The King's Avatar Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713 Failure To Find A Path

Surprise wasn’t an element unique to Happy. Zhou Zekai had always been someone who performed astonishing feats.

Cloud Piercer fired his guns as he ran. He was closing the distance to increase his firepower. With a Slide Kick, he reached the limits.

Flip over and jump. Cloud Piercer dodged Soft Mist’s attack. As he flipped up, his guns roared with sparks. The bullets looked like sword stabs, but their speed was far faster than what any close-ranged class could achieve.

Blood burst into the air. Soft Mist, who was closest to him, wasn’t able to dodge and was hit by the bullets.

Firearm Martial Arts!

Zhou Zekai used another skill. Cloud Piercer kicked Soft Mist aside. Right now, he needed to break open the situation. He didn’t plan on focusing a single target. After kicking aside Soft Mist, he continued to shoot, while throwing an elbow at Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun Invasion had just finished using Tyrannical Chain Punch, and didn’t think much of Zhou Zekai. With Tang Rou handling him, he felt like there was nothing to worry about, so he continued to focus on Cruel Silence. But Tang Rou was sent flying by Zhou Zekai, and without any pause, Cloud Piercer’s attacks rushed towards Steamed Bun Invasion.


A huge object suddenly filled up Zhou Zekai’s screen. Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella opened, instantly blocking Cloud Piercer’s vision.

Screensaver attack!

Zhou Zekai immediately cancelled his attack and had Cloud Piercer retreat rapidly. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella transformed into its spear form and gave chase. Suddenly, an Earthquake Slash swept across the ground, forcing Lord Grim to halt.


An explosion sounded from the side. Sun Xiang coordinated with Zhou Zekai. With a Falling Flower Palm, One Autumn Leaf sent Soft Mist flying towards Steamed Bun Invasion and Lord Grim.

Steamed Bun Invasion dodged to the side, and as if he were taking revenge, he grabbed Cruel Silence with a Fling, and threw him over to One Autumn Leaf.

Sun Xiang had One Autumn Leaf dodge, but to his surprise, Cruel Silence suddenly stopped in midair and arced towards Cloud Piercer.

Circle Swing!

Cruel Silence was unexpectedly fished back by Soft Mist, who had just been sent flying by a Falling Flower Palm. Sun Xiang’s attack was neutralized by Tang Rou. Cruel Silence’s suddenly turn in the air was no less surprising than Steamed Bun’s erratic plays. Zhou Zekai’s attention had mainly been on Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. As a result, he wasn’t able to react in time. The two characters collided and crashed to the ground together.

The stadium was in an uproar. However, gunshots continued to be heard.

Cloud Piecer had collided with Cruel Silence. It had been too late for him to dodge, so Zhou Zekai finished his attacks. Bullet holes riddled Soft Mist’s body. Zhou Zekai’s extremely difficult gunshots had been sent entirely towards Soft Mist.

No, that wasn’t all!

“Delivery Gun!”

Countless people discovered that not only was Soft Mist hit by the bullets, she was fixed in the air. Only a Delivery Gun could achieve this. Under those circumstances, just hitting the target was already hard enough, but also completing a Delivery Gun that required extreme precision and speed? It wasn’t something a normal person could even imagine being able to do.

However, Zhou Zekai had done it!

The crowd had gone wild, seeing Cloud Piercer and Cruel Silence collide. A short moment later, ear-deafening cheers echoed across the stadium.

Sure enough, Zhou Zekai was the unrivaled protagonist of this stage.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!

Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf unleashed a Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. His Evil Annihilation transformed into a powerful dragon, letting everyone know the significance of Zhou Zekai’s feat. Soft Mist, who was held into place by the Delivery Gun, became finest delicacy for the dragon. There was nowhere for her to run.


Battle magic erupted, affecting Steamed Bun and Ye Xiu as well. They were too close to the center of the attack. The light blinded their vision, becoming a form of cover for Cruel Silence and Cloud Piercer.

