The King's Avatar Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715 The More Targets The More Damage


Soft Mist sent a storm of attacks towards Cloud Piercer. Cloud Piercer had already switched out his guns for a sniper rifle, indicating that Thunder Snipe had been used. However, he didn’t fire the shot, wasting the skill..

This was an extremely rare sight for Zhou Zekai. To Samsara’s fans, this was a grave matter, but to Tang Rou, it was nothing special.


Tang Rou glanced at Cloud Piercer’s health. She didn’t want to just interrupt his attacks. She wanted to take his life.

Of course, Tang Round understood that this goal was a bit out of reach, but the greater the challenge, the better.

Falling Flower Palm!

Her spear knocked aside Cloud Piercer’s weapon. With her other hand, Soft Mist followed with a palm.

Cloud Piercer retreated rapidly.

Wasting a high-level skill like Thunder Snipe was unfortunate. The skill had only just gotten off cooldown. However, Zhou Zekai made the right choice and cancelled the skill. He could have still gotten the snipe on a different target, but if he wanted to dodge Soft Mist’s attack, he could only cancel it.

Zhou Zekai felt the threat coming from Tang Rou.

He had been restrained under Soft Mist’s pressure, and took the initiative to give up on the snipe.

By cancelling the skill, Cloud Piercer was able to dodge the Falling Flower Palm. The sniper rifle was put away. With Wildfire in his left hand and Shattered Frost in his right hand, he aimed towards Soft Mist.

The two guns fired. Soft Mist crouched down. She was actually able to dodge the bullets at this distance.

Dancing Fire Flowing Flames pierced through the air, Dragon Tooth!

Cloud Piercer was already floating back. When he attacked, he had jumped back as well. He was using Aerial Fire to widen the distance between them.

Dragon Tooth missed. Double Stab!

Fiery red afterimages were left behind. Behind Soft Mist, a pitch-black light soared through the air.

Evil Annihilation!

Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf had been blown back the farthest by the Implosion Grenade. He had finally made his way back. His aim was still Soft Mist, the character with the lowest health.

Tang Rou sensed the attack.

She was familiar with Battle Mage skills, and she had exceptional hearing abilities.

It was a Dragon Tooth. It was faster, and it would interrupt her Double Stab.

But Tang Rou wouldn’t let it interrupt her though. Soft Mist continued with her attack. Dodging would affect Double Stab’s speed, and she wouldn’t be able to hit Cloud Piercer. As for One Autumn Leaf, Tang Rou was confident that someone would deal with him. Wasn’t Ye Xiu by her side? How could he not notice?

Tang Rou’s confidence in Ye Xiu was very reasonable.

Soft Mist’s Double Stab was faster. One Autumn Leaf’s Dragon Tooth was even faster. But the fastest was still Lord Grim.

Sun Xiang saw a blur, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The figure didn’t stop as if he were just passing by. However, the weapon in the figure’s hands collided against Evil Annihilation. With a gentle ring, his Dragon Tooth was knocked askew.

Shining Cut!

Lord Grim was moving while attacking, blocking One Autumn Leaf’s attack. As soon as he knocked aside the Dragon Tooth, his umbrella transformed into its gun form. Bang bang bang, three Anti-Tank Missiles fired towards Cloud Piercer. Then, he turned and jumped, using Collapsing Mountain towards One Autumn Leaf.

In the blink of an eye, he chained together three attacks while moving. When he jumped up with Collapsing Mountain, everyone was still looking at the Shining Cut colliding with One Autumn Leaf’s Dragon Tooth! Lord Grim’s attacks were faster than what people could keep up with.

Boom boom boom!

The three Anti-Tank Missiles exploded. Soft Mist’s Double Stab hit, and the three Anti-Tank Missiles also hit. Cloud Piercer fell to the ground and rolled to neutralize the knockback from the attacks. Tang Rou didn’t let go. Soft Mist continued to give chase. On the other hand, Lord Grim’s Collapsing Mountain was dodged by One Autumn Leaf, who followed with a Tyrant’s Destruction at both Lord Grim and Soft Mist. Lord Grim stepped to the side. He placed the sword form of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella in front of him. Guard!

Lord Grim slid back. The Tyrant’s Destruction was blocked by Guard, and naturally wouldn’t be able to reach Soft Mist.

