wu Qi couldn't help but curse in his heart. Ye Xiu's actions turned out to be even more cunning than he'd expected. Choosing who to focus? Throwing far to get rid of interference? Not at all.

A feint to dodge Cruel Silence, and then he grabbed Empty Waves and threw him over here. If he crashed into Cruel Silence, then the two of them would be focused together.

How greedy! In your dreams!

Wu Qi immediately controlled Cruel Silence to jump backward. Empty Waves was right under his nose, but in the end, they didn't collide. But shortly after, Cruel Silence found himself flying forward outside of his control.

Fuck fuck fuck!!!

Only now did Wu Qi realize. This push and then dodge, had given the guys behind him enough time to catch up. Without waiting for him to make any controls, Cruel Silence had already been blasted down, the ground filling his vision. He suffered attack after attack from behind, and they even counted as back attacks. This clearly wasn't a typical sweeping attack. To be directly knocked down in one go, Wu Qi had already realized, this was the Tyrannical Chain Punch of Happy's Brawler…

A huge attack, not to deal with Empty Waves, but to knock over himself. Happy was actually planning to focus both of them at once. Wu Qi had delivered himself right to them to be eaten!

In the blink of an eye, cannon fire descended upon Cruel Silence and Empty Waves. Clearly, Happy was outputting damage toward the two targets together. It was a shame that the other three of Happy only had average AoE ability, but focusing the two opponents like this, it was clear that this boosted their overall damage output.

The broadcast displayed the total health of the two teams. Happy, who had been lagging behind earlier, used this bout of focused fire to successfully deplete Samsara's total health.

Could they directly take out the two of them?

Some of the greedier Happy fans were already holding these kinds of hopes, but this evidently wasn't realistic. This round of focus fire ultimately only lasted for a few moments. Steamed Bun Invasion knocked Cruel Silence to the ground and began to beat him up, but when Soft Mist arrived, she only managed one attack before Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf arrived before her. Moreover, Cloud Piercer's gunfire had never stopped, and this time, his Sharpshooter was already rushing toward them like a close-range attacker.

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