Get up!

Zhou Zekai used Quick Recover to avoid the knockdown effect. Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence had been grabbed by Circle Swing, so he couldn’t use Quick Recover. However, after getting knocked to the ground, he immediately got up at a speed faster than the average player’s Quick Recover.

Cruel Silence didn’t retreat. He rushed towards the exploding magic. Empty Waves’ wave slash also swept towards the blinding light.


Samsara was focusing on a target.

Even after so many back and forths, they were able to maintain their focus on Soft Mist!

With this burst of attacks, Samsara regained the overall health lead on Happy.

Samsara maintained this health lead as their focus on Soft Mist continued.

They ignored Dancing Rain’s artillery fire. They ignored the pincer from Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion. Their attention was only on Soft Mist. It was as if they didn’t know what going too far meant, as they greedily focused on killing Soft Mist.

What’s going on?

Samsara was playing beautifully, but no one thought that they would be able to kill Soft Mist in one burst. However, Samsara didn’t think the same.

Nebula Wave Slash!

Samsara showed their confidence in themselves.

The Spellblade skill came from Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves. Magic burst out, enveloping Soft Mist and separating her from the others.

Steamed Bun Invasion raised his arms and threw a Brick at Empty Waves.


The Brick was shattered into pieces by Nebula Wave Slash. This high-level skill wasn’t going to be broken so easily.

In that case, Poison Needle!

In that case, Molotov Cocktail!

Steamed Bun Invasion had a lot of tools that he could use, but in everyone’s eyes, it was all a waste of time. Not a single one of the skills was able to break through Nebula Wave Slash. Steamed Bun refused to run. He was going to stay right there and leave his stupidity behind.

Sand Toss… he was still continuing.

What’s the point? Everyone thought to themselves. But suddenly, Jiang Botao began to get worried.

As Steamed Bun Invasion attacked, he turned to look at the other side, which was where Lord Grim was located.

Sure enough!

Lord Grim was beginning to move.

Jiang Botao didn’t know if Steamed Bun was faking his stupidity, or if he actually was just stupid, but he did know that Ye Xiu wasn’t stupid. As a result, it didn’t matter whether Steamed Bun was being stupid, the important part was what Ye Xiu would do in this situation.

Steamed Bun Invasion kept throwing out pointless skills, but they were only pointless because Jiang Botao was paying attention to them. When he dealt with these attacks, the other areas of Nebula Wave Slash would be sparser, and holes in his defense might appear.

Lord Grim was taking advantage of these distractions to make his way through. Sure enough, Ye Xiu knew how to seize opportunities.

Beat them at their own game?

Jiang Botao suddenly thought.


In the end, he gave up on the idea. He decided that he was going to handle this situation in the most reliable way possible. He knew that Ye Xiu couldn’t be up to any good, and Ye Xiu was far more experienced and skilled than him in complicated scenarios.

As a result, Empty Waves kept a low profile as he dodged the Sand Toss. The Nebula Wave Slash silently crept towards Lord Grim’s side. He didn’t increase his offensive threat excessively. He was just patching up any previous gaps.

Lord Grim stopped moving. Sure enough, that was where Ye Xiu had intending on breaking through. Ye Xiu tried to search for another way in, but he quickly discovered that Jiang Botao wasn’t making any excessive adjustments. He was only dealing with the problems at hand.

This is… going to be difficult!

More adjustments meant more choices. More choices meant more strategies. With more strategies, it was more likely for him to find a way in.

However, when the changes in a situation were limited, only one option became available.

It was easy to walk along a single path, but there was also only one exit. And if the other side was ready for them at that only exit?

This definitely wasn’t a path that Happy wanted to tread upon, which was why Ye Xiu wanted to try an alternate path.

But in the end, Samsara had sealed off this alternate route.

Even worse, they weren’t given any opportunities to try again.

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