Soft Mist’s assault continued. She showed no mercy, repeatedly using skills. Magic Chasers continued to fly. For a moment, Zhou Zekai was suppressed by her. Cloud Piercer was forced to dodge most of the time.

Samsara’s fans were dumbstruck. They weren’t used to seeing such a sight.

He was being suppressed?


Not exactly. Zhou Zekai could fight back, but he chose not to. He was intentionally controlling the distance between Cloud Piercer and Soft Mist, waiting for the right moment.

Cruel Silence.

Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence had finally come back after being sent flying by Dragon Breaks the Ranks. As a teammate, he quickly understood Zhou Zekai’s intentions. He didn’t charge directly at Tang Rou. He was waiting for the right moment, where he could kill Soft Mist in one move.

Cruel Silence rushed back. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves was constantly adjusting his movements. Zhou Zekai was waiting for an opportunity where the entire team could coordinate with each other.


Cloud Piercer suddenly raised his two guns. Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves swung his shortsword, Divine Chains. Cruel Silence brandished his dagger and suddenly accelerated.


Tang Rou sensed it.

One, two, three…

Are they all coming?

Perfect. Her DPS against three targets would be higher than against just one target, no?

Tang Rou sensed Samsara’s intent. She wasn’t afraid, though. She didn’t run away. Instead, she thought of it as an opportunity to deal even more damage. To her, Samsara’s focus-fire was like a bunch of little minions taking the initiative to group up for her.

One Wave Rush!

Soft Mist rushed forward, swinging her spear. Wisps of fire would occasionally leap into the air.

She continued to attack. Even if the enemy side was focusing her, she didn’t retreat.

Perhaps it was brave, or perhaps it was reckless. But this was indeed the best way that Tang Rou could help the team win.

No one in Happy stopped her. Dancing Rain, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Lord Grim, who was fighting against One Autumn Leaf and supporting her from time to time, all three of them were coordinating with Soft Mist.

Soft Mist had the lowest health on the battlefield. She was the easiest target for Samsara to put Happy on the defensive. But in Tang Rou’s hands, Samsara was welcomed by Happy’s most formidable counterattack.

More targets meant more damage to deal! Tang Rou took the logic from the game and placed it into a pro match. Zhou Zekai? Wu Qi? Jiang Botao? Even if there were more, she wasn’t afraid! It was too bad that Sun Xiang couldn’t join in!


Tang Rou didn’t have a set target. Her only goal was to deal as much damage as possible. Soft Mist’s health fell rapidly, but the damage that she dealt was far more than the damage she took.

The last one!

Most of her skills were on cooldown. She only had a few hitpoints left. This attack would be her last.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!

Her final attack was this Level 70 skill. Fiery magic gathered in the shape of a dragon. Wu Qi saw his screen turn scarlet red. The attack was aimed at him.


He had to dodge. However, Steamed Bun Invasion was aggressively pouncing at him. Dancing Rain’s artillery fire was raining down. The others on Happy supported Tang Rou’s final attack with attacks of their own. Cruel Silence had nowhere to run. But at this moment, Wu Qi saw what his teammates were doing.

Light Wave Slash!

Burst Firing!

Empty Waves and Cloud Piercer had sent out extremely fast attacks. Wu Qi saw Soft Mist’s health.

They can!

These two attacks could kill Soft Mist, but the question was whether the attacks would kill her before the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky hit him.

Which one would be faster?

The attacks on both sides were fast. Wu Qi wasn’t sure what the answer was. He only knew that he should try and win as much time as possible, even if it was just by 0.1 seconds!

Cruel Silence tried to gain as much time as possible by moving away. But the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky finally arrived. The fiery dragon was just about to swallow him.


Light Wave Slash hit.

Cloud Piercer’s Burst Firing had also hit.

I’m saved!

Wu Qi was elated. However, Cruel Silence was still engulfed by the magic.


The magic burst apart. Cruel Silence’s health dropped violently. He found it hard to believe. He wasn’t sure which of the attacks was faster, but he knew that the two attacks were more than enough to kill Soft Mist!

Yes, more than enough.

Soft Mist remained standing in the same posture after using Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. Her health had dropped to zero.

Soft Mist had fallen, but traces of holy light remained on her.

Traces of healing…

Lord Grim’s healing was for moments like these.